Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in the United Kingdom (UK) 2022 and Application Guides

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– Highest Paying Jobs in UK –

Every year the workplace for National Statistics (ONS) appearance closely at UN agency earns what within which industries, occupations, and regions. These square measure presently ten of the best paying jobs within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Highest Paying Jobs in the UK

The survey covers the typical get hold of full-time staff from around three hundred trades and professions. The foremost current numbers conjointly discovered that the typical weekly get hold of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland workers grew by a pair of.1 percent within the year to Gregorian calendar month 2010 to succeed in £499 per week.


These are the fifteen best paying jobs within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

1. Directors and Chief Executives.

What they do: administrators and CEOs square measure liable for a company’s overall performance and answerable to its shareholders.

How to get there: The likes of Sir Richard Branson and Sir Alan Sugar square measure within the minority of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland chief executives, with the bulk historically requiring a degree associated presumably a Master in Business Administration.

What they earn: £151,046.

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2. Brokers.

What they do: Their basic regular payment might solely position them as second on the list however, with some town brokers earning bonuses in more than £2m a year their place in real terms is often abundant higher.

A broker manages the investment portfolio of personal shoppers or firms by shopping for or marketing stocks and shares to get the most come on investment.

How to get there: A degree in any discipline through a business, political economy or finance degree would be advantageous.

What they earn: £115,612.


3. Corporate Managers and Senior Officers.

What they do: company Managers (or Business Managers) play varied positions looking on the big or little business. Managers fulfill their roles through organizing, planning, motivating, and dominant.

How to get there: Engineering degree in business management connected field from associate authorized school or baccalaureate in business management connected field.

What they earn: £107,951.

4. Financial Managers.

What they do: money managers give recommendation, money, and strategic support — like monetary fund controls or money implications of a selected course of action.

How to get there: money Managers need a degree in any discipline let alone skilled business qualifications.

What they earn: £83,396.

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5. Medical Practitioners.

What they do: Medical Practitioners give primary and current care within the community for patients.

How to get there: A degree in Medicine.

What they earn: £76,000.

6. Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers.

What they do: specifically what it says on the tin — to fly business, business or freight craft on short- or long-haul flights. Flight engineers work on the event of craft and connected technology.

How to get there: A-levels/HND square measure comfortable associated pilots should undertake an intensive coaching program to get their business pilot’s license (CPL) and Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence from a CAA-approved coaching college.

What they earn: £68,582.

7. Air traffic Controllers.

What they do: With quite two hundred million passengers travel to and from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland airports once a year, traffic controllers extremely do have their work cut out. Their job is to manage the safe take-off associated landing of many craft at a constant time by observance and dominant an aircraft’s height, speed, and course.

How to get there: Entry isn’t limited to university graduates. The minimum demand is 5 GCSEs (grades A, B, and C in English and Maths) additionally to 2 A-levels/GNVQ advanced level. most of the people enter the profession via the National traffic Services (NATS).

What they earn: £59,228.

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8. Marketing and Sales Managers.

What they do: selling and sales managers square measure tasked with developing and launching a new products into the marketplace, implementing selling plans, making whole awareness, and, ultimately, increasing sales.

How to get there: Marketers usually enter the profession upon graduation (a degree in selling or Business isn’t necessary however is advantageous) or once finishing either an HNC or Higher National Diploma. skilled selling and sales qualifications are often obtained through the leased Institute of promoting.

What they earn: £57,276.


9. Police Officers (Inspectors and above).

What they do: A detective police inspector may be a middle manager UN agency is liable for management the ranks of constable and sergeant and acting as a link between the investigation team and senior officers.

How to get there: No formal needs, entry is receptive to anyone with a clean record.

What they earn: £56,931.

10. Solicitors, Lawyers, Judges, and Coroners.

What they do: Solicitors fall under 2 categories: business and non-commercial. broadly, they supply a large variety of legal support and recommendation to business and personal shoppers on problems like landowner and abidance agreements, shopping for and marketing property, or matrimony.

How to get there: Solicitor – degree (any discipline) or via the legal government route. Judge – qualification upon finishing a minimum of seven years as a practicing solicitor. Investigator – should be a professional lawyer, solicitor, or medical doctor.

What they earn: £55,723.

11. R&D Manager.

Salary average: £99,800

These persons play plenty of roles and duties that depend on the leader of a team.

12. Computer Software Designer.

Salary average: $94,500

Computer Software Designer develops and supervises the pc programming system. The prospect for this job is bright; it’s calculable to grow from 2014 to 2024.

13. Pharmacy Manager.

Salary average: $93,000.

Years of experience and a doctoral degree are generally needed. Pharmacists are expected to possess this.

14. Strategy Manager.

Salary average: $130,000

Strategy managers typically administrate a company’s plans to develop partnerships, drive growth, and launch new profit-driving initiatives. A degree is required, and some employers additionally want a master’s, Glassdoor’s listings showed.


15. Computer Program Designers.

Salary average: 98,000

Computer program designers turn out programs and communicate technical plans to company leaders. A bachelor of science degree is usually required.

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