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– Happy World Meal Gate Registration –

If you are interested in getting a free monthly foodstuff supply, in addition to other delightful and generous Membership benefits, join Happy World Meal Gate. This article will tell you all you need to know about Happy World Meal Gate and how to register to become a member.

Happy World Meal Gate is a multi-level marketing network established in 2016 to help people overcome hunger and poverty.

The concept has attracted a huge number of participants from all walks of life i.e. civil servants, traders, artisans, pensioners, farmers, students, and other low-income earners.

Today, Happy World Meal Gate has developed into a movement that has rapidly spread across all parts of Nigeria and several African countries with over 2 million memberships.

Beyond the multilevel marketing aspect of the Happy World Meal Gate operation, the organization is partnering with governments and corporate institutions to enhance agricultural productivity and fight hunger in Africa.

It encourages economic development in every country where it operates by distributing only food items produced in that country.

Benefits of Joining Happy World Meal Gate

The benefits of Happy World Meal Gate members are in stages. At the Food Farm Stage, you can either register for 1 account, 3 accounts or 7 accounts (registering 7 accounts automatically takes you to the next stage which is Stage 1).

Below is a summary of the earning in Happy World Meal Gate:

1. Food Farm Stage:

When you register and introduce 6 people to register under your account, you will automatically move to Stage 1 and get the following benefits:

Referral Bonus: ₦640 {$3.2}

Level Bonus (LB): ₦640 {$3.2} x 6 = ₦3,840 {$19.2}

Complete Stage: ₦1,600 {$8}

TOTAL EARNING: ₦5,440 {$27.2}

Note: All payments at Farm Stage are in food items.

2. Stage 1:

When 14 persons come to meet you at Stage 1, you will get the following benefits and  automatically move to Stage 2:

Referral Bonus: ₦640 {$3.2}

Level Bonus: ₦1,600 {$8} x 14 = ₦22,400 {$112}

Complete Stage: ₦16,000 {$80}

TOTAL EARNING: ₦38,400 {$192}

Note: All payments at Farm Stage are in food items.

3. Stage 2:

When 14 persons come to meet you at Stage 2, you will get the following benefits and automatically move to Stage 3:

Referral Bonus: ₦640 {$3.2}

Level Bonus: ₦4000 {$20} x 14 = ₦56,000 {$280}

Complete Stage: ₦36,000 {$180}

TOTAL EARNING: ₦92,000 {$460}
NB: Total Earning is in FOOD ITEMS.

Note: Payment is 40% food items and 60% cash.

This means that at this stage your total earnings of N184,000 naira will be split in the proportion of 40% (N73,600) food items and 60% (N110,400) money paid into your bank account.

4. Stage 3:

When 14 persons come to meet you at Stage 3, you will get the following benefits and automatically move to Stage 4:

Referral Bonus: ₦640 {$3.2}

Level Bonus: ₦5,000 {$25} x 14 = ₦70,000 {$350}

Complete Stage: ₦350,000 {$1750}

TOTAL EARNING: ₦420,000 {$2100}
Sharing in %: Food: ₦168,000 {$840} & Cash: ₦252,000 {$1,260}

NB: Food (40%) & Cash (60%)

On completion of  Stage 3, You also qualify for CASH AWARD worth N2,200,000 ($11,000)

5. Stage 4:

At Stage 4, rewards are shared with the formula: 40% in FOOD ITEMS & 60% in CASH. The commission below is paid after completing the Famous Farm Stage 4.

Referral Bonus: ₦640 {$3.2}

Level Bonus: ₦16,000 {$80} x 14 = ₦224,000 {$1,120}

Complete Stage: ₦500,000 {$2,500}

TOTAL EARNING: ₦724,000 {$3,620}
Sharing in %: Food: ₦289,600 {$1,448} & Cash: ₦434,400 {$2,172}

At Stage 4, you also qualify for Cash Award worth ₦3,000,000 {$15,000}

6. Stage 5:

NOTE: Commission is shared with the formula: 40% in FOOD ITEMS & 60% in CASH.

Level Bonus: ₦3.6M {$18,000}

Complete level Bonus: ₦4.8M {$24,000}

Total Earnings level Bonus: ₦8.4M {$42,000}  i.e NB: On completion, you can re-register.

How to Register for Happy World Meal Gate

To begin, you will have to pay a one-time registration fee of N6400. This amount will get you a membership ID and PIN that you will need during the process of registration. Once you have gotten that, proceed to the step below.

Click here to register. A form will open as shown below. The form is divided into four sections. Fill in the sections, then submit. Then you can log in to continue as a member of Happy World Meal Gate.

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CSN Team.

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