How to Apply for Estonia Visa for Nigerians See Latest Update : Current School News

How to Apply for Estonia Visa for Nigerians See Latest Update

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– Estonia Visa for Nigerians –

Estonia Visa for Nigerians – Estonia is a great tourist-target. When you pay a visit to Estonia, you would behold a delicate blend of medieval and fashionable architectures and landscapes.

How to Apply for Estonia Visa for Nigerians Latest Update

How to Apply for Estonia Visa for Nigerians

What Are the Required Documents to Apply for Estonia Visitor Visa in Nigeria?

All documents required for processing the Estonia visitor Visa reflect the purpose of the application.

Take out ample time to sort out these documents and make sure they are complete before you apply for a visa. The following are the required documents for Estonia visitor visa:

1. An international passport with at least 3 months validity and at least two blank pages. You can submit an old passport (bearing visa stamps and/or border passes showing previous travels) with your application if you have one.

2. Individuals considered as minors must have their application form filled by their parents with 2 passport photographs of both parents attached.

3. A properly filled online application form. The Belgian embassy attends to Estonia visa application in Nigeria.

4. Therefore, the online form bears the emblem of the embassy of Belgium. Take your time to fill this form duly as an incomplete form may be rejected at the point of submission.

5. An invitation letter having the address and phone number of the individual(s) who is inviting you to Estonia.


6. Plus a letter endorsed by the local town hall or approved governmental body. Again, this is not a mandatory document.

7. Two passport photographs were taken according to the visa application photo requirements. Applicants are required to submit a 35 mm x 45 mm passport photograph with a bright background.

8. A cover letter (from the application) detailing the purpose of traveling to Estonia, your entire travel plans and listing all the documents that are being submitted to the embassy. This letter should be addressed to the embassy.

9. An authentic flight ticket reservation showing departure and return date, and flight number. Please be advised: do not purchase a flight ticket before your visa application is complete.

10. If they deny your visa application, you would most likely lose all your money. A lot of airlines run a non-refundable policy, while a few others might refund just a part of the total sum.

11. Hotel bookings or any other valid proof of accommodation.

12. An authentic Schengen medical insurance cover valued at €30,000. Starting from only NGN 3,250.

13. A valid proof of sustenance: this is a bank account statement showing transactions for the past six months.

14. This is to show that you can take care of yourself financially when you are in Estonia. In the event that you are being sponsored, you must use the bank statements of your sponsors in your application.

15. If you are employed, you would need to present your payslips for the past 4 to 6 months and leave a permission letter from your employer. You may also include your Tax Identification Number (TIN).

16. If you are self-employed, you must present a copy of your company’s registration certificate, bank statement of your business/company, and TIN.

17. Pension statement (if retired).

18. Proof of social ties: this includes a birth certificate of children and marriage certificate. If you are single and without children, you do not have to provide these documents.


How to Apply for Estonia Visitor Visa in Nigeria

Applying for an Estonia visit visa is not as complex or difficult compared to visas for some other countries.

However, you must make sure you follow this guide meticulously in order for you to experience a hitch-free application process:

1. Gather All Documents

Organize all the documents required for the application process. Ensure that you do not omit any one of them.

Make sure you have the list above with you while you put the documents together. Use it as a checklist to account for all documents.

You may get yourself invited over to Estonia by a friend, family member or colleague. You could also get an invitation from an organization you belong to. But this is not mandatory.

2. Submit All Documents at VFS

Although the Belgium embassy oversees the Estonia visitor visa application in Nigeria, the embassy is in partnership with a third party agency.

This agency is the popular VFS Global limited. VFS owns and maintains Visa collection centers in Lagos and Abuja.

Once you are set for application submission, you can visit:

– 38, Lobito Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja; or

– Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way, opposite Treasure Garden Estate, Third Roundabout, Lekki Phase I, Lagos.

Be sure to make preparations for visa fee payment at the point of submission. Also, safely store all payment receipts received.

3. Track Visa Application Online

Supervise your visa application using the VFS system. This platform helps you know the status of your application and see if the passport is ready for collection.

4. Collect Your Passport

Retrieve your passport from the embassy through VFS. For Estonia visitor visa, the embassy usually takes about 15 working days to decide on your application.


FAQs on Estonia Visa for Nigerians

Below are the frequently asked questions on Estonia Visa for Nigerians

1. Do Nigerians need Visa to Estonia?

Estonia schengen visa is required for Nigerian citizens

2. Does Estonia have an embassy in Nigeria?

Estonian embassy is often the body which legally represents the Estonian Government in Abuja, Nigeria.

3. How much is flight from Nigeria to Estonia?

The cheapest way to get from Nigeria to Estonia is to fly which costs $330 – $950 and takes 16h 15m.

4. Which European country gives work visa easily?


5. How do I get a work permit in Estonia?

At first, apply for a temporary residence permit (for work up to 5 years with your first permit).

6. What is D visa in Estonia?

A long-stay (D) visa is an Estonian visa which may be issued for single or multiple entries into Estonia.

7. What currency is used in Estonia?


8. Which country gives easy tourist visa?


9. How long does it take to get Estonia visa?

30 days

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