Is Duke University a Top 10 School?

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Are you wondering how Duke University rankings compare to other top schools since you are considering applying to enroll?

 duke university rankings

Duke University, which is situated in North Carolina, is a prestigious private institution in the US.

It is known for the many international scholars it has produced.

It began in 1838 as Trinity College but got its current name in 1924 when the Duke Endowment was formed.

Even though it is a little younger than other research universities of the same rank, it is very well respected.

Now we will go into why and see how it is ranked against other schools.

Duke University Rankings Over the Years

Established in 1838, Duke University, a private institution, currently has over 6,640 undergraduates as of fall 2022, occupying a sprawling 8,693-acre campus.

The academic calendar follows the semester-based system.

Duke ranks 7th among 439 National Universities in the 2024 edition of Best Colleges, with the total tuition and fees amounting to $66,172.

In particular, Duke has moved up from the 10th to the 7th position in the recently published rankings.

By US News & World Report among the national universities with doctoral degrees.

Duke is the number one ranked undergraduate nursing program in the country.

Also, Duke has the 2nd rank in biomedical engineering and the 3rd rank in both Service Learning and Writing in the Disciplines.

The institution is considered to be one of the most innovative schools, ranking 10th in the nation.

Different components are used to calculate these rankings, including graduation and retention rates, social mobility, and graduation rate performance.

The other factors are peer assessment of undergraduate academic reputation, faculty resources, and graduate indebtedness.

In general, Duke University is very competitive to get into, this is a reflection of its high standing among the top-ranking colleges in the country.

What is Duke Known for Academically?

 duke university rankings

The University is known for some popular majors which are Public Policy Analysis, Econometrics and Quantitative Economics, and Computer Science.

Also Biology, Computer Engineering, Research and Experimental Psychology, Neuroscience, Mechanical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Political Science.

Duke’s Biomedical Engineering department, coupled with the med school, consistently ranks among the top 3 programs in the nation.

Economics is not only one of the top 5 most popular majors but also holds the #1 rank.

The most challenging majors in terms of study time and grade standards are typically found in the hard sciences, engineering, and economics.

This trend is likely common at universities nationwide.

To get into Duke, which has a GPA requirement of 4.13, you need to be at the top of your class.

Achieving nearly straight A’s in challenging courses, such as AP or IB, is essential to demonstrate your readiness for college-level academics and compete with other applicants.

Why is Duke so Prestigious?

Duke University has built its strong reputation on a commitment to academic excellence over many years.

Offering a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.

Duke covers a wide spectrum of disciplines to cater to various intellectual interests and aspirations.

Comparing Duke and NYU, both are excellent schools, but Duke is often considered more prestigious.

NYU is situated in New York City, bringing cold weather but also offering a vibrant nightlife, numerous restaurants, and other attractions.

In contrast, Duke is located in a small town in North Carolina. When assessing the strengths of Duke and Cornell, each has its merits.

Duke tends to have higher rankings in many assessments, but the differences are not substantial.

If you refer to the “Harvard of the South” as the most prestigious college in the region, Duke fits that description.

Duke University, established in 1838 as Trinity College and later becoming Duke University in 1924, is recognized as one of the younger prestigious research universities in the country.

This sets it apart from older institutions like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, founded in the 1600s and 1700s.

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Duke University for 4 Years?

 duke university rankings

Going to Duke University can be a hefty investment with the total annual cost of attendance being $83,263, which includes tuition and fees.

In four years, this totals to approximately $333,000.

Nevertheless, Duke aims to provide education to the masses.

The New York Times reports that the median family income of a Duke student is $186,700.

A large 69% of the students come from families in the top 20% of the income distribution.

It is noteworthy that 51% of Duke undergrads pay less than the full tuition price.

Duke is reputed for its high quality, being a top-ranked college with one of the best financial aid programs in the US.

Since it is highly ranked and has support, Duke is in the top category of high-value schools.

It is regarded as top-notch and is usually considered a worthy investment.

Duke University’s top rankings confirm its commitment to academic excellence and innovation.

Beyond the numbers, they reflect a university that encourages students to be curious, to collaborate, and to be successful.

Such recognitions validate Duke’s role in forming leaders and driving knowledge, thereby reinforcing its status as a top institution of higher education.

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