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Green Card through Marriage and the Process it Takes to Get One

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– Green Card through Marriage –

One amazing way to live reside in the US is to obtain a Green card through marriage. A marriage green card is a permanent resident card issued via marriage to a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.

Green Card through Marriage

What is a Marriage Green Card?

A green card based on marriage can be one of the shortest paths to permanent residence. Marriage does not determine a foreign national’s immigration status.

Marriage to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident qualities a foreign national for immigration benefits such as a green card.

A marriage green card allows a U.S. citizen or green card holder’s spouse to live and work in the United States.

The owner of a green card enjoys “permanent resident” status till they opt to apply for US citizenship. you can apply after three to five years.

Additional Information

The green card is also known as a “Permanent Resident Card.” Form I-551 is another name for it.

The US government issues approximately one million green cards each year to citizens throughout the country.

There are millions of people that want to apply. Because there are so many applications, the approval procedure is lengthy and complicated.

Family Members or Citizens of the United States are usually the first to possess green cards. Workers from other nations are issued green cards.

Who Is Eligible for a Marriage Card?

A green card is a legal document provided by the United States government that allows a foreign person to live permanently in the country.


The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issues it. You can work and live in the United States as a legal permanent resident if you get a Green Card through marriage.

Before renewing the card, it is legally permissible for the specified length of time.

Possess the following to obtain a marriage green card by the USCIS:

Legitimate Marriage

Because the USCIS is aware of persons who enter false marriages to work and live in the United States, you will show proof of marriage paperwork to the USCIS.

These documents will attest to the fact that you and your spouse are building a life together and that your marriage is valid.

Your Marriage should be to a US Citizen

If you marry a US citizen and meet the requirements for permanent residency, you can apply for a green card while your spouse files the petition on your behalf.

After marrying a US citizen, a foreign national gains the status of an immediate relative and is eligible for an immigrant visa right away.

If you marry a US lawful permanent resident, you cannot apply for your green card at the same time your spouse files the petition on your behalf.

Marrying a permanent resident of the United States means you are now a preference relative, and an immigrant visa is not immediately available; thus, there is usually a waiting period.


You and Your Spouse must be Single and able to marry

If you were in a marriage to someone else, bring forth proof of death certificate, divorce, decree, or any other document to verify that you are no longer married.

Your Marriage is Legal

Your marriage is deemed by USCIS to be legally valid for migration, as long as the government of the nation where you got married has officially recognized your marriage and neither of the parties are married at marital time already.


Steps to Apply for a Green Card

So you are ready to request your green card today and you are married. But how and what do you need it? Applying for your green card is a premium here.

Green Card Marriage through Status Adjustment

Some persons who are already in the US can apply for the green marriage card without leaving.

Status change is the application process from the United States for permanent residence.

However, only individuals who have an immigrant visa accessible immediately can get this benefit. There is always a visa for a US citizen’s spouse.

This is because they are in the relative category immediately.

Filing an Adjustment of Status Application

You must file a Status change Form I-485, if you currently live in the U.S. and are eligible to receive a green card. 

You can change the status of your current green card holder visa via this form. This form. You must also submit the following besides submitting this form:

1. Passport and proof of lawful admission into the US (such as prior visa or I-94 travel record);

2. Proof of having a valid immigration medical examination;

3. Documents proving that your spouse is going to provide you with financial support in the US;

4. Your birth certificate;

5. And others.

You can submit, if your wife is a US citizen, a form I-485 at the time you file Form I-130.

If you have your spouse, however, you may be asked to await the approval of the application and to make a visa available before you can submit the I-485.

This procedure is called a “filing simultaneously.”


Marriage Card through Consular Processing

Green Card through Marriage

Applicants who cannot change their status as outlined above are to apply through consular procedure for permanent residence.

This is the application process outside of the USA for a green card. For most immigrants, this is the most common path.

If you live outside the USA, you will need an immigrant visa application process known as “consular processing,” with a green card.


You will stay in your nation till the USCIS approves the I-130 request.

Additional Information

A notice containing vital information and directions on the next steps in your procedure will be transmitted to the National Visa Center (NVC).

You will submit:

1. Police clearance certificates;

2. Affidavit of support and evidence that your green card holder or US citizen spouse is going to provide financial assistance to you;

3. Your DS-260 application and proof of visa payment;

4. Proof of your nationality and residence;

5. 2×2 passport-style photos.


The interview is an embassy or a consulate office in the United States.

The American Petitioner has an option to take part in the interview but can.


Consular interviews are likewise usually less than 30 minutes and lead to the approval of an immigrant visa.

The application process normally takes a long time to apply for a marriage green card and can cost loads.

An immigration lawyer will help you a great deal to assess your position and ensure that you and your wife get the immigation benefit you are seeking.


More Details

For the approval of the green card, it is essential to have a compelling petition and application package which meet all legal standards. 

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