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E-Cooperative Nigeria Registration – Make ₦40,000+ With Just ₦1000 in 1 Week

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– E-Cooperative Nigeria Registration – 

E-Cooperative Online Business Nigeria can drastically turn your life around financially. With E-Cooperative Nigeria, you can make up to ₦50,000,000 if you are dedicated.E-Cooperative Nigeria Registration - Make ₦40,000+ With Just ₦1000 in 1 Week

E-Cooperative Nigeria Registration

E-cooperative Nigeria is workable regardless of you being a Business man/woman, Student or unemployed. All it requires is just a token of ₦1000 startup fee and the ability to bring only 4 people to Join the business.

This can be your friends, colleagues, fellow students and social media friends. Then watch your money as it grows in convoy.

I know this might sound insane. YES, when I first heard about E-Cooperative Online and it’s ridiculous start up price of ₦1000 to make millions.

 I was like what the Heck, are you kidding me! But today, I have a big time financial breakthrough with this E-Cooperative Online Business Nigeria. 


Additional Information

E-cooperative works with a 4 x 4 forced matrix and is very simple to get involved in. It is a transparent, member to member payment scheme or cooperative that enables you raise your money to the highest within a short time.

What the 4×4 forced matrix means is that you have to invite four persons to join you in e-cooperative. Those four persons have to invite four persons each, making it 16.

The 16 persons have to invite 4 persons each summing up to 64. The resultant 64 have to invite 4 persons each, making 256.

The matrix is thus–4, 16, 64 and 256. E-Cooperative is not like like MMM where you get your money after 30 days. In e-cooperative, you get paid instantly, you can even get your money the same day you Join the business.

NOTE: You begin the business with just ₦1,000.

How to Join e-Cooperative.online

Joining e-Cooperative is absolutely free. However, to be part of the network of people who are developing themselves and building their wealth through e-cooperative, you need a sponsor.

Don’t worry we got you covered with a sponsor. Register with e-Cooperative using the link on this site and you will be given a sponsor.

Before you register with e-Cooperative business, you need the following ready.

1. A Nigerian bank account.

2. A phone number.

3. Your ₦1000 upgrade fee.

4. An e-mail address [optional].

How to Make Money from e-Cooperative

E-Cooperative comprise 2 money making Stages which contains 4 Levels each:

e-Cooperative Stage 1

You give Jane [your sponsor] ₦1,000 and invite 4 persons to join you in the cooperative. This four persons will give you ₦1,000 each amounting to N4,000.

To move to level 2, you CLICK on the upgrade and Anie’s account details appear. Note that the figurative Anie in the above diagram is the person who brought your sponsor [Jane].

You give ₦2,500 to Anie, and when the 16 persons that your initial 4 persons want to upgrade to level 2, you will receive ₦2, 500 from each 16 persons. What that means is that you will earn ₦40,000.

When you give Ifiok [the third person above] ₦5,000, you will receive ₦320,000 from your 64 persons when they are moving up to level 3.

When you give Emma [the fourth person above you] ₦10,000, your 256 persons when moving up to level 4 will give you ₦10,000 each summing up to ₦2,560,000.

e-Cooperative Stage 2

The second stage is automatic. When you give Jane [your sponsor] N25,000 naira for level 5, you will receive N100,000 from your 4 down lines.

When you give Anie N50,000 for level 6, you will receive N800,000 from your 16 persons. When you give N90,000 to Ifiok [your third person], you will receive N5,760,000 from your 64 persons.

finally, when you give N175,000 to Emma for level 8, you will receive N44,800,000 [Forty-four million eight hundred thousand Naira] , and then you circle out.

See Full e-Cooperative Nigeria Compensation Plans

e-Cooperative Stage 1

There are four (4) levels under this stage…

e-Cooperative Level 1

i. You will upgrade to level 1 by paying (N1,000) to an upline.

ii. 4 people will pay to you => N4,000

e-Cooperative Level 2

i. You will upgrade to level 2 by paying (N2,500) to an upline

ii. 16 people will pay you => N40,000

e-Cooperative Level 3

i. You will upgrade to level 3 by paying (N50,00) to an upline

ii. 64 people will pay you => N32,0000

e-Cooperative Level 4

i. You will upgrade to level 4 by paying (N10,000) to an upline

ii. 256 people will pay you => N2,560,000


e-Cooperative STAGE 2

There are four Levels here but it is a continuation of Stage 1

e-Cooperative Level 5

i. You will upgrade to level 5 by paying (N25,000) to an upline and

ii. 4 people will pay you (N100,000)

e-Cooperative Level 6

i. You will upgrade to level 6 by paying (N50,000) to an upline and

ii. 16 people will pay you (N800,000)

e-Cooperative Level 7

i. You will upgrade to level 7 by paying (N90,000) to an upline and

ii. 64 people will pay you (N5,760,000)

e-Cooperative Level 8

i. You will upgrade to level 8 by paying (N175,000) to an upline and

ii. 256 people will pay you (N44,800,000)

See what your profit will be:

Stage 1 Profit

Level 1 ==> N1,500 after upgrading to level 2

Level 2 ==> N35,000 after upgrading to level 3

Level 3 ==> N310,000 after upgrading to level 4

Level 4 ==> N2,560,000

For stage 1, your total earning is N1,500 + N35,000 + N310,000 + N2,560,000 = N2,906,500 (Two Million, Nine Hundred and Six Thousand, Five Hundred Naira) profit only from e-Cooperative Stage 1.

Stage 2 Profit

Here you will start with N25,000

Level 5 ==> N50,000 after upgrading to level 6

Level 6 ==> N710,000 after upgrading to level 7

Level 7 ==> N5,585,000 after upgrading to level 8

Level 8 ==> N44,800,000

Sum of your profit in Stage 2 is N50,000 + N710,000 + N5,585,000 + N44,800,000 ==> N51,145,000 (Fifty-one million, one hundred and forty-five thousand naira) profit only from e-Cooperative Stage  2.

e-Cooperative Guidelines

How to Register in e-Cooperative–e-Cooperative Nigeria Registration is simple and straightforward just follow this lead:

1.Click Hereto Register at e-Cooperative.online with our Team Link.

2. As the registration page opens, Fill in your information on the respective field correctly

i. First Name

ii. Last Name

iii. Username (Don’t use special characters or blank spaces in your username.)

iv. Your Email Address

v. Password

vi. Phone Number


viii. Your Bank Name.

ix. Your Bank Account Name

x. Your Bank Account Number

xi. Account Type, Savings or Current

xii. Next of Kin Name.

xiii. Next of Kin Phone Number.

3. Then Hit the Register Button, and you are on the go.

Now Login to your PaidRocket Back office.

PaidRocket Login

How to Login to  e-Cooperative online –  e-Cooperative Login. To Login to your  e-Cooperative Nigeria Back Office:

1. Visit e-Cooperative.online, Click on Login, then on the login page

i. Enter your Username

ii. Enter your Password

2. Hit the Login button and they will take you to your account dashboard.

Now it’s time to upgrade your Level

How to Upgrade your e-Cooperative Nigeria Level

How to Upgrade e-Cooperative account.

1. On your dashboard, Tab the Menu and Click on Upgrade link

2. On the Upgrade page, you will see your upline Bank Account Details, Username, and Phone number.

3. Once you are ready to make the payment, Copy out Bank Account Details

4. I strongly recommend you call and inform your Upline before processing the payment.

5. After you have successfully effected the Payment, go back to the Upgrade Page and roll down to Submit Payment.

Paste your Username or Depositor Name on the Reference Number field provided then Hit the Submit Button. Now the receiver will confirm your payment and Upgrade you.


This is a simple and realistic plan on how to turn your N 1000 into more than N 50,000,000+ with just 340 downline members for everyone!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a decent extra income coming from a simple program like this? Join, Invite and Receive Cash. It’s that easy!


FAQs On E-Cooperative Nigeria Registration

Below are the frequently asked questions on E-Cooperative Nigeria Registration

1. How many membership levels are on this system?

This system has 8 Levels which is split into 2 stages of 4 tiers each. The cost of Membership Level 1 is just ₦1000.

2. Do I need a domain or web hosting account?

No. Your site will appear on www.ecooperative.online with your username. You simply promote your referral link to refer and teach new members.

3. How long can I be in a level?

The moment you register, upgrade to level 1 from level 0. That means you have to give your direct upline (Sponsor) ₦1,000. You have 72 hours to do this.
At level 1, you have 7days to get your first 4. At level 2, you have 14days to upgrade to level 3, 21 days to upgrade to level 4 and 1month to upgrade to level 5, 6, 7, 8.
Staying for too long in any of these levels stands you the risk of losing your account.

4. How do I get paid?

You are paid directly by your downlines by hand or directly into your bank account. You make sure that you confirm payment on your platform once you have received money.
E-Cooperative uses the member-to-member payment scheme.

5. Can I skip Level 1 and go to Level 2?

No! You can only upgrade a step at a time.

6. Can I have over 4 members?

You can invite many new members, and they will be placed in your matrix. That is how a 4X4 forced matrix works. You can only have four people directly under you.

7. Can I change my details (email, password) after joining?

Yes, you can change all your details except your sponsor and your username.

8. Do you give refunds?

Your membership is NON-REFUNDABLE. All payments are final. We cannot refund money to you that have already been paid out to our members.

9. How do I pay for my membership?

It’s very easy. Login to your member area, click ‘Upgrade’ link and follow the easy instructions to pay.

10. Can I have over one account?

Yes, if only you can manage it. You can create 4×4 matrixes with different teams. The earnings are unlimited.

Finally, if this guide was helpful, don’t hesitate sharing with friends and relations using the share button below.

CSN Team.



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