Canadian Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate 2022

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– Canadian Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate –

Canadian Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate – The Naira keeps falling against the US Dollar every day, so everyone has been looking for an alternative foreign currency to trade with. The following is the current Canadian Dollar against the Naira exchange rate.

Canadian Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate 2021Quick Facts about CAD

The Canadian dollar is the currency of Canada.. The code of Canadian dollar is  CAD. $is the symbol of the Canadian dollar.

Did you know:

1. Canadian dollar was introduced in 1 Jan 1858 (161 years ago).


2. Canadian dollar has 9 banknotes ($1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500 and $1000)

3. The most popular conversions of Canadian dollar are CAD/euro


Canadian Dollar (CAD) to Naira (NGN) Exchange Rates

Convert into Result–[wpdts-date-time]
CAD  NGN 1 Canadian dollar = 335 Nigerian Nairas
10 CAD  NGN 10 Canadian dollar = 1,674 Nigerian Nairas
50 CAD  NGN 50 Canadian dollar = 16,742 Nigerian Nairas
100 CAD  NGN 100 Canadian dollar = 33,484 Nigerian Nairas

As prescribed above, the Exchange rate in the black market is not pegged as the CBN rate it fluctuates daily. This page is updated frequently with the latest exchange rates we advise you to Bookmark this page.


Key Factors that Affect Increase in Canadian Dollar to Naira

1. A rate cut leads to currency depreciation

2. Prospect of a rate hike in the US

3. The loonie and falling commodity prices.

The Naira of Nigeria

The Naira was a major international exchange currency during the 1970s. Nowadays, after the serious monetary devaluation, 1 Canadian dollar is equivalent to 335 Naira.

They subdivided the Naira into 100 Kobos. Few of the latter are currently in circulation because of the devaluation of the Nigerian currency. The only coins in current circulation are of 50 Kobos, and 1 et 2 Nairas.

FAQs on Canadian Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate 

Below are the frequently asked questions on Canadian Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate

1. How much is naira to a dollar today?

 1 USD to NGN = 415.1904 

2. What is black market dollar?

A fixed exchange rate where the domestic currency is pegged at an unrealistically high level to the U.S. dollar or other

3. How much is $100 dollars in Nigeria money?


4. Why is it called black market?

This illegal trade takes place in secret, or in the dark, hence the name “black market.

5. Does the black market help the economy?

It has a significant impact on economies since sellers don’t pay taxes and provide customers with goods prohibited by law

6. How much is dollar in Zenith Bank today?

₦ 480

7. Is black market expensive?

 They may be less expensive than (legal) market prices because the supplier did not incur the normal costs of production or pay the usual taxes.

8. What is the opposite of the black market?

The white market is the legal, official, authorized, or intended market for goods and services.

9. Which currency is the lowest in Africa?

Ghana cedi

10. Is Amazon a gray market?

Amazon isn’t a grey market

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