Top 10 Electrical Companies in Nigeria 2022 Latest Update : Current School News

Top 10 Electrical Companies in Nigeria 2022 Latest Update

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– Electrical Companies in Nigeria –

Electrical Companies in Nigeria – Electrical is defined as something related to electricity, which is energy resulting from charged particles.

Top 10 Electrical Companies in Nigeria 2021 Latest Update

If you are an engineer, an engineering student or expecting to become an engineer someday, take a look at this list of electrical companies in Nigeria.

Below we have compiled a list of the top 10 electrical companies in Nigeria.

1. Fosad & Sons Electrical Engineering

This company is mainly into Electrical Engineering, transformers and offering of Conduit Wiring, House Wiring, Transformer Installation, Transformer Repair.

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JECS provides a comprehensive array of electrical and technology services for projects that meet both standard and mission-critical requirements.

JECS is adept at performing research, design/support, installation, and maintenance required to support mission-critical projects, such as sophisticated electrical design and installation, networking, data centers, messaging and collaboration solutions, IT outsourcing and support services.


JECS has developed a network of technology partners and recommends to its clients the most specialized solutions in the market; meeting performance and high-quality standards.

JECS strive for technological innovation in quality, first-class products, satisfactory service, and continuous improvement to enhance standards and meet customer requirements.

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3. Jhoncee Electrical

Jhoncee Electrical deals on electrical materials, conduit cables, wire, surface cables, armoud cables, kablemetal, nigerchin.

Coleman brand, where to buy electrical materials, electrical companies, sellers of electrical materials, flexible wires, workshop flex, conduit accessories.

They also deals on PVC pipes, dignity brand, dignity brand  20mm, dignity brand  25mm, 20mm coupler, 25mm coupler, 20mm male bush, 25mm malebush, knockout, switch boxes.

Adaptable boxes, switches, sockets, distribution boards, MEM, ABB, A&BT, havells, consumer unit, change over switch, 32-400amps, gear switch, Stanley, GSR and more.

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4. Panisco Engineering

Panisco Engineering provides a complete electrical installation on a turnkey basis, including after-sales service and maintenance.

They aim to lead the electrical industry into a new era of innovation, productivity, quality, and employee.

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5. Bhp Engineering & Construction

This firm specializes in offering oil & gas, petrochemical and refinery engineering, and design expertise.

Whether you’re a field engineer, operator, owner, government entity, or entrepreneur, Bhp will not only engineer cost-effective solutions, but we will also see your project from conception, through construction until completion.

The firm brings robust engineering experience and professionalism to every project and will customize their support to meet your project’s expectations and specifications.

As a locally owned and operated firm bhp engineering & construction, lp has weathered several recessions since we opened doors in the ’80s.

Bhp out of many other firms has prevailed through a team of expert engineers and designers who ensure that new clients turn into repeat customers and repeat customers continue to seek their trusted consultation.

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6. Atlantic Engineering and Construction Company

This company comprises Engineers offering services in electrical engineering, power distribution, erection of and reinforcement of power, substations, turnaround maintenance of power stations and preventive maintenance services.

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7. Joyak Janaiva Nigeria Limited

This company ensures Safety and Uses Quality Materials in their Projects by Specifications.

Locating Production Centers Strategically To Enable Uninterrupted Flow Of Products To Customers And Reduce Risk Of Transportation.

Their vision is to Continue Excellently in all they Do and Cover the Whole Nation with Electricity Concrete Poles, Solar Renewable Energy Solutions and Street Light Poles.


Additional Information

The company has major of the equipment’s that are required to handle all construction projects and has the arrangement to hire or lease any special equipment that may be required.

Some of the available equipment’s include:

Tipping trucks, concrete mixers, excavators, vibrator machines, bulldozers, pickup vans, hand mixers, hiab crane, earth tester.

Also, survey equipment, ranging poles, generator plants, water tanker, jackhammer, dynamo-meter, air compressor, and soil compactor.

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8. Ksa Electric Ltd

Ksa electric Nigeria limited is an electrical design, erection and installation company incorporated in Nigeria and Germany.

Before its incorporation, the company had existed with its principal staff who had worked in Nigeria and Germany since the year 1992 for

This was in partnership with public and private sectors, covering state governments and international firms.

Ksa electric recognizes a major supply side shortage of electrical energy in Nigeria, as well as the inadequacy of local capacity to meet the urgent need of an emerging infrastructure.

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9. Spincone Ltd

Spincone limited is a dynamic engineering and consultancy firm licensed to provide innovative services in the telecommunication, power and energy sectors of the economy and a key player in project management.

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10. Crimson Electric

Crimson electric is an electrical distribution company for home and industrial electrical fittings.

Their specialty is in providing alternative/renewable energy and energy saving solutions to homes and companies across Nigeria.

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These are some of the best electrical companies in Nigeria. For more information, you can visit the Website of your most interested company.


FAQs on Electrical Companies in Nigeria

Below are the frequently asked questions on Electrical Companies in Nigeria

1. What does an electrical engineer do in Nigeria?

Electrical engineers implement and designing components for any device that uses electricity, as well as the devices themselves.

2. How much are electrical engineers paid in Nigeria?

The salary range for people working in Nigeria in Electrical & Power Engineering is typically from 77,969 NGN (minimum salary) to 247,943 NGN (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

 3. Who are the largest electrical contractors?

 Quanta Services 

4. How much is NEPA salary in Nigeria?

The salary starts at NGN 33,151 per year and goes up to NGN 64,293 per year for the highest level of seniority.

5. How much is electrical engineer paid?

The national average annual wage of an electrical engineer is $101,600.

6. How do I get local government contracts?

Contact your state procurement or contracting office.

7. What is the largest electrical contractor in the United States?

MMR Group, Inc.

8. Are electrical engineers rich?

The average salary of an electrical engineer is over $254,000 per year.

9. How much is Bedc salary?

The average salaries for Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) is 99,567 Naira

10. How much is NNPC salary?

On the average, experienced staffs in NNPC earn between N500, 000 ‚Äď N1 million depending on the level of experience and the rank.

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