How Much is Euro to Naira

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Do you intend to know how much is euro to naira? The exchange rate of the Euro to the Nigerian Naira is very important in relations to travelling purposes, trade between the countries who use these countries. Let’s discuss the exchange rate and the factors that influence this.

How Much is Euro to Naira

The Euro and Naira Currency

The euro is the official legal tender of the European Union. It is used by 19 of the 27 European Countries. The Naira is the official currency of Nigeria, a country in West Africa.

How Much is Euro to Naira (CBN Rate)

The value of 1 Euro to Naira is 783 naira at a selling rate and 782 naira at a buying rate. Here, Buying rate is the rate at which the euro is exchanged for naira while selling rate at which euro is sold to get a naira.


How Much is Euro to Naira (Black Market)

In the Black market, the selling rate for 1 Euro to Naira is 1055 naira while the buying rate is 1045 naira.

Factors that Affects the Exchange Rate of Euro to Naira

1. Inflation: An increase in inflation can devaluate the naira thereby affecting the euro to naira exchange rate.

2. Economic Activities: This activities can create some uncertainty in the economy, this in turns affects the exchange rate.

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