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In today’s world, there are things we just have to confront squarely. It is sad watching someone you like, even for the girls working away from you. Though it may not be the usual path, you can try something different. Are you contemplating, “how do I tell him I like him”? Well, some of us have at one time or another being in similar situations.

How Do I Tell Him I Like Him without Seeming Too Forward and Unchaste?

It is not very easy for a girl to walk up to a guy and tell him “I like you”. Most girls do ponder in their hearts, “how do I tell him I like him”, but never find a way around it. Accordingly, this article will bless you with some useful tips and very modest suggestions on how to tell him you like him.


Truly, at some point, I had also thought how do I tell him I like him. I did some exposition and research and I want to share a bit of this with you.

What should I do before I Tell Him I Like Him?

What should I do before I Tell Him I Like Him?

It is understandable that you may be all scared and nervous about a man you like. You may even be very uncertain how to tell him you like him. So, before you go ahead to tell him you like him, there are a few things you should do. Check the suggested ones below?

1. Find out if he is Single

This is not the most subtle way to let him know that you like him but it can work. Ask him in a casual way if he is seeing someone. So, if he says no, ask him why not and what he would like to have in a girlfriend. Thus, this will give him room to open up on what he needs in a girlfriend, and you will know if you’re the right girl for him.

2. Ask him about himself

Whenever someone has an interest in another’s personal life, it’s taken as a sign of interest. Ask him about his family, his childhood, and his personal aspirations. He will definitely notice that you’re trying to get to know him more, be touched, and take it as a sign that you’re interested.

3. Be confident around Him

Exuding confidence will go a long way in drawing the attention of the guy you like. When you show confidence, you will amp up your appeal sexually. Apparently, this will make the man know that you are a good match for him and he will start desiring more of you. Do you realize how much men find a confident woman attractive?

4. Use Viable Reactions

In case the guy says that he likes you, make sure you react in the right way. You can show happiness and talk about going out for a date and taking the relationship to the next level. Subsequently, if the guy doesn’t return your feelings, just maintain your cool. Importantly, don’t let him know how about either your disappointment or much you really like him.

5. Do him a Favor or Two

After you get to know the guy better, you can offer to buy lunch or coffee for him sometime. If he missed, class, you can offer your notes to him. While this may seem like a little gesture, it will send a strong message that you like him. Be careful not to overdo it though.

6. Display Positive Character

Somehow, we all agree that it’s generally not a good idea to compare yourself with other people, but it’s okay on some occasions. Carefully make sure that he understands that you are different and you would never cheat on him if you were lucky enough to date him. Thus, this will not only open his eyes to the fact that you like him but it will also let him know you’re worth dating.


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7. Become Excited when you see him

You don’t have to pretend that you are not interested in seeing him. When you get an opportunity to hang out with him, show him how happy you are. Show genuine interest in him and exploit every time you’re together to the fullest. Gradually get to know him, his likes and dislikes, and he’ll eventually start to like you back.

8. Invite him to something interesting

Randomly find something cool and invite the guy you like to join you. Also, you can ask him to come to help you change a light bulb or do other chores around the house. When he agrees, you can make him a hot cup of coffee after as a thank you. All these excuses to spend time with him will let the guy know that you like him.

9. Be sure of what you Feel

Distinguishing if what you feel is infatuation or not can be a bit tricky but it’s better to do it than to act on it immediately. Your feeling for him may change over time and you might regret admitting your feelings straight away.

10. Initiate Simple Conversations with him

Learn to talk about the things you have in common. Ask him about his hobbies, the movies or music he likes, or his stand on certain issues. Obviously, communication is not only important in keeping a harmonious relationship but it is also essential once you confide your feelings to someone. So, by having these small conversations, you will get to know the person that you like even more and eventually him as well. This will also show how interested you are in him, and not just in his physical appearance.

11. Avoid Pre-conceived Ideas

Sadly, imagining the experience when you tell him that you like him can hurt you. No matter how amazing your crush is, he is still a human being with his own emotions. Somehow, He might be nervous or hesitant to discuss what he likes about a person. Also, if you think that your crush is perfect, think again. We all have flaws so don’t get too intimidated by him. Avoid being too emotionally invested in a relationship where it hasn’t even started yet.

How Do I Tell Him I Like Him in Some Artful Ways

How Do I Tell Him I Like Him in Some Artful Ways

Actually, due to some degree of shyness and lack of courage, you might need to find some less obvious ways of telling him you like him. Still, in some climes, for you to tell a man you like him might seem a bit offensive and unacceptable.  Thus, you may need to be a little discreet and cautious when trying to tell him you like him. You should try the following schemes.

1. Send Messages with your Body

There are means of communicating your feelings to a man with your body. Men are way more in tune with what your body is doing than what your mouth is saying. It’s sort of sad, but certainly true. When you two are talking, lean in closer, flip your hair flirtatiously, and sway your hips when you walk away. These are all ways to show him that you’re interested, and he will definitely be paying attention.

2. Have an Interest in his interests

One way you can show a guy you like him is by taking an interest in the things he’s interested in. If he’s really into music, talk about some concerts you’ve recently been to. He may not readily notice that you’ve taken up his interests, but he will start to see you as compatible—and that’s close enough in the guy world.

3. Compliment his looks

Obviously, you find him attractive, so tell him! If there’s one thing that will get a guy’s attention, it’s telling him that you find him sexy. This will also make him take notice of how you look, and it will get the wheels turning in his head about you.

4. Praise his Work

Probably the one thing that men love to be complimented about more than their looks is their work. Tell him he’s doing a great job at whatever his current project is. He will definitely be grateful for the compliment, and grateful that you took notice. It’ll make him take notice of you, too.

5. Smile more

Smiling is basically a universal sign of happiness. And if you’re doing that an awful lot around him, he will start to notice that you’re happiest around him—and that must mean something! And hey, if you’re really that interested in him, this might just be automatic.

Teasing a Guy

6. Tease the Guy

When talking with the guy, put some humor into the conversation. A good way to do this is by teasing him in a way that will not annoy him. Be careful not to offend him. Men can be sensitive creatures. The moment you bruise his ego, he will be ready to do anything to win it back, which will usually involve snapping at you. Not the best way to let him know you actually like him.

7. Make A Lot of Eye Contact

Holding someone’s gaze is basically demanding their attention. Now, I’m not saying you need to have a staring contest; that might be creepy. But I am saying that you should make a point to look him in the eye. It’s a perfect way to get him to notice you and it’ll work toward winning him over.

8. Laugh at his jokes

Science says that you’ll do this if you like him, anyway, but it doesn’t hurt to put in the extra effort. Laughing at his jokes is sure to get you noticed by him and he’ll see that you must like him enough to laugh at his lame jokes.

9. Show Some Level of Jealousy

Men may not understand a whole lot about emotions again, but they do understand jealousy and the feelings associated with it. If you’re asking about a certain person that’s been spending an awful lot of time around him, he’ll notice the signs of jealousy and immediately know that you like him. He might even be flattered!

10. Touch the guy lightly to let him know you like him

When having a conversation with the guy you like, you can use physical contact to get your message across. This could range from something like stroking his hand lightly as you laugh at his jokes to a tight hug that will arouse him sexually.

This will pass a message to him and let him know that you like him. If you are the kind who isn’t afraid of being forward, you can opt to play footsie with him. This will not only arouse him sexually but it will show him that you really like him.



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11. Give him a Surprise Package

Show up to his work with a cooked meal or his favorite treats. Surprising a guy in any way will show him that you’ve got a thing for him. It will also put you higher up on his list of favorite people, for sure. You will definitely win him over this way; after all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

How do I Tell Him I Like Him Directly?

At times, you may need to cut all the long walks and just go plain with the man you so desire. However, there are some cute ways you can pull this off. With the advancement in social settings and communities, some things can be made more acceptable. It is just about the strategy you employ.

1. Send Friends to let him Know that you Like Him

If you truly like the guy, why don’t you let his friends relay the message to him? You don’t have to express your feelings to them. The moment he hears that you were asking about him, he will easily get the drift. If you are too shy to express your feelings to him, use a mediator to pass the message to him and let him know what’s up.

2. Text the Guy to Let Him Know you Like Him

If you don’t like one on one talk, there are other options that you can use to let the guy know that you like him. Why don’t you send him an email or text message? You might end up surprised at the direction your conversation may take. If you can manage to express your feelings using indirect means, this will cause less anxiety as compared to when the guy is right in front of you. You will be less afraid of how he will react towards you.

3. Share your Phone Number with Him

If you get so interested in a man, you can find an excuse for him to have your number. At the same time, you can tell him one reason why he should call you. If the first call finally happens, then you can always find more reasons to continue having conversations over the phone.

Ask him on a Date

4. Ask him on a Date

If all else fails, ask him out! Get tickets for his favorite band and ask him to go with you as your date. Any guy in their right mind will know that a date means you like him. Additionally, you will get bonus points toward winning him over if you go to one of his favorite places.

5. Go Straight to the Point

Naturally, men are very direct creatures. If you just flat out tell him you like him, he will obviously get the hint. Now, this takes some guts on your part, and it’s not usually the route most girls take, because they’re looking to make more of an impression. But hey, if nothing else works—go for it!

6. Ask the Guy to Give you his Number

If you have been friends with the guy for some time and would like to hang out with him, a good idea would be to ask him to give you his number. Play it cool so that you don’t come out as if you want to go out on a date with him. An easy way to do it is to ask for his number so that you can text him details of the next meeting class. If he is a nice guy, he will not find it weird and he won’t immediately know that you like him.

7. Send him a friend request on social media

Asking him out through social media may not sound like a very good idea but we can’t deny that the internet has become part of our lives. When he posts a cool picture on social media, be sure to leave a good comment on it. When he asks about great holiday destinations, always be there to answer. You can add a cheeky remark asking whether you can accompany him on his next trip. This is an easy way to let him know you like him a lot.

The Benefit of Telling a Guy You Like Him

The Benefit of Telling a Guy You Like Him

There are some advantages associated with telling a guy how we feel about him. On the surface, this may not be very visible. However, a close analysis will indicate that we can gain a great deal by telling a man we like him. Some of these benefits are given below.

1. You gain confidence

As you learn to read men and their interest in you, you will develop a strong sense of confidence. Confidence is a skill that will take you far in life and love. So, just think about how you’re drawn to a man who’s super confident.

2. You Gain Insight on Reading Signals

The more you put yourself out there and learn how to tell a guy you like him, the better you’ll be able to read the signals that he is, indeed, interested in you in return. Also, you’ll be able to tell when a man isn’t necessarily interested but just being friendly.


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3. You Learn What Works and What Doesn’t

Taking the bold step by telling him you like him is a smart move. If not for anything else, you get experience and you can tell which strategy works best. You also get to know what guys like and look out for.

4. You Increase your Chance of Finding the One

Just like you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket, you can’t find The One if you’re not being proactive about finding him. With every man you let know how you feel, you increase the odds of finding the guy that’s right for you.


So my dear lady, are you still lost thinking how do I tell him I like him? I am certain you have learned a thing or more from the sections above. Well, it is not the norm for the girl to tell the guy she likes however, some things might warrant it. So if you ever wish to tell a man you like him, you should pay attention to the content of this article.

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