How to Check Airtel Data Balance via SMS in 2024

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In this day and age of fast internet connections and high internet data consumption, you must understand how much data you have accessible so that you are not left stranded when you need it the most. Now, stop wondering how to check Airtel data balance, we’ll cover all that here.

How to Check Airtel Data Balance 2021 via SMS See Latest Update

The Airtel network’s shortcodes have simplified the process of receiving information about your mobile usage. There are numerous shortcodes for Airtel, which can be complicated.

Thanks to the introduction of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), you can now see how much internet data you have left to surf at any given time.


Information that can be derived from checking your Airtel data balance includes:

1. Your active and current data plan balance

2. The expiry date of your data plan balance

3. The promo offered by Airtel

How to Check Airtel Data Balance

You may find some amazing Airtel data promo that is available when you subscribe and can be obtained from how you check your Airtel data balance.

There are different ways of checking your data balance on Airtel Nigeria, so you need not worry because they will give you all the tips, tricks, and USSD codes to check your data balance.

You can check your Airtel data balance on your Android phone and other devices either through SMS, online, or via USSD.

About Airtel Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria today has undergone several transmissions. It first came in 2001 as Econet and later changed to Zain Nigeria.

It has also answered Celtel Nigeria, Vodacom, and Vmobile. In 2010, an Indian company called Bharti Airtel fully gained the telecommunication company in a $10.7 billion deal.

 Airtel Nigeria is the second-largest telecommunications company in Nigeria, following MTN Nigeria.

Since Airtel, as we know it today, they have been offering mouthwatering and cheap data services to their customers, with which they stay connected with the internet and grow their businesses.

How to Check Airtel Data Balance

There are many ways to know your Airtel remaining data volume but there are only a few means to check data balance on Airtel without breaking a sweat or using data or having to call customer care.

You can easily track your balance by dialing the USSD code or using the SMS format below.

Check Data Balance with SMS

If you can’t or don’t want to use USSD, you can also check your Airtel balance using SMS. Just text the status to 141.

Use Direct USSD Code 

This USSD code works for all data plan packages except BlackBerry subscription plans (even if you’re using it on Android).

All you need to do is simply dial *141*11*0#. or *123*10# or *141*712*0#.

Your data balance will be displayed to you almost immediately.

Airtel Activation Codes and Functions

Below are the USSD codes and SMS codes for the Airtel network that might help you when you want to check your Balance, start/stop service, and much more.

USSD CodeFunctions
121Airtel Customer Care Number
198Airtel Complaint Number
*123#Airtel Balance Check
*123*10# or *123*#Check for Free 2G Data Balance
*123*11#Check for 3G Data Balance
*121*8#Check for Airtel 4G Balance
*123*197#Airtel Night Data Balance
*123*2# or *555#Check for  Local SMS Balance
1909DND Activation/Deactivation
*141*10# or 52141Airtel Loan Number
*121#My Airtel, My Offer
*121*4#Airtel Value Added Services
*121*7#Check the Last 5 Transactions and also Value Added Services.
*123*1#Check for Airtel to Airtel Mins Balance
*123*6#Local Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes Balance
*123*7#Check for Free Local and STD SMS Balance
*123*8#Check for Free STD Minutes Balance
*141#Airtel Talk time Gift Service [Share or Ask Talk time ]
SMS 3G to 121Airtel 3g activation USSD code
*222#5 Special Offers
*321#Airtel Live Services
*325#Free Facebook Access [Rs. 1 per day ]
*515#Twitter Service
*566#Airtel Special Offers and Rewards
*678#Hello Tunes Menu
*888#Missed Call Alert
*777#Local National SMS Packs
*282#Know your own Airtel number
 *141*10#Airtel loan code
SMS PORT to 1909Mobile number portability
SMS START to 121Start any service
SMS STOP to 121Stop any service
Check for Local SMS BalanceCheck 2G/3G balance

To check your Airtel data balance by SMS, simply construct a new message and send it to a certain number. The correct number to send this message to is 123#.

Once you’ve launched your messaging app, enter 123# and tap send. Within seconds, Airtel will send you an SMS with your data balance information.


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