How Much Do Cosmetologists Make

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– How Much Do Cosmetologists Make –

Learn how much a cosmetologist makes per hour and location. Find out about pay, perks, income satisfaction, and potential earning areas.

Cosmetologists and other beauty specialists are in high demand due to the growing population.

One of the best things about cosmetology is how flexible it is; because people need beauty services on the weekends and after work

In addition to during regular business hours, many cosmetologists are able to design a “non-traditional” work schedule that gives them the freedom to work when they want.

This often implies that a cosmetologist’s income may vary according to how much time she or he puts in.

How Much Do Cosmetologists Make?

Cosmetologists currently make an average of $24,300 annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

The following things will affect a cosmetologist’s pay:

1. Type of Employers

The majority of cosmetologists work in spas and salons, although they can also work for themselves.

The entertainment sector, haircare and cosmetics businesses, fashion or beauty periodicals, and others are possible employers.

Salary ranges in these industries can be extremely wide. A cosmetologist might make substantially more money at well-known, luxury venues even within spas and salons.

2. Experience

A cosmetologist with a lot of experience should make more money than one who just graduated from beauty school.

The good news for newcomers is that by establishing a strong clientele and a stellar reputation, your pay and tips will only increase, and you might have a higher chance of getting hired by an upscale salon or other business.

3. Location

City and state both significantly influence a cosmetologist’s pay.

Cosmetologists typically earn more in densely populated cities and urban areas than in more rural states or regions with lower costs of living.

How Are Cosmetologists Paid?

If you work for an employer, there are four common ways you could be paid:

a. Hourly

b. Salaried

c. Commission

d. Performance

You will often be compensated for hourly or salaried work regardless of how many clients you visit because the salon is in charge of bringing in business.

The benefit of both of them is that you shouldn’t have to do much self-promotion, and your paychecks should be dependable.

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On the other hand, since you have little control over your clients, you can find yourself working outside your comfort zone, and as you are paid hourly, your hours are always subject to reduction if the business decides it is in the best interest of the company.

Work that is paid on commission typically has less consistent remuneration and depends totally on your ability to attract customers and sell goods.

You often pay the salon a portion of your commissions in this structure to use their facility. A benefit of this is that you have a lot of flexibility over when and who you work with, and you could even be able to decide on your own pay rates.

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The drawback is that no matter where you are in your profession, you must continuously be upgrading your portfolio and forging contacts. If you’re new to the industry, you might not have a client base established.

Performance-based pay is not common, but it typically combines paid or hourly work with the commission. Your compensation increases with the amount of physical labor you perform.

The advantage is that your income is guaranteed; however, the disadvantage is that in order to earn the most money possible, you must market yourself.

Educational Requirements of a Cosmetologist

A high school education or its equivalent, finishing a state-approved cosmetology training course, and obtaining a license are necessities in all states.

An applicant must pass a state exam before the license can be issued. You will study practical skills to handle hairstyling, shampooing, highlights, manicures, pedicures, and skin care at cosmetology school.

A certificate can take a few months to complete, whereas an associate’s degree in applied science from a technical or community college takes about two years.

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Along with general education coursework in the liberal arts and business courses, earning an associate’s degree in cosmetology also requires completion of these courses.

Cosmetologists make an average of $29,590 per year, or $14.23 per hour, before tips, which can increase base pay by another 15% to 20%.

The lowest-paid hairdressers make $17,930 a year, while the top paid to earn more than $49,050. Hot fashion salon jobs, which pay more, are in high demand.

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