How to Hide Number on Airtel, Step by Step Guide

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Hide Number On Airtel – You can always see the number of the person calling you on the display of your Airtel mobile phone. You can prevent your number from showing on someone else’s mobile phone when you call them. Read through carefully.

How to Hide Number on Airtel, Step by Step Guide

Reasons to Hide Your Number

Sometimes, you do not want the person you are calling to identify you as the caller, maybe because you want some kind of privacy.

If you are such kind of person who doesn’t want people to have your contact, then it’s best you hide your phone number and make private calls.

Hiding your caller identity when calling somebody ensures that the person you are calling will not see your phone contact. In this article, we will guide you on how to hide your number on the Airtel network.


Additional Information

I am pretty sure that you have at least once received a call from an “unknown caller” or “private number. Some devices may give it other names.

When anyone receives this type of call, they won’t know who the caller is, else they speak with them and recognize their voice, or they tell you who they are.

Hiding of phone number is excellent, especially when someone refuses to pick his or her call. Some people also use it for playing pranks. Over time, the story has changed; some people now abuse the service.

Something that was designed for a useful purpose is currently being used by criminals and kidnappers when performing their dirty deeds.

Hide Your Number Through Your Phone Settings

If you want to set your caller ID to appear as “Private Number,” you can actually accomplish this directly from your device.

If you want to hide your number on an Android phone, follow the following steps

1. Open up the phone’s settings menu

2. Select “Call settings”

3. Choose “Additional settings”

4. Select “Caller ID”

5. Choose “Hide number” to hide your number, or “Show number” to go back to showing your number when you call

Not all carriers allow these features, so they’re not guaranteed, and we wouldn’t rely on them if it’s a serious matter. If you absolutely must hide your number and you can’t.


How to Hide Your Number on Airtel

You can also hide your number on your Airtel sim by just dialing #31# before the number you want to call. The code can still be dialed each time you want to call.

The advantage of using this method is that you can hide your phone number only for people you choose not to show your phone number to.

For instance, if the phone number you want to call is 09011111111, and you intend to hide your phone identity then dial #31#09011111111.

Additional Information

And if you are thinking about how to unhide your phone number on the Airtel sim, then do not dial the code #31# before the receiver’s phone number.

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