Are There Federal Ministries in Nigeria?

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Federal Ministries in Nigeria and Contact Details: are simply Civil Service departments that are responsible for delivering various types of government service. Each ministry has a function and even more, you only have to read on.

Federal Ministries in Nigeria

Yes, there is a part of the government in Nigeria that is known as Federal ministries. The ministerial dockets are the government departments responsible for secession of the sectors like education, health, finance, agriculture, and so on. 

Their role is equally important as they implement the administration duties at the federal level for the benefit of the Nigerian people while also fostering nation development.

The Association of Public Sector Organization is concerned with providing some State’s functions which can be state enterprises or parastatals (government-owned corporations), that can be associated with one ministry or maybe separate from the others, all headed by Permanent Secretaries.

How to Contact the Federal Ministries in Nigeria

At the moment the cabinet is made up of 24 Federal Ministries where they undertake any activity around the government service provisioning as well as a number of parastatals (government-owned), and they are: 

1. Ministry of Agricultural and Regional Development

2. Ministry of Aviation

3. Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy

4. Ministry of Defence

5. Ministry of Education

6. Ministry of Environment

7. Ministry of Finance, Budgeting, and National Planning

8. Ministry of International Relations

9. Ministry of Health

10. Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Climate Change, and Social Development

11. Ministry of Commerce and Investments

12. Ministry for Possibilities and Cultivation

13. Ministry of Interior

14. Ministry of Justice

15. Shifting our gaze to the Ministry of Labour and Employment.

16. Ministry of Mines and steel.

17. Ministry of Niger Delta is another strategic ministry in the South-South zone.

18. Ministry for Oil and Gas Deposits

19. Security Affairs Ministry

20. Ministry of Power

21. Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation

22. Ministry of Transportation

23. Small Water Industry

24. Department of Women Issues

What is the Function of Federal Ministries in Nigeria?

The Federal Ministries of Nigeria are an arm of civil service that manages and oversee delivery of different governmental services.

With each department, a Permanent Secretary in charge is appointed. He/She is under the accountability of a Minister in the Federal Cabinet.

The Federal Ministries in Nigeria performs numerous duties such as policymaking, implementing government programs, managing financial resources, giving public services, and scrutiny of sector-based actions.

They undertake a consequential function of development of nation by the action of addressing issues covering education, health care, agriculture, infrastructure, finance, and more.

On top of that, these ministries work in collaboration with the different levels of government, including state and local governments, while also including international partners, to make sure that service delivery is the best it can be across all sectors of the country including education, health and agriculture.

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