Amazing Things You Never Knew About Mohammed Salah

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Mohammed Salah has continued to impress football lovers and everyone alike with his uniqueness. While you might know him as a talented footballer and a kind man, here are great things you never knew about Mohammed Salah this year.

Things You Never Knew About Mohammed Salah

Mohamed Salah Egyptian professional football player Hamed Mahrous Ghaly, sometimes referred to as Mohamed Salah or Mo Salah, plays as a right winger or striker for Premier League Club Liverpool and serves as captain of the Egypt national team.

Below are Things You Never Knew About Mohammed Salah:

1. He is a Philanthropist

Mohammed Salah or Mo Salah as they fondly call him, throughout the football world is just not a nice guy but a very generous person too.

For years Mo Salah has been donating tons of money to fund the development in his native village of Nagrig in Egypt.

He donated and invested money to build a new school in Nagrig village and he bought the latest medical equipment for the hospital in the region.

Aside from buying equipment for his region’s hospital and building a school for his village, Mo Salah donated a whopping $681,5000 to a Children’s Cancer Hospital in Egypt’s capital, Cairo so the hospital can purchase a bone marrow transplant machine.

2. His Former High School was Named After Him

Egypt had a topsy-turvy qualification competition for the recently concluded FIFA Men’s Football World Cup in Russia.

On the last day of the World Cup qualification round with the hopes and dreams of the entire nation on his shoulders and the pressure, Salah stepped up calmly and scored the penalty which was the winning goal qualifying Egypt for the World Cup.

The whole of Egypt was in joy and to show appreciation, the Governor of Ghariya changed the name of Salah’s former high school to ‘Mohammed Salah Industrial High School‘.

3. He has an Incredible Body

Recently in an interview when he was asked what his normal diet is like, Mo Salah stated that the type of body he has gives him the freedom to eat just about anything he fancies without worry, so whenever he is in Egypt, he, first of all, eats a serving or kushari.

Kushari is the national meal in Egypt and it is a combination of rice, lentils, and pasted with tomato sauce which is spiced with garlic vinegar. They added chickpeas and crispy fried onions as toppings.

4. He Invited His Whole Village to His Wedding

Yes, he is married if you don’t know that! As preparations were on for his wedding to his longtime and childhood sweetheart Maggi in 2013, Salah surprised everyone by inviting every member of his village Nagrig to his wedding and even thousands of guests.

You can imagine how big a celebration that was and how glad everyone was.  Isn’t Salah just super nice?

5. He’s a Great Fan of Muhammed Ali

On June 4, 2016, he remembered Muhammed Ali when Ali died in a Twitter post where he stated:

“We athletes will continue to learn from you Mohammed Ali for a long time to come. May you rest in peace.”

_ Mohammed Salah (@MoSalah) June 4, 2016

It’s easy to see why Salah idolizes Muhammed Ali even beyond the obvious. Salah and Ali seem to have come from similar backgrounds.

Like Ali, Salah rose like a Phoenix from the ruins of his spell at Chelsea to become a global football superstar.

6. He Named His Daughter After a Historical Site

His daughter with Maggi was born in 2014 during his spell at Chelsea in the city of London. Both lovebirds named their daughter ‘Makka’ to honor the famous Holy Site of Mecca.

There’s a little twist though; Makka’s parents had to slightly alter her name to become ‘Makka’ because ‘Mecca’ is linked with a famous casino and gambling is banned in Islam.

Smart, right? Salah and Maggi got what they wanted—naming their daughter after Mecca, but they did so without going against their religious convictions.

7. His is the cutest nickname in Football

Yes! You read that correctly. He has many versions of nicknames too.

They fondly referred Salah to as ‘The Pharaoh’ in his native country of Egypt. Footballers and football lovers around the world also refer to Salah as ‘The Egyptian Messi’ and this isn’t far-fetched if you watch Salah play with his style of play which is mesmerizing, from his dribbles to passes, crosses, to even headers which are no doubt reminiscing of footballing legend, Messi play.

Liverpool fans? You bet they have a nickname for him as you guessed already. Liverpool fans call Salah ‘The Egyptian King’ and to crown their affection for their beloved forward, they composed a song with the nickname to sing along to the tune of ‘Sit Down’ sang by the band, James.

8. He Was Made a Political Candidate

In the Egyptian presidential elections of this year, the incredible happened: about one million registered voters on voting day, struck out the names of two of the presidential candidates for the elections on the ballot paper and instead wrote Salah’s name on their ballot papers!

Let’s put what they meant into perspective. If those votes that we’re nullified have been counted as valid votes, he would have been second in the presidential election! Crazy, right? Indeed it is.

9. Resilient and Committed to Success

To further show you how far Mo Salah has come, as a teenager, he used to travel for four hours t0 and four hours from his hometown to Egypt’s capital, Cairo, every day by boarding 10 different buses in all just so he could get to the training venue in Cairo.

Salah kept making this round, tiring, and long trips for four years and consistently for five days of every week!

10. Extremely Kind

What would you do if you could apprehend a burglar who broke into your home and carted away your belongings? Hold that thought for a while.

Salah’s family home was broken into and burgled when he was not a home playing a football game. A few days later, the police in Egypt apprehended the burglar.

Though Salah’s father wanted to go on to press charges against the burglar, Salah prevailed on him to drop the case.

Instead, he gave the burglar money and even tried to get a job for him so he could become a better man and live a good life.

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