First Bank Mobile App Download and Banking Updates

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– First Bank Mobile App Download and Banking Updates –

Easy access to funds has been made possible to customers with the First Bank Mobile App, also known as the first mobile App. If you are ready to enjoy this, download FirstMobile App following the outlined steps below.

For the past few weeks, we’ve receive a lot of queries from our visitors especially on the keywords above.

This article is an in-depth review of the First Bank Mobile App along with its mobile banking functions. It’s a direct First Bank Mobile App review and guides on how to use the First Bank mobile banking app without missing a step.

Before we get started, it is important to know that;

First Bank of Nigeria, sometimes referred to as First Bank, is a Nigerian multinational bank and financial services company headquartered in Lagos. It is the biggest bank in Nigeria by total deposits and gross earnings.

With rapid changes and fast growth in banking information technology, there is no much need to overemphasize why people should download the mobile applications of their respective banks in order to make transaction mobile.

First Bank mobile app is another way to the bank at your fingertips if you do not want to use First bank USSD mobile codes.

The app enables easy access to financial and non-financial transactions by account holders on their mobile devices. As long as you are a First bank account holder with a Verve Card or MasterCard you can use the app with no restrictions.

Features of First Bank Mobile App for Android and IOS

  • Funds Transfer to First Bank accounts
  • Funds Transfer to other Nigerian Bank accounts
  • Account overview
  • Credit card repayments
  • First Bank Money Transfer
  • Account statement request
  • Airtime Recharge
  • Cable TV Payment
  • Bills Payment
  • Cheque Services

But did you know that with First Bank Mobile App you can;

  • Pay Bills
  • Cheque Services
  • Money Transfer
  • Buy Airtime
  • Flight Booking Services etc… Yes, very possible.

Steps to Download App for all Mobile Devices

You can download the First bank mobile app easily popular mobile app store irrespective of your smartphone operating system (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and etc).

If you are using a feature phone (Java, Nokia s40 series, Symbian, etc), you’d not be able to use the First Bank mobile app for smartphones. Instead, you can do mobile banking with *894# USSD code: This method is even faster and reliable; this is because it doesn’t limit you to a high-end device and works without internet access.

Now, for smartphone users, simply visit your mobile app store and search for FirstMobile or download the app directly from any of these First bank mobile app download links.

How to Use First Bank Mobile App

  • After downloading the app, install and open
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • You will be required to register as a first time user. Enter your MasterCard or Verve Card details after which an OTP code will be sent to your phone to authorize registration. Follow the registration process to start using the mobile banking app.

How to Make Your First Transaction with First Bank App

The introduction of mobile banking into our cyberspace has increased productivity in many ways than expected. With the First bank mobile app, you just tap your phone a few times and the transaction is all done and dusted!

To transfer/send money to other people or another of your account via FirstMobile app, simply follow after these steps:

  1. Open/Launch the mobile app
  2. Click on the “Transfers” button.
  3. Select the account from where the transaction would be carried out: This option is very useful for customers with more than one account activated on the app.
  4. Choose the destination bank/financial institution where you are sending the funds to.
  5. Fill in the details (Account number and name) of the beneficiary. Once you enter the account number, the app will automatically lookout for the owner of the account and display the name (if valid).
  6. Enter the amount you are sending and also, add a short note or description (optional but important when you’re paying for something).
  7. You’ll be shown an overview of the transaction you’re about to carry out for a proper review.
  8. Enter your PIN once you’ve confirmed the information is correct and then tap on the “Transfer” button to complete the transaction.

These are the core banking operations we do most often.

There is some other stuff you can easily do with First bank mobile apps such as Flight booking, self-service options (blocking a card, request for a new card, mini account statement report, and etc.). You can even do QR based payments easily with the first mobile app.

Hope we solved your problem? If yes, Kindly share this article with the best of friends.

CSN Team.

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  1. Mela lawrence N says:

    Why is’t very dificult to get a BVN at firstbank

  2. PETER MERIT says:

    can one use mobile money to send money to any bank?

  3. ugochukwu ezekiel nkennaya says:

    Paying ur bill e g nepa bills buying things onli

  4. Usman Umar says:

    What is meant by pay bills and what is meant by reference number

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