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10 Best Fashion Schools in Canada 2022 | Most Recommended

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– Best Fashion Schools in Canada –

Fashion Schools in Canada: Are you into fashion, do you love and admire cool, exquisite mind blowing styles when it has to do with apparels, garments, and cloths then this article is for you.

10 Best Fashion Schools in Canada 2021 | Most Recommended

Best Fashion Schools in Canada

Just in case you have been planning to take your love for fashion to a greater height, by acquiring a complete knowledge of fashion in an institution.

However, Canada is here for you with its renowned sophisticated fashion schools. This is  where you can enroll and have yourself smiling throughout your program year.

This article contains institutes in Canada, their website, programs offered, locations, and requirements to aid your enrollment where you want to enroll to enhance your love for fashion professionally.

1. Ryerson University School of Fashion

10 Best Fashion Schools in Canada 2021 | Most Recommended

Location: Downtown Toronto
Programs: Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design or Fashion Communication), Masters of Art
Length: Full-time 4 years (Bachelor) and Full-time 2 years (Masters of Art)
Tuition: $27462 (4 year Bachelor) and $30707 (Masters of Art) depending on the course registered.
Requirements: Portfolio, resumé, short essay. Mail-in submission. There is a non-refundable $50 non-academic required assessment fee.
Website: http://ryersonfashion.ca

The Ryerson University School of Fashion offers its students and opportunities to meet with top-class fashion experts from across the globe, and these seres as a morale booster to the students.


2. Humber College

Location: Toronto–North (205 Humber College Blvd.) and Lakeshore Campus (3199 Lake Shore Blvd W)
Programs: Fashion Arts, Fashion Management and Promotions, and Bachelor of Commerce–Fashion Management
Length: 1 year (Fashion Management and Promotions), 2 years (Fashion Arts) and 4 years (Bachelor of Commerce – Fashion Management)
Tuition: $5,349 (Fashion Management), $7370 (Fashion Arts), and $27485 (Bachelor of Commerce)
Requirements: A bachelor’s degree is required for the Fashion Management and Promotions course
Website: http://www.humber.ca/

Humber College is pragmatic and highly competitive. The institution teaches all the practical know-how required by you for success in their students’ fashion endeavors.

3. George Brown College




Location: Toronto – Casa Loma Campus
Programs: Fashion Techniques and Design Program, Fashion Management Program, Fashion Business Industry Program, and International Fashion Development and Management Program
Length: 1 year (International Fashion Development) and 2 years (Fashion Techniques and Design, Fashion Management, Fashion Business Industry)
Tuition: $3,498.00 (International Fashion Development), and $7000 – $7300 for the other three 2-year programs.
Requirements: Grade 11 or 12 Math and Grade 12 English.
Website: http://www.georgebrown.ca/fashionstudies/programs/fashion/

George Brown College of fashion has over 800 hundred students in its institution. The institution is more practical than theoretical in training and seems to center more on the commercial aspect of fashion.

The institute goes as far to ensure that their student-run retail fashion stores in the course of their training. This is  to determine how well the student have gotten acquainted with their studies.

4. Coco Fashion Design Institute

Location: Toronto, 348 Ryding Ave.
Programs: Patternmaking and Garment Construction Certificate, Makeup Artistry Course and Pattern Development for Fashion Design Diploma.
Length: 1 year for the diploma and certificate program and 6 days for the Makeup Artistry Course,
Tuition: $4000 for the diploma program,$4500 for the certificate program and $975 for the Makeup Artistry Course.
Requirements: Ontario High School Diploma or a qualifying test if applying as mature student.

Coco Fashion Design Centre is a private career college offering various courses to students interested in designing and creating clothes. There are wide varieties of courses that are offered by the college.

You just need to pick the one that suits you the best. The instructors are well qualified and experienced in pattern design and garment construction. 

Applied Apparel Design from Coco Fashion Design Centre is a more progressive method of making patterns and designs with the aid of working sketches.

5. Fanshawe College

Location: London, Ontario
Programs: Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising Diploma programs
Length: The Fashion Merchandising program is 2 years and the Fashion Design program is 3 years.
Tuition: $8806 for the Fashion Merchandising program and $14037 for the Fashion Design program
Requirements: High school diploma is required but the Fashion Design program also requires a Grade 12 English credit and a Grade 11 or 12 math credit.
Website: http://www.fanshawec.ca

FANSHAWE COLLEGE welcomes over 5,000 international students from over 75 countries. Known as the ‘Forest City’, surrounded by parks and lakes, London is a vibrant business and cultural hub only two hours from Toronto, Niagara Falls and the USA.

One of Ontario’s largest colleges, with additional campuses in Simcoe, St. Thomas and Woodstock, Fanshawe offers over 200 degrees, diploma,and certificate programs.

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6. Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Location: Richmond, British Columbia
Programs: Fashion Marketing Diploma and Fashion & Technology Bachelor of Design
Length: 2 years for the diploma program and 4 years for the Bachelor of Design program.
Tuition: Cost is per course not for the whole program. The cost for a three-credit course is around $350.
Requirements: High school diploma with grade 12 English with a minimum B grade for the degree program and minimum C+ for the diploma program. The degree program requires a portfolio review and orientation session and the diploma program requires a letter of interest.
Website: http://www.kwantlen.ca

The institution has carved a niche for themselves in Western Canada. the institution provides a faculty knowledge which innovative technology kinds of training in fashion to their students.

7. Lasalle College

Lasalle College

Location: Montreal, Qc
Programs: Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing program
Length: Both programs are 3 years in length but there is an intensive option where you can finish the program in 2 years.
Tuition: $42108 for the Fashion Design program and $40272 for the Fashion Marketing program. $28964 for the intensive Fashion Design program and $27704 for the intensive Fashion Marketing program.
Requirements: A secondary school diploma with the following courses or equivalent: Language of Instruction, Second Language, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and History.
Website: http://www.lasallecollege.com

The LaSalle College has over 900 students in its Montreal campus. The institution has built a number of partnerships with some fashion companies and fashion brands across the globe.

This platform gives its students the opportunity to make diverse designs on clothes and garments for these brands and companies. One of these companies is Rudsak.

8. Seneca College

Seneca College

Location: Toronto, ON, Newnham Campus
Programs: Fashion Arts, Fashion Business, Fashion Business Management, and Fashion Studies.
Length: 1 year for the Fashion Studies program, and 2 years for the Fashion Business program and 3 years for the Fashion Arts and Fashion Business Studies program.
Tuition: $10,618 for the Fashion Arts and Fashion Business Management programs, $7,078 for the Fashion Business program, and $3,539 for the Fashion Studies program.
Requirements: All programs require a high school diploma with a Grade 12 English credit. The Fashion Business and Fashion Business Management program also requires a Grade 12 Math credit.  Mature students can also apply if over 19 years of age.
Website: http://www.senecac.on.ca/

The Newnham Campus is one of the largest college campuses in Canada. It is home to more than 11,000 full-time students in business, engineering, aviation, early childhood education, fashion, information and communications technology, and liberal arts.

The campus, named after founding president William T. Newnham, is also the site of extensive continuing education activity during the evenings and weekends

9. Lethbridge College

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta
Programs: Fashion Design and Marketing Certificate
Length: The program is 1 year in duration.
Tuition: Tuition for the Fashion Design and Marketing program is $11865.
Requirements: High school diploma is required with a minimum of 50% in math.
Website: http://www.lethbridgecollege.ca

Lethbridge College offers preparatory studies, vocational training, and university transfer programs in 50 career fields, leading to one-year certificates, two-year diplomas, apprenticeships, and bachelor’s degrees.

Lethbridge College provides applied bachelor’s degrees. Lethbridge College (earlier Lethbridge Community College) 


10. Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy

Location: Downtown Ottawa
Programs: Fashion Designer, Couturier programs and several part-time courses (Fashion Sketching, Haute Couture, Pattern Making, Textiles, Lingerie, Draping, Hat Making, and Marketing/Merchandising)
Length: 2 years for each program and 4 months per part-time course.
Tuition: $12,000 for the Fashion Designer program, $6500 for the Couturier program, and $295-$1000 for the part-time classes.
Requirements: High School Diploma and basic knowledge of sewing.
Website: http://www.richardrobinson.com/

The institution is aimed at teaching the highest standards in all courses and programs so that our students are best prepared in all aspects of the fashion field.

The institution offers Free Information Sessions are offered every two weeks at the Academy. Programs are offered in both English and French and the school welcomes students from all parts of Canada and the World.

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