Google Voice for Business and Creative Ways to Use Google Voice

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– Google Voice for Business –

In this article, you will get to learn about Google Voice, creative ways you can use Google Voice, and how to get Google Voice.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is Google’s VoIP telecommunications application. It was launched in 2009 and presently, the average number of users daily has increased to 3.5 million.

Google Voice offers call-forwarding, messaging, voicemail and voicemail transcription, etc.

The Google Voice for business is also broadly used; it has a lot to offer to business owners but it has its limitations.

Creative Ways to Use Google Voice

The following are the ways you can use Google Voice:

1. The Google Voice Number

With Google Voice, you can choose your own, unique Google Voice telephone number that’s linked to your Google account.

Calls that come into that number can be routed to any number of phones, regardless of their service providers.

When a call comes into your Google Voice number, it can be routed to your cell phone, your office phone, your Skype phone number, and more.

If you’re staying at a friend’s house for a while, you can route the Google Voice number to your friend’s home line.

If it’s time for you to upgrade your mobile phone and you get a new number, you can then route your Google Voice number to that new number.

No matter where you physically get your calls, you just need to give out that one Google Voice number. In future articles, I’ll explain why that was so important to me.

By the way, the Google Voice number applies to SMS messages as well.

Just give out one number and your texts will find you at the destinations you specify to the Google Voice dashboard.

2. Filtering and Screening of Incoming Calls

Google Voice allows you to filter incoming calls, much like you’d set up rules and filters in your email.

The filtering in Google Voice has significantly reduced the number of junk calls and has made it possible to manage the incoming call flow far better than we were ever able to do before.

Google Voice also offers call screening, where a caller must introduce him/herself before the call is put through to you.

That way, you have an even better way of knowing who you’re going to be talking to before you pick up your phone.

3. Voicemail, Transcription, and Email

Google Voice offers the ability to record individual voicemail messages and filter calls to voicemail. You can set up Google Voice to send your messages to your email account as well.

Google Voice will also transcribe your voicemail messages and send the transcribed message to your email account.

There’s one thing you need to know about Google Voice transcription, it’s not that good.

As a result, while you’ll generally get an idea of what the call is about, sometimes the transcriptions add in a level of amusement not originally intended by the caller.

4. Call Recording

Google Voice has an odd little feature that allows you to record your call. Originally, this wasn’t optional and all callers would intermittently hear “Call Recording On.”

While it can be a useful feature, it’s not very reliable. Fortunately, you can turn it off.

5. Free Calling and Texting

A few years ago, this was a huge attraction of Google Voice, at least in the U.S.

With Google Voice, you can place calls and send texts to phone numbers using the Google Voice network and not have to pay any charges.

Back when voice calling and texting services were metered, that was a big thing.

Now that most of us have all-you-can-eat calling and texting plans, this isn’t nearly as important a feature as it was back in the day.

How to Get Google Voice

To get Google Voice, you will need to set up a Google account (if you don’t already have one for a Google service such as Gmail).

After signing in to their account, you can go to and choose a phone number for your Voice account.

Google offers a selection of numbers it has purchased in various area codes. Many area codes are unavailable, but new batches of numbers are added on occasion (and without notice).

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