48 Hilarious Christmas Memes 2023 Update

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The season for great alleviation of numerous funny and absolutely stylish jokes can be described as the Christmas season. Depending on you, this kind of time can be stylish or incredibly stressful.

Christmas season is in the air, the usual vacation songs percolate the airwaves, decorated trees have been set up, and of course, shoppers have begun to deluge the shops and strolling places.

This season is the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be the most stressful. From the pressures of gift-giving to the struggle of planning a perfect holiday dinner menu, there’s so much to think about.

Hilarious and Funny Christmas Memes

These Christmas memes are sure to put you in the vacation spirit or at least give you a good laugh.

From not being suitable to go for that perfect present to the ineluctable vacation weight, these funny jokes remind us it wouldn’t be the leaves without some bumps in the road.

So put on the hot cocoa and scroll down and do not forget to like your faves!

1. Christmas just became real for that dog. You can see it! Okay, this is how it goes! “My dog’s favorite toy is Santa clause so we brought it to see him” You can’t imagine a dog’s favorites ad Santa Claus.

2. Merry Christmas meme; Moms are Christmas Magic, Yeah this is very true, they open gifts in mind thinking I wish I never gat you but never meant it though!

3. Surprisingly Christmas can be the most terrible time of the year for some people, yeah! to them, a time of much spending has come, so it can be so terrible if you can relate. Christmas cat meme can relate.

4. One of the funny gifts to get during Christmas is to be fatter, gosh! this can be so funny when others are getting present, you are huddling with weight.

5. Christmas tree melody will be sung through Christmas.

6. For a very long time the Christmas tree was still standing finally Christmas tree fainted stopping the melody. Hilarious funny Christmas memes got us covered because this is so funny.

7. Work for just a short period of time in a whole year, when Christmas comes your self-judgment comes.

8. During the Christmas season, people tend to look so good but some people tend to put smiles on other people’s faces with their funny style of weave.

9. “No long story just pull off”. A pet can be distracting you don’t just need to give an explanation to any of the troubles you just need to pull them off and rest.


10. Christmas season is one of the most interesting seasons of a whole year but try to celebrate it wisely by having in mind the reason you are celebrating Christmas.

11. Cat is a lovely pet that doesn’t act fast on its prey. my cat quietly staring at my Christmas tree to devour.

12. Hope you are fully ready for Christmas, I guess yes, We are finally ready even with our ham for Christmas.

terrible time of the year

13. Going back to the age where you don’t worry about what to cook on Christmas day will always be a nightmare….then the young ones should enjoy it while it lasts. With the baby Yoda Christmas meme, the picture is clear.

14. Out of 100% of people, 0nly 10% will go shopping on the 23rd of December for Christmas…yeah because things get costlier by then… so when do you go for your Christmas shopping.

15. During the Christmas period things work so exceptionally differently with some funny Christmas memes to share the story, you can share your story too, mine; the AC was running because we live in the south.

16. When we were kids we do receive Christmas gifts that when packed fills the whole room, mehn! but guess what! the reverse is the case now.

17.  Christmas season can be so interesting but it’s becoming boring when you realize that will definitely bring a new working year of a busy schedule after the fun.

18. Rarely observed, some friends don’t visit naughty friends in the middle or any time of the year except the Christmas season because this is always the “off” season from work and stress.

You just have to go around them during the yuletide season so you can spend a lot of time, so you can check the list now!

19. The announcement” brace Yourself up Christmas memes are coming” yeah, fasten your seat belt to laugh out your sorrows this Christmas.

20. There is always this one person that will never wait for Christmas to come before he or she starts the celebration. can we describe them to be jobless???

21. I have a gift for you, yes I do, here is a baby Yoda-shaped present under the Christmas tree for you. Funny right?


22. Your Facebook status was so funny mehn! as a friend, I recommend a dictionary for you, notwithstanding I may get it for you as a Christmas gift.

23. ooooooooooh! can we listen to something else apart from Christmas music?? Before Christmas. the air is already filled with Christmas music, and it’s disturbing.

24. I stopped by a mall to get you a Christmas gift, a Christmas shopping meme. Me: Something that I haven’t received for over 10 years since I grew from childhood. The facial appearance is funny though.

25. Every mom on Christmas while you are opening up that gift they swore they weren’t getting you. You cant imagine that funny merry Christmas meme

26. advice if you can’t afford Christmas decorations, sort yourself out in another cheaper way, it may be funny and may also look nice.

27. Have you attended a party where the hit is about to start ie the life of the party just came in and you are distracted by a fight somewhere which eventually disrupt the fun in the party… more like a family drama when you want the Christmas party to begin.

28. Christmas rhyme; His eyes-how they twinkle, his laughter how merry, cheeks are like roses nose like a cherry. A soft and interesting Santa clause rhyme to you on Christmas.

29. You look like Santa Claus both the back view and the front view of yourself… so you know if you annoy me, I will give your number to all the kids and tell them it’s Santa Claus… this can be so very funny.

30. Not because Christmas is near you think your services are not needed anymore… let me surprise you, you have to take care of shipping, packing, and the last mile delivery.


31. the song goes on the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth. Getting to the twelfth day of Christmas, guess what something hilarious might have happened.

32. Me contemplating how am going to get a Christmas gift while am about to spend money on myself.

33. Working on a Christmas day can be referred to as things being on the high side that you even need to make money on that day so as to survive after Christmas day. so it’s your choice but the coal will be waiting for you when you get home.

34. It will be presumed that the economy is bad if you see Santa working on Christmas not only a job but two jobs.

35. Christmas tree meme; putting Christmas lights on the palm tree is not always beautiful for some people but for some, it is especially when the trees are much and in close range, so see the memes and know your own decision.

Moms are Christmas Magic

36. So this year we bought a 20ft Christmas tree and cut it in half so it goes through the roof.

37. Yes, we live in unique times, and that means there are many that are “torn from today’s headlines.”

That said, let’s go back to a simpler time when memes were designed to entertain us – they aren’t news headlines after all…so let’s focus on easier things like tree decorating.

38. I can look at funny holiday dog memes forever, like this one.

39. Holiday season is now officially underway! So says an already exhausted Santa Claus:

40. And of course, there are several that celebrate animals, and how much fun they have during the holidays as well:

41. The best ones take those universal aspects of the holiday season and find humor…like this one, all about a “gift wrapping fail”

Christmas Memes on Twitter

Tis the season for eggnog, decking the halls, and a good old-fashioned Christmas meme! Spread some Christmas cheer to your loved ones with any of these Christmas memes.

Whether you’re waiting in line at the mall or just simply need a good laugh (and after the year we’ve had, who doesn’t?) any of these funny Christmas memes will have you chuckling and filled with happiness that will leave you merry and bright all day long.

42. When Your Cat Acts More Like the Grinch Everyday

43. It’s Been A Stressful Year

44. Santa Claws; Seriously. What is with cats and Christmas trees?

45. The Anticipation! Their reaction is everything!

46. Four For You, Glen Coco! And none for Gretchen Weiners, bye.

47. We all deserve to be Christmas potatoes this year.

48. Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening?

How to Create the Perfect Christmas Meme

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Luckily, we know a great way to relax as the holiday approach that doesn’t require wasting precious hours from your jam-packed day.

If you ask us, there’s no easier way to blow off some steam than by laughing at the best Christmas memes listed above.

This list contains the funniest Christmas-themed jokes, puns, and gags we could find, so we guarantee you’ll be laughing. And if you find any favorites here, they could be a great source for your next Christmas card!

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