How to Check My MTN Number: Detailed Procedures

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If you are reading this guide, have it in mind that you’d be getting a detailed procedure of how to check your MTN number. your worries should be gone now.

How to Check My MTN Number: Detailed Procedures

Methods to Check My MTN Number

It’s hard to keep track of numbers in these temporary SIMs we use daily, especially if you’ve thrown away the SIM pack after purchase. Again, there are times when you just purchase a new SIM card and you are finding it difficult to memorize the number associated with the SIM.

However, keep reading the outline to get to know how to check MTN numbers using the USSD code and other less stressful ways below.

Check My MTN Number Using USSD Code

USSD codes are one of the good things to happen in Nigeria including mobile banking. With the USSD code, you do not need the internet to carry out transactions or check your mobile phone number. However, these are what you can do:


  • Dial *123# on your phone with your MTN SIM.
  • From the options on the screen, select My tools by clicking on 1.
  • Various options will come up on the screen, therefore, to check your MTN number, click option 1.
  • Then, your phone number will be shown on the screen.

Furthermore, you can also dial the codes *123*1*1# or *663# to see your number immediately come up on the screen without following the above steps.

Use the Call Me Back Feature

There is a reason MTN is the number 1 telecommunication operator in the country; they understand what the consumers want and constantly come up with ideas among which is the Call Me Back feature.

So, all you have to do is dial *133# on your mobile phone to use the Call Me Back feature to check your MTN number. It is as simple as that.

Call a Friend or Family to Get Your Number

This is the simplest way to know your MTN number, dial the number of your friend or family, and tell him or her to send your number to you via SMS.


Talk to an MTN Customer Care Agent

You can call their customer care service to request your phone number though. This process is actually a more time-consuming method. However, the customer care representatives are available 24/7 for you to call for any question you have with your line.

180 is the MTN customer care number for MTN users. You can call them using another sim via 08031000180 or if you are across the border via +2348031000180.

With the introduction of Multiple-SIM card phones in the Nigerian mobile phone market, using more than one SIM is now common due to bad network coverage, cheaper call charges, or better data service fees on some networks when compared to others.

It is paramount to know how to check your mobile number irrespective of the network you are using. However, It’s best if you can just memorize your phone number.

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