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How to Fill Out Form G-1450 Correctly 2022 Latest Updates

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– Fill Out Form G-1450 –

Knowing how to fill the Form G-1450 is pertinent for permanent residents, who want to pay their naturalization fees with a credit card. This article provides insights and guidelines into the right way to fill out the form G-1450.

How to Fill Out Form G-1450 Correctly 2022 Latest Updates

Recently, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) allowed permanent residents to pay their naturalization fees with a credit card.

The application for U.S. citizenship comes with a one-time fee that must be paid in full at the time of filing.

An applicant can now pay this fee with a credit card by submitting Form G-1450, Authorization for Credit Card Transactions.

So if you want to pay your naturalization fees with a credit card, this article will guide you on how to fill out the Form G-1450 and what it is all about.


What is Form G-1450?

How to Fill Out Form G-1450 Correctly

Form G-1450, Authorization for Credit Card Transactions, is a USCIS form for using your credit card as payment. It is a one-page form that is filled with Form N-400.

Application for Naturalization. In fact, you may only use the G-1450 with Form N-400.

Note that the USCIS will not accept credit card payments for any other immigration form and will not charge you an additional fee for using a credit card.

How to Fill out Form G-1450

The form is fairly self-explanatory and easy to fill out. Below are the steps to filling out the form:

1. Complete your N-400 Application Package for Naturalization

The G-1450 is a payment authorization form for your N-400 application, so you’ll need to have a completed naturalization application first.

“Naturalization” means becoming a citizen of the United States. Haven’t filled out the N-400 yet? No worries, we’re here to help–start your application package with Road to Status today.


2. Fill out the G-1450 Form to Make Your Citizenship Application Payment

To complete the form, you will be asked to provide your:

i. Personal Information,

ii. Credit Card Billing Information,

iii. Credit Card Number,

USCIS accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards and gift cards. You may only use one card to pay the total fee.

Make sure there is enough money on the card to cover the fee or your application could be rejected due to insufficient funds.

iv. Authorized Payment Amount (the total amount to charge to the credit card),

v. Sign and Submit.

Don’t forget to sign the G-1450 form to make your citizenship application payment final. After filling out and signing the form, you will place the G-1450 on top of your N-400 application and mail it to USCIS.

The charge will show up on your billing statement as “USCIS N400 Payment”.

Once you have submitted your application, you are about 6 months away (the average wait time) from becoming a United States citizen.

When your application is approved, you will have access to all the benefits that come with citizenship including the right to vote, automatic citizenship for your children under the age of 18, freedom from the threat of deportation, and a U.S. passport to travel freely.

How to Get Form G-1450

You can download Form G-1450 from the USCIS website at for free. The USCIS will intermittently update versions to their forms, so make sure you are using the most current edition.

Do not submit the form to any organization except USCIS. Remember, the form has personally identifiable information, not to mention your credit card number.

Only submit it along with your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.


Notice to Those Making Payment by Credit Card

Payment by Credit Card

USCIS will use the information you provide to process a credit card payment through the U.S. Department of Treasury Trusted Collections Service (TCS).

TCS is a web-based application that allows Government agencies to process payments by credit or debit cards.

After USCIS processes your Form G-1450, they will destroy your authorization, regardless if USCIS approves or denies your application, petition, or request.

USCIS will reject your application, petition, or request for lack of payment if your credit card is declined. USCIS will not attempt to process your credit card payment a second time.

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