10 Famous Politicians in New Zealand

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There are many famous politicians in Zealand, many of them who through what they have done, have added value to the lives of many, while others are dead but the memory of what they have done, still lives on. Check the next section for more details.

1. Aaron Gilmore

Aeron Gilmore was born on 26 August 1773. Born in Christ Church, his parents were shopkeepers. Aaron Gilmore had a master’s degree in commerce in 1995. In 1995, he started his career working with the Ministry of Transport in Wellington.

He then after moved to work at the Department of Treasury at the Crown Companies Monitoring Advisory that same year. In 2007 Aaron was nominated by the national party. Aaron is a motivational and inspirational speaker, an icon with exemplary qualities and also an amazing MC. He was once a dancer.

2. Alamein Kopu

When we talk about great women in Zealand, the first woman that comes into play is Alamein Kopu. Born in Opotiki, New Zealand in the year 1943. She comes from a poor family and hardship has been a regular thing. She joined the Manamotuhake group along with others.

Then Manamotuhake, alongside other groups allied. In the 1932 election, Alamein Kopu stood out and was the candidate for the Eastern Māori, but she eventually failed. She also contested for the Te Tai Rawhiti seat, but she eventually did not win.

In 1997 she resigned from her party and when asked why is answered in her language that the level of racism in the party was much. In October 1997, she established her political party. She died on 4 December 2011.

3. Albert Davy

Albert Davy was born on 17 August 1886 in Wellington. His father was Charles and he was a police officer. Albert Davy was an incredible political organizer and a political manager. He was s responsible for making sure the campaign was conducted. He was so against socialism and fought against it.

His first political experience came as the result of his involvement with a  great New Zealand politician Douglas Lysnar in the 1919 election. He was offered an organizational position in 1923 in the Reform Party. Albert Davy died on 13 June 1959 in Wellington.

4. Aldo Miccio

A business tycoon with businesses all around Zealand and other parts of the world, Aldo Maccio has been a force in New Zealand politics. Born in the year 1971 in Nelson, New Zealand Aldo Miccio was a former major of the city of Nelson.

In 2007 Aldo Miccio made his first achievement in the political world by becoming the city council in Nelson, New Zealand. In 2010, he was elected the mayor of Nelson, the youngest major ever. Being a major from 2010 to 2013 and being chairman of many companies, he is an experienced leader and he is well vested in the era of business in general.

5. Alexander Herdman

Alexander Herdman is among the greatest politicians in New Zealand. He was born on 17 July 1869 in Dunedin, New Zealand. While working in a bank, Alexander was yet studying law part and in the year 1894, he was called to the bar; he became a lawyer. Alexander got involved in politics and in 1898, he became a major.

He was an ambitious fellow; he needed a place big enough to actualize his dream as Naseby was not big enough. He then moved to Wellington in 1902.

In that same year, he was invited to contest for the seat of Mount Ida in Otago. He has failed a couple of times and was defeated too but that never put him down. He went for what he wanted, he never backed off and the result was obvious in the things he achieved.

6. Alfred Cadman

Another famous politician we have on our list is Alfred Cadman. Born on 7 June 1847in the city of Sidney, Australia Alfred has made an immense impact in the politics of New Zealand. He was formerly a contractor and a builder and was successful in it.

Through a local gathering, He was involved in politics as a member but later became the chairman. He was elected to the parliament, representing Coromandel. And at 11890, he was again elected to the enlarged seat of Thames. February 1891, he was appointed a native minister.

7. Alfred Domett

Alfred Domett was born in the year 1811 in Surrey, England. His father was a ship owner, they lived averagely. He studied law in school and was called to bar in the 1841, although he did not pursue the law profession. He married a widowed named Mary George in the year November 1856.

Alfred was ambitious, he combined his career and work as a public servant, combined it with politics; the House of Representatives and legislation. He is a talented writer and a poet.

8. Alfred E. Allen

Allen was born on May 20, 1912, in One Hunga, Auckland, New Zealand. He was a great politician of the National Party and the 17th speaker of the House of Representatives. In 1935, he married Nancy Cutfield and they had one son and three daughters.

He has been the force behind the breakaway Labor MP and the democratic labour party that he owns. He was a former national member of parliament.

9. Alfred Kidd

Kidd is an important figure in New Zealand’s political history. Born in the year 1851, he was an important figure in the liberal party and the 18th major of Auckland.

His first political achievement was when he became the Parnell Borough councillor. He was the chairman of the streets committee, and ever since then, he has been successful in his political career, although he faced political challenges too he was able to overcome them.

10. Allan Dick

Allan Dick was born in the year 1915 in Dunedin. He won the  Waitaki by-election in 1962. He has also been a nominee among six others for the national seat.

His achievement doesn’t only end in the area of politics, he was a chairman of other entities like the  Mount Cook National Park, Tekapo Town Planning Committee,  Waitaki Lakes Committee,  Mackenzie branch of Federated Farmers and  the Companion of the Queen’s Service Order

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