Children are Always Happier Than Adults; See Reasons They are happier

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– Children are Always Happier Than Adults –

As parents and guardians, we want the effects of happiness for our kiddies. We want them to grow up to love and be loved, to follow their dreams, to find success. Finally, we really want them to be happy. But just to know how important we place on this to achieve our aim in making them happy? Strap in, let’s get informed!

How would you define happiness? Some say it is a state of mind that’s governed by peace and joy. Other people say it is the state of being excited and elated, others say it’s just happiness.

But one thing is certain, whatever happiness is, children express it more than adults and this could be the reason why.

It wouldn’t sound right to say ‘Happy like an Adult’, whereas ‘Happy like a child’ is comparatively more subtle.

Are we saying adults can’t be happy? Well, the more questions we ask, the fewer answers we find. Remember when you were a child with no troubling thoughts or worries.

A price can’t be put on the happiness you often felt. As Children back then, we had the ability to find happiness in almost everything as we could then realize the beauty in everything.

But age set in for us like everyone else and we got caught up in this rat race called Life.

5 Reasons Why Children Are Always Happier Than Adults

There are more than a  thousand and one ways to make children happy but we will give you the necessary and easiest way to push out happiness in children. below are some Secrets to raise a happy child that can help you do that;

1. Get Happy Yourself

The first step to happier kids is, ironically, a little bit selfish. How happy you affect how happy and successful your kids are — dramatically.

Extensive research has established a substantial link between mothers who feel depressed and “negative outcomes” in their children, such as acting out and other behaviour problems.

Parental depression actually seems to cause behavioural problems in kids; it also makes our parenting less effective. And this is not merely due to genetics.

2. Teach Them To Build Relationships

Nobody denies learning about relationships is important — but how many parents actually spend the time to teach kids how to relate to others?

(Just saying “Hey, knock it off” when kids don’t get along really doesn’t go far in building essential people skills.)

It doesn’t take a lot. It can start with encouraging kids to perform small acts of kindness to build empathy.

This not only builds essential skills and makes your kids better people, research shows over the long haul it makes them happier.

3. Foster Connections

The surest way to promote your children lifelong emotional well-being is to help him feel connected to you, other family members, musketeers, neighbours, daycare providers, indeed to faves.

4. Nurture Your Happiness

While we cannot control our children’s happiness, we’re responsible for our own. And because children absorb everything from us, our moods matter.

Happy parents are likely to have happy kiddies, while children of depressed parents suffer twice the average rate of depression, Murray observes.

Accordingly, one of the stylish effects you can do for your child’s emotional well-being is to attend to your sculpt out time for rest, relaxation, and, maybe most important, love.

Nurture your relationship with your spouse. However, married relationship, “Murray says, “If parents have a really good.”

5. Praise the Right Stuff

Not unexpectedly, studies constantly link tone- regard and happiness. Our children can not have one without the other.

It’s the commodity we know intimately, and it turns numerous of us into overzealous cheerleaders.

Our child scribbles and we declare him a Picasso, scores a thing and he is the coming Beckham, adds 1 and 2 and he is ready for Mensa. But this kind of” achievement praise” can boomerang.

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And in this process of “growing up”, we forgot the most important thing, the prime ingredient required to lead a beautiful life which is Happiness.

Of all the places, we seek happiness from the outside world or from other people in the form of physical objects, personal expectations, relationships, love & laughter, etc. but what we fail to realize is that real happiness is our responsibility and it only lies within us.

As children we didn’t know what was Good or Bad, Beautiful or Ugly, Heaven or Hel, Love or Hate, Rich or Poor.

Back then, everything seemed good. We never thought of differentiating between things. Just like a newborn baby who is just a few months old or even toddlers

As small kids, our vision was much broader and was not blinded by the curtains of judgment but as we kept growing older, our visions started becoming darker.

Judgmental thoughts started arising in our young uncorrupted minds littering the beauty which prevailed within us.

Who is to blame for coding our minds with such negative thinking? I won’t be wrong if I say this question is beyond human imagination.

Along the line it becomes necessary for us as adults to learn from our children, maybe we could be able to laugh more and be happier.

The old saying that laughter is the best medicine turns out to be true. The more we laugh, the happier we are! It actually changes our body chemistry.

What’s your take on this, If you learnt something new from this article which we believe you have, share it with friends and leave a comment below.

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