List of High-Paying Jobs in Nigeria for Non-graduate

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– High-Paying Jobs in Nigeria for Non-graduates –

Are you looking for a well-paid job in Nigeria? If so, you’re in the right place. Read further for information on some high-Paying Jobs in Nigeria for Non-graduates.

High Paying Jobs in Nigeria

There’s a significant number of the highest paid jobs in Nigeria. It is possible to find this hierarchy in salaries and with substantial information, plan towards them.

Most high-paying jobs in Nigeria for non-graduates often require creative skills and technical expertise.

Read on!

List of High-Paying Jobs in Nigeria for Non-graduate

1. Acting

In Nigeria, professional acting is undoubtedly one of the surest ways to hit the jackpot.

However, it isn’t a child’s play to become a prominent and a high-earning actor in the country, probably because the Nollywood industry is filled with thousands of stars.

After Hollywood and Bollywood, Nollywood arguably sits in the third position among the world’s largest movie industries.

Obviously, in Nigeria some Nollywood actors have sideline jobs probably because acting is not their major source of income.

Meanwhile, those who earn big are high-profile Nigerian actors who have made Nollywood their major source of income.


2. Football

Most locally based Nigerian footballers earn a decent salary while the international and worldwide known stars earn up to 130 million Naira weekly.

3. Sailing

In Nigeria and any other place in the world, sailors definitely feature high-earning professionals due to the great expertise and caution it requires to sail a ship.

Owing to this, Nigeria has a lower crew of sailors than the country actually needs.

4. Programming

Currently, everything is done literally online. High-level technology programmers earn a lot of money from their work, which involves creating software, applications, website designs, etc.

A good programmer will comfortably earn millions a month without too much stress.

5. Music

Nigerian musicians earn a lot of money these days from different endorsement deals, tours, and shows. Most of them live a flamboyant and outlandish lifestyle because of how much they earn.

Some Nigerian celebrities can charge as high as two million naira just for a few minutes’ performances at an event.

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