How to Check BSNL 3G Balance; Data and Usage 2022 Update

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If you use BSNL and don’t know how to check BSNL 3G balance, you just found the correct procedures. Make sure you do not miss any bit of this information.

BSNL balance checks are available via USSD codes, IVR, SMS, and online via the app. To check the balance online, you must have an active internet connection.

You can, however, find out the available data, talk time, SMS, and other facts promptly and without an internet connection using the BSNL balance check number, USSD codes, and SMS. Continue reading to learn how to check your BSNL balance using these services.

How to Check BSNL Data Balance

One of the simplest ways to check your BSNL balance is through USSD codes. They are toll-free and will give you a real-time update on the balance. Here are some use cases for USSD codes before we get to how to check your BSNL balance using this way.

Uses for BSNL USSD codes include:

  • primary balance check for BSNL
  • Validity check for BSNL
  • Check your BSNL 2G, 3G, or 4G internet balance.
  • Check your BSNL SMS balance
  • Check the minutes of local, long-distance, and roaming calls on BSNL
  • Check the BSNL special deal

Check BSNL Main Balance

To find out what your account’s principal balance is, dial *123# from your BSNL phone. You can get information about your BSNL balance by texting the USSD code. You can call *112# as well.

This will offer choices ranging from 1 to 6 for checking SMS and internet data balances, among other things.

Data Balance Check for BSNL

To check your BSNL 4G data balance, dial *124#. Dial *123*6# (or *123*10#) or *112# if you have a 2G or 3G subscription, respectively. Dial 1238# from your phone to find out the GPRS for the night.

Check your BSNL SMS Balance

You may check your BSNL SMS balance by dialing 1231#, 1235#, or *125#. You can check your BSNL National SMS balance by dialing *123*2#.

Validity check for BSNL plans

Dial 1231# to confirm the BSNL plan’s validity. Your screen will display the principal balance and the details regarding the validity of your BSNL prepaid number.


What is the Full Meaning of BSNL?

Located in New Delhi, India, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is a central public sector organization. The Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, Government of India, is the owner.

What is BSNL Sim?

BSNL Mobile (previously CellOne) is a division of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, which is owned by the Government of India’s Ministry of Communications Department of Telecommunications. It offers pre-paid and post-paid mobile services, as well as numerous value-added services.

How Does BSNL Landline Work?

Installing the BSNL FMT mobile application on your smartphone is the first step in the straightforward process, after which you must register your BSNL number with the service.

Once connected to your fixed landline connection from anywhere in the world, you will be able to use your mobile to call anybody and everywhere.

Is BSNL Sim card 4G or 3G?

BSNL’s 4G services are delivered using their 2100 MHz mid-ban spectrum. The BSNL 3G SIM will not function for 4G.

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