Green Names for Boys and Girls

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Think green names for your nature-loving prince or princess and nurture prosperity and peace for all time.

Green Names

The color green has many meanings, including tranquility, luck, and good health.

Green Names 

Find the perfect green name for your son or daughter on the list below.

1. Apple

English Origin The fruit can be green in color. The actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, used this baby name for her daughter.

2. Hadassah

A beautiful girl given a name of Hebrew origin, It means ‘myrtle tree’.

3. Beryl

Greek Origin, this baby name refers to a “light green gemstone”

4. Chartreuse

French Origin, girl name for “a clear, light greenish/yellow tinge”

5. Emerald

English Origin a baby name meaning “precious gemstone”

6. Ezmeralda

Spanish Origin is another of the names depicting a “prized green gemstone

7. Giada

Italian Origin means “jade”

8. Aneeza

A lovely girl’s name with its main origin being Arabic, Its meanings are ‘happiness’ and ‘green valleys’.

9. Liko

A boy’s name associated with green hailing from the Hawaiian islands, It means ‘leaf bud’.

10. Greenlee

English Origin name means “green clearing”

11. Ivy

English Origin baby name meaning “climbing evergreen”

12. Blerina

Blerina is an adorable girl of Swiss lineage. It means ‘Fresh greenness’.

13. Blerta

Blerta is an Albanian girl’s name that means “green” or “blossom.”

14. Charelle

A pretty girl’s name from America. It means a green gemstone’ and ‘cherry fruit. It is popular in the Christian religion.

15. Esmeralda

A beautiful name for girls that means ‘Emerald’. It is of Spanish origin.

16. Ezmeralda

A Spanish baby name for girls. It means ‘prized green emerald gemstone.’

17. Chloe

Chloe is a beautiful girl of Greek origin. Its meanings include ‘young green shoot’ and ‘blooming’.

18. Yashem

Yashem is a lovely Pakistani boy’s name, of Arabic origin. It means ‘A green leaf’.

19. Clora

A fetching girl’s name of American heritage. It has different meanings including ‘fresh and green’ and ‘goddess of flowers’’.

20. Jade

British Origin, this is one of the color green names that are most popular, it represents a hard stone

21. Makala

Hawaiian Origin, a female baby name that means “myrtle”


Adorable Green Names

green names

For someone who is nature loving, you sure do deserve an adorable name.

22. Myrthe

Dutch Origin another girl name meaning “myrtle plant

23. Myrtle

Greek Origin, an “evergreen shrub”

24. Phyllis

A unique girl’s name of Greek origin meaning ‘greenery’. Phyllis in Greek mythology was a girl who died out of love and was transformed into a tree.

25. Yarkona

Yarkona is a pretty girl’s name hailing from Hebrew. Its meaning is ‘green’.

26. Verda

This is a Latin and Spanish girl’s name that means ‘green.’

27. Chloris

Greek Origin, a baby name meaning “greenish-yellow”

28. Cyan

Greek Origin, a baby name for “blue-green”

29. Binda

It is of Australian Aboriginal origin meaning ‘A green place’. Binda is non-binary.

30. Briar

English Origin, another plant name, this unisex baby name has been used by Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christiansen (Briar Rose)

31. Greenlee

A cool non-binary name of English origin. Its meanings include ‘from the green field’, and ‘green clearing’.

32. Grun

A German word and surname meaning ‘green’. It is a unisex name.

33. Hunter

Scottish Origin, this popular baby name means “to hunt”, but is also a shade of green

34. Kale

Hawaiian Origin, this baby name means “man”, but it’s also a green shade

35. Kelly

Irish Origin, is a common baby name for “warrior”, but it is also one of the names for a green shade

36. Sage

Latin Origin, this is among the different names for a shade of green, it also means “wise”

37. Viridian

Latin Origin, one of the names representing a blue-green shade

38. Verna

A lovely girl’s name of Latin origin. It means ‘springtime’ or ‘spring green’.

39. Giada

An attractive Italian name for girls, it means ‘Jade’.

40. Harita

An adorable baby girl with Indian roots. It means ‘green’.

41. Irati

A lovely girl’s name hailing from Spain. It means ‘fern field’.

42. Olive

Latin Origin, one of the names depicting an “olive tree”

Gorgeous Green Names

green names

Check out these admirable green names.

43. Laramie

An attractive unisex name with French roots. Its meaning is ‘canopy of leafy boughs’.

44. Phyllida

A unisex name, popularly given to girls. It is of Greek heritage and has got several meanings including ‘greenery’ and ‘new beginnings.’’

45. Pine

A cool unisex name from Middle English pine, and Old French pin. Pine is a ‘topographic name for someone who lived in a pine forest or by a conspicuous pine tree.’

46. Teal

A cool gender-related name of American ancestry that means ‘greenish-blue color’.

47. Berde

Filipino Origin means “green”

48. Grun

German Origin means “green”

49. Luntian

Filipino Origin, a male baby name describing a “green landscape”

50. Midori

Japanese Origin, female baby name depicting “a green shoot.” It represents greenery and plants.

51. Roheline

Estonia Origin, meaning “green”

52. Verdell

A rare unisex name with different origins including French and Latin. Its meanings include ‘green and growing.’

53. Viridian

A gender-neutral name of Latin lineage, derived from the Latin, Viridisis which means ‘green’. Viridian means ‘blue, green color.’

54. Orna

Irish Origin means “little pale green one”

55. Ash

Anglo-Saxon Origin, the ash tree links this name to the color green

56. Aspen

English Origin is another name for a tree that is green

57. Basil

Greek Origin, this baby name means “king” and “courageous”, but the word depicts a green culinary herb

58. Calla

Greek Origin like the Calla lily. It’s among the names meaning “beauty”

59. Celadon

French Origin is one of the most beautiful baby names for the color green.

60. Yarkona

Hebrew Origin is one of the female baby names for “green”

61. Zalias

Lithuanian Origin is a word for “green”

62. Zelena

Croatian Origin means “Goddess of the moon”, but is also how you pronounce green in Croatian

63. Zold

Hungarian Origin is another of the names that simply means “green”

Unique Green Names

Go through this list of unique green names for your baby.

64. Clove

French Origin this name is on the list of botanical names. Clover is a possibility as well.

65. Irati

Basque Origin baby name for “fern field”

66. Kakar

Indian Origin is one of the boy names for “grass”

67. Laurel

English Origin a female baby name representing a “laurel tree”

68. Jaida

A unique girl gave the name of English ancestry. It means ‘precious stone’ and ‘gem stone’.

69. Khadra

Its main origin is Urdu. It is a girl’s name popular in the Islamic religion and it means ‘green’ or ‘verdant’.

70. Silas

Latin Origin a male baby name for “man of the forest”

71. Aoki

Japanese Origin is typically a surname, this baby name represents a tree

72. Autumn

Latin Origin female baby name for “fall season”

73. Sylvia

Latin Origin this baby name means “from the forest”

74. Kirrily

A unique green-related girl’s name in Australia. It is of Aboriginal, Maori lineage meaning ‘tree bark’ or ‘leaf’.

75. Luntian

A unique name for girls with Filippino roots. It means ‘green’.

76. Makala

A lovely baby girl name Hawaiian heritage. It means ‘myrtle’.

77. Midori

A beautiful, popular girl’s name from Japanese lineage. It means ‘green’.

78. Denver

English Origin meaning “green valley”

79. Forest

French Origin is a natural-sounding name meaning “of the woods”

80. Irving

Scottish Origin means “green river”

81. Oliver

English Origin depicting an “olive tree”

82. Oran

Celtic Origin baby name meaning “pale green”

83. Panra

A lovely nature name for girls meaning ‘leaf’. It is of Pakistani origin.

84. Peridot

A unique girl given name of Arabic ancestry that means ‘a green gemstone’.

85. Vardon

French Origin baby name meaning “green knoll”


What Japanese Name means Green?

Incidentally, “green” in English was derived from the same word origin as “grass” or “grow”.

In this sense, “green” is the same as the present Japanese “Midori”. In kanji characters, Midori is represented as “緑”, “碧” or “翠”.

What are some Boy Names that mean Green?

1. Jadyn

2. Jaidan

3. Jaide

4. Justuse

Is Green a Middle Name?

The name Green is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name

Middle name possibility for a nature-loving family, Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke used it for their son’s middle name.

What Names Mean Mint Green?

1. Mint

2. Aminta.

3. Araminta.

4. Arminta.

5. Minta.

6. Minta

7. Mintie

8. Minty

What is a Nice Green Name?

Yarkona: Hebrew boy or girl name meaning “green“ Oran: Celtic boy name meaning “pale green“

Verdell: French name meaning “green; flourishing” Ezmeralda: Spanish girl name meaning “the prized green emerald gemstone”

Jaida: English girl name meaning “the gemstone jade; the color green”

What Girl Name Means Green?

1. Cloris.

2. Esmeralda.

3. Fern.

4. Jade.

5. Verna.

6. Mint.

Is Green a Viking Name?

The Green surname has old Saxon (from the Old English ‘grene’) and Norse roots, common throughout England and Ireland.

Green is mostly thought to have geographical origins, referring to someone who lives near or at a village green, or some kind of grassy area.

What is Green Family?

The five main members of the Green Family, left to right: Nancy, Tilly, Bill, Cricket, and Alice. The Green family is the titular Southern American family in Big City Greens.

What is the Kanji for Green?

Incidentally, “green” in English was derived from the same word origin as “grass” or “grow”. In this sense, “green” is the same as the present Japanese “Midori”.

In kanji characters, Midori is represented as “緑”, “碧” or “翠”.

What Should I Name My Green Pet?

1. Apple.

2. Bean.

3. Broccoli.

4. Bud.

5. Cloverleaf.

6. Emerald.

7. Forest.

8. Frog.

Why not select a name that means green if you’re seeking one with a specific meaning that expresses your views regarding nature and its beauty? If you enjoyed reading this, why not share it with friends and family? Best Regards!!

CSN Team.

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