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Top 50 Best Teacher Memes That Will Make You Laugh Your Heart Out

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– Best Teacher Memes –

Don’t forget, the student feels bored at times when the lesson begins because of some teacher’s attitude or reactions. So if you are looking for the best teacher memes or funny teacher memes, be rest assured we have put together all you have ever wanted when it comes to memes ideas on this page. You need to understand that, after a very long period of summer by school kids and teachers, everyone has to go back to school.

Best Teacher Memes

Teachers have a far tougher time saying goodbye to the easy-going days of summer than the students do.

Think about the stress of dealing with wild and unruly kids, their parents’ complaints, the paperwork, and getting ready for classes all year long for average pay.

Even the best teachers, we’d wager, occasionally go off the deep end. As the new semester begins with a glimmer of hope in everyone’s eyes.

To get you in the correct frame of mind, we have put together some of the best teacher memes that will make you laugh while teachers cry.

They are guaranteed to make you laugh, especially if you are a student, but they may be a touch unpleasant for teachers.

Best Hillarious Teacher Memes

Check out the funny teacher memes that we have given in this article below; we have provided 50 of the best teacher memes that will make you laugh while teachers cry.

1. Education Memes

The look on a teacher’s face when a student says something funny in class can make the class more interesting for other students.

Check out the looks that portray on a teacher’s face below. It will definitely make you laugh.

Best Teacher Memes

2. Never-Ending Questions

Isn’t it funny to see how teachers demand questions from students in class only to get loads of unending questions in return? And as a result of too many questions being asked by the students, the teacher gets mad at it.

3. Effort vs. Salary Teachers Memes

What a hilarious experience to see teachers working so hard and at the end of the day collecting a meagre salary. This can be so annoying I guess! the below memes will get you laughing your ribs out.

teachers memes

4. A Teacher’s Fear

Here is a funny look on a teacher’s face when he or she gets intimidated by students for one action or the other. Funny memes when the teacher is looking for someone to call on so you try t avoid eye contact.

A Teacher's Fear

5. The Test Answers

It looks funny to pupils when a teacher uses a particular format as answers to questions being set. A typical example; I will make the first 10 answers C. 

Test Answers

6. Morning Coffee

Another hilarious moment is when a teacher asks a student why they like taking coffee every day and goes ahead to ask if they will die without it. See the funny reaction below.

Morning Coffee

7. Stressful Job

The looks on a teacher’s face When he ironically talks about how stress-free the teaching profession is, one wonders if such a teacher is in a good state of mind. 

Stressful Job

8. Teacher Memes

When a parent doesn’t want to believe everything the child says happens at school, the teacher also promises not to believe everything that happens at home.

Best Teacher Memes

9. Before And After

The Funny look of a teacher when starting out and not used to the system… checkout the later looks after being used to the school stress. I guess they now manage the stress.

Before And After

10. Retirement Plan

See what the feelings of getting a retirement as a teacher looks like in the teacher’s funny memes below.

Retirement Plan


11. Evil Siblings Teacher Memes

When you find out that your worst-behaved student has 3 younger siblings. Here is what a teacher’s face will be like.

Evil Siblings

12. Funny Teacher Memes

Teachers will always get you laughing at every pointy bin time if they really want to. Well, it is one way to let go of stress.

Funny to see a teacher write something and looking carefully, you realize the teacher was making a caricature on it. You will surely burst out with laughter.

Compare this; 

If you can read this, thank a teacher – ef yoo an rid ths yoo prbli ar a teecha

Check this teacher memes below.

Funny Teacher Memes

13. Reality Of Being A Teacher

Funny to realize that teaching is not as rosy as people think it is. Can you imagine how a teacher looks at the start of the term and looks later? 

Reality Of Being A Teacher

14. Stealing Supplies

Isn’t it funny as a teacher to realize that a lot of times pupils or students do come to class with empty hands, without any writing material? In such cases see what will happen below.

Stealing Supplies

15. Teachers Salaries

This is what happens when you pay teachers poor salaries… they go begging 🙂 Check the funny teacher memes below.

Best Teacher Memes


16. Grading Papers

Seeing a teacher carrying with him or her a big bag or box home. One might be tempted to ask if the teacher is resigning from work? Not knowing that it is a truckload of papers for grading. 

Grading Papers

17. Lesson Plans

Making a lessons plan is quite stressful. Yes, you heard me right? This is how it looks like when you don’t enjoy writing lesson plans. Check these funny teacher memes below.

Lesson Plans

18. Grading The Papers

Grading papers is not easy for those who are teachers. When you think you are done and then you discover there are yet more papers to be graded.

You feel like you should quit your job right :-)? See how teachers react to this below. 

Grading The Papers

19. Handwriting Analyst

This has to do with the process where teachers check out various handwritings by students.

It can actually be fun when you set your eyes on some handwriting written by students in your class. Some handwriting will definitely make you cry honestly.

Handwriting Analyst

20. Teacher Memes

When it seems no one is concentrating or seems to understand your teachings, you will be like – I’m sorry is my teaching interrupting you? It’s really hilarious, isn’t it? Can’t just stop laughing. 

Teacher Memes 1, i'm sorry is my teachinhgs interrupting you


21. Always The Teacher’s Fault

Everyone blames the teacher even when they are wrong. Imagine a teacher talking to a parent (mum or dad) concerning the performance of the child and all their parents do is blame the teacher even when it is not necessary.

Always The Teacher's Fault

22. Funny Teachers Memes

There are teachers who are always funny in class. Some teachers want you to pay attention while they are teaching and if you do not they will act funny and next time you will learn to be more attentive.

Imagine asking a teacher a question and all he will say is… I just answered that question less than a minute ago

I just answered that question less than a minute ago, funny teacher

23. Summer Break Teachers Memes

Teachers tend to be happy when the school is on a break as a lot of stress will go down. Here is how a teacher reacts when it’s a break for the semester.

Summer Break

24. All Hell Breaks Loose

Isn’t it funny to see how a teacher steps out of class for some seconds, only to return back to see the class disordered and not in good shape?

All Hell Breaks Lose

25. Life Of A Teacher Memes

When a teacher receives more complaints and insults instead of congratulations and gratitude.  See a typical description of the life of a teacher in the memes below.

Life Of A Teacher

26. Teacher Memes

Here is another hilarious moment that is difficult for teachers and at times they may cry secretly without anyone knowing.

A teacher said, “I need to pee but I can’t leave my class unsupervised“. See the funny picture memes below

i need to pee but i cant leave my class unsupervised

27. School Memes

The looks on the teacher’s face when you’re submitting your assignment late. Teacher be like;

School Memes

28. Trouble Makers

Teachers have a great relief when students who normally give him or her trouble or though time in class are all absent. The funny teacher memes below will get you laughing all the way.

Trouble Makers

29. Funny Teachers

That feeling when you are making out time on the weekend to your favorite location and then you see one of your student’s parents there.

funny teachers location with parents

30. School Memes

This is the result of what it means to admit kids when there are no more spaces available. See these school memes below.

School Memes

31. So Very Glad

At times, kids are being told to do a particular thing and they go ahead to do the opposite.

And then, once they actually do what is demanded of them, the teacher exclaimed with surprise. See how teachers react.

So Very Glad

32. Funny Teacher Memes

When the whole class understands what you have taught, your feel so much excitement. Here is how some teachers react, see the funny teacher memes below.

Funny Teacher Memes - teachers excitment

33. Making Jokes

Teachers tend to react positively to funny jokes by students especially when they are admitted newly, but after a while, their mode changes. Check out these funny teachers’ jokes below…So hilarious.

Making Jokes

34. Thou Shall Not Pass

Teachers are a very funny set of people, they could be so funny if they want to.

Imagine a teacher telling the students that it is not yet time to go home when for instance it is just 2 seconds left. What difference does it make, 2 seconds :-)?

Thou Shall Not Pass

35. On Being Absent

Teachers really get sad when they ask their student’s funny questions. Of course, they too should expect a funny answer as well.

Teacher: “did we do anything while I was absent? What do you expect as a response from the students? 

Students: “no, we stopped learning to mourn your absence”.

35 On Being Absent

36. Put Your Name On It

When you want your kids to always write their names on their book instead of other peoples name you are like “if you want a grade put your name on it”

Put Your Name On It

37. Reasons To Not Have Children

Some teachers are of the opinion that they don’t want children and the funny excuse they give is that every baby name reminds them of a kid that drives them crazy.

Reasons To Not Have Children - funny teacher memes

38. Assignment Partners

A lot of teachers assume that it is not really ideal for their students to choose their own partners in class. It could be a reading partner or a partner to assist in a given task together.

Some teachers believe it is dangerous that way, instead, they think it’s more proper if they choose it for the kids. See the funny reactions below.

Assignment Partners

39. Wasn’t Me

When a student doesn’t want to be the only one that gets punished when caught in an act, instead he or she will also point out others that were in the same fold.

Wasn't Me

40. Life Before Google

It wasn’t easy back in the era where there was no google. So shoutout to all the people who had good grades and graduated from school in those days without Google. You guys tried!

Life Before Google

41. Funny Teacher Memes

Isn’t it funny as a teacher to see that your students did not do their homework at home? Instead of doing it at home, will bring it to school to work on it.

Funny Teacher Memes

42. Headache Types

As a teacher, this is what you should expect to get from time to time. You should not be carried away by surprise when it all happens. But you will surely get over it.

Headache Types

43. Class Seating Arrangement

This is what you face when you’re trying to arrange your class to carry everyone along.

Class Seating Arrangement

44. Giving Bad Grades

What the reaction be like when you say a teacher gave you a bad grade

Giving Bad Grades

45. Funny Teachers

When you fail to bring your assignment from home and then you find who to blame. Check the funny teacher’s memes below.

Funny Teachers


46. The Look

Teachers feel pity to see students always have the childish mentality of always using their mum or dad as an excuse for anything when they should be taking responsibility. See the teacher’s reaction when you say my mum said below.

The Look

47. School Memes

A teacher will be present in the class and the kids are busy making noise; teachers be like, I’m just gonna wait till its quiet. Check the funny teacher memes below

 teachers be like, im just gonna wait till its quiet

48. Deciphering The Code

Very hilarious, handwriting can make a teacher cry. This is how a teacher will react when she does not understand a student’s handwriting because it is difficult to read.

Deciphering The Code

49. Funny Teachers

In situations where students ask questions without looking at the instructions, the teacher will be like “if you could read the directions before using me a question, that’d be great”.

Funny Teachers

50. Just Teacher Things

When you know you are a teacher is when more than 25 kids have accidentally called your mum or dad at work. See the teacher memes below.

Just Teacher Things

That has been the 50 of the best teacher memes so far. I hope you had some fun with those teacher memes.  We believe this helped and it was interesting as well, feel free to share it with friends on all social media platforms.

CSN Team.



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