EgyptAir Flights Booking Tips and Contact Information

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As a regular traveler who has visited Northern Africa a couple of times, there are some EgyptAir flights booking tips you ought to know. This discourse will put you through if you are not aware of them.

EgyptAir Flights Booking Tips

You can have smooth traveling with EgyptAir. It is one of the best in the continent at large.

The airline has its headquarters at Cairo International Airport, its main hub, operating scheduled passenger and freight services to more than 75 destinations in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

EgyptAir Flights Booking Tips

Here are the common EgyptAir flight booking tips you must learn about:

1. Put your name and the phone number of your destination on the inside and outside of your bag.

2. Remove tags and labels left over from previous flights.

3. Remove any straps, or hooks sticking out that could get caught on something and damage your bag.

4. Don’t overstuff your bag so that it makes it more likely to get damaged.

5. Stay within the baggage allowance.

6. Don’t wrap your gifts since all luggage is subject to inspection.

7. Don‘t pack any valuables in your checked baggage.

8. Pack anything that might leak inside an air-tight plastic bag.

9. Try bringing one carry-on bag that will fit underneath the seat in front of you.

10. Make sure you take medication, important documents, valuable items, and cash in your hand baggage.

11. Put something floppy on your bag that distinguishes it from others that can get torn off or caught on equipment, not just so you’ll see it, but so someone else won’t take it by mistake.

12. Do not carry packages with unidentified contents on behalf of other people.

13. Bags that are bulging or are not sufficiently constructed to support the weight inside may split during the trip through the bag belt system.

14. Keep passports, visas, and any important papers you might need during your trip in your handbag.

15. Leave your pocket knives, files, scissors, and any sharp objects at home or put them in your checked baggage.

Tips at the Airport

While at the airport, here are the tips you must not forget:

1. Check as many bags as possible to make clearing security checkpoints smooth and efficient.

2. Minimize your hand baggage and remove your laptop from its bag to be screened separately (i.e. at London Heathrow and some other airports).

3. Your hand baggage will be checked by security staff using x-ray machinery. Find out about the latest restrictions for hand baggage removal film material over 1000asa />31 DIN and offered for screening separately.

4. Do not carry packages with unidentified contents on behalf of other people.

5. You may lock your bags except when traveling from the USA.

6. In some instances you may be required to identify or claim your baggage, for security or local customs reasons, at the connecting point.

How to Check Your Luggage

Here are ways to check your luggage:

1. When you check your luggage, an EGYPTAIR agent at the airport will put a bag tag on each bag that indicates your name, the flight number(s), and all cities in your ticketed itinerary.

2. You will be given the stubs as claim check(s) for each bag that is checked. These serve as proof of checked baggage.

3. You must keep the claim check(s) until your trip is completed and you have received all of your checked baggage.

4. Please check to ensure that the number of claim checks you were given corresponds to the number of bags you checked.

5. Don’t lose your claim checks.

6. N.B: Baggage through Check-in is not allowed from international overseas stations to Cairo via domestic Stations in Egypt and Vice Versa.

Tips When Buying New Luggage

Here are your traveling luggage-buying tips:

1. Purchase luggage to meet your most demanding traveling needs.

2. People who travel extensively for business have different luggage needs than those who enjoy occasional leisurely travel.

3. Your luggage retailer can help you make the best purchase if he knows what your needs and expectations are.

4. Read the luggage warranty carefully. Know what types of damage the manufacturer does and does not cover.

5. Use common sense when checking luggage.

6. Only check luggage that is strong enough to withstand airline baggage handling systems.

7. Most briefcases, tote bags, plastic garment covers, and items received through retail promotions are not designed to be checked luggage.

Now that you’ve received these tips, you can smoothly begin bag-packing today. EgyptAir can’t wait to host you. Have a safe trip.

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