10 Things You Need to Know About GTBank SME Market Hub

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Have you heard of GTBank SME Market Hub? If no, then listen. This is the first of its kind. It is a free, secure e-commerce and business directory platform where businesses can list, promote, and sell their products and services online.

GTBank SME Market Hub

Did you know that GTBank recently launched its first-ever eCommerce platform called SME Market Hub? Uh! You’ve probably heard about it you probably haven’t.

GTBank SME Market Hub

GTBank Plc recently launched an e-commerce portal in Nigeria called GTBank SME Market Hub. This was in its bid to empower small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the country. Also, to improve their visibility in the e-commerce space,


Guaranty Trust Bank launched the e-commerce portal for local SMEs. It is a Nigerian bank known for its love of the internet and online enterprises.

The SME Market Hub is a website where detailed or any business class owners can create an online store. Also, a marketplace for themselves, add products and receive bills online with any debit card.

Thus, it presents an opportunity for GT business owners to advertise their goods and services online.

10 Things You Need to Know About this Hub

This is not just an offer from GTBank but guess what,

1. It’s free

2. They designed it as a rescue route for businesses to market their wares to expectant audiences from far and wide. This means you get the privilege to sell your products to customers from across the world.

This is through a trusted third-party website. Whoa!

3. It has a payment gateway meaning you can use MasterCard, Verve, Interswitch, or eTranzact cards. You won’t have to pay for these services.

4. It doesn’t require technical know-how

5. GTBank offers support for retailers at their beginning stages. You won’t need money to set up.

You probably can’t get hold of the excitement of being part of this splendid eCommerce platform by GTBank right? I can understand you. There are yet some certain facts you need to learn about GTBank’s platform called SME Market Hub.

6. It is managed and overseen by GTBank. This means they are in full control of your business since it’s their website you’ll be making use of.

Things to Consider

More Important Things to Consider

7. Not extendable meaning the growth of your eCommerce website will be dormant. Although you wish to extend more and add some desired functionalities to make it look attractive.

8. No personalized domain name, meaning you have to go by the company’s domain name. For some people who are just beginning, it doesn’t matter.

At some point, they usually see the need to have a personalized domain. This is where they can choose their domain name e.g. www.ursite.com to prove a level of independence and seriousness.

9. Same pattern: you’ll be shocked here to discover that almost all the market hubs use the same design and pattern leaving no room for creativity hence the high level of competition. Meaning, if you are just a starter you’ll need a competitive spirit to continue since you’ll be co-existing with websites that had already been before you.

10. Terms and conditions must be agreed t to partner, the terms and conditions must be agreed with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions on GTBank SME Market Hub;

Q1: What is GTBank Habari?

Ans: Shop, Pay, Chat & Play

Q2: Who is the owner of GTB?

Ans: Tajudeen Afolabi Adeola is the owner of GTBank

Q3: How do I sell on Habari?

Ans: Simply create your account on their website. Fill in your business details and set up your storefront to suit your taste.

Q4: What is GTB new name?

Ans: Guaranty Trust Holdings company

Q5: What is a market hub?

Ans: Hub markets are significant regional refining centers that serve as a swing capacity for the global market.

Q6: Which bank is the richest bank in Nigeria? 

Ans: Zenith Bank

Q7: Why is GTBank orange?

Ans: Orange shows a person who is sociable and loves to be in the company of others

Q8: What is the problem between Innoson and GTBank?

Ans: Plaintiff Innoson Motors argues that GT Bank owes it a substantial sum of money that, with 22 percent interest compounded annually over several years.

This totals $8.9 billion in the Innoson Group versus GTBank fraud lawsuit.

Q9: Why do banks change names?

Ans: Financial firms, in particular, appear to change their names more frequently than firms in other industries. Whether as part of a merger, a strategic shift, or to avoid a controversy.

Q10: What is the motto of GTBank?

“We just want to be part of your life”

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