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How to Import Commercial Goods from China, USA and Japan

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– Import Commercial Goods –

How to Import commercial goods? Importation is the practice of purchasing goods from other nations and transporting them to the United States, where they are needed. You may believe that the whole procedure of importing and exporting is time-consuming and involves lengthy processes, but this is not the case.

Import Commercial Goods

As a business tycoon, it isn’t all the time you will need to buy products from Nigeria there are times you will need inventions that are new and eye-catching.

However, this is when you either order them to be shipped home to you through the online business website or you travel out to purchase them.

We have tips on how to import commercial goods from China, the USA, and Japan here. All you need to do is read down.


Steps to Import Commercial Goods from China

China is a big country with the manufacturing of goods. In fact, we consider it the no.1 manufacturing or marketplace for business.

More so, you could call it the “heart of the business” (my ideology) because they produce practically

85% of our imported goods and commodities. But before most goods get to us they pass through America where they are purchased by rich merchants there.

Then the inferior ones will be imported home to us. Don’t frown, that’s business for you.

Anyway, that was then because now you could get freshly made commodities straight from China to Nigeria, thanks to Laws and technology.

You could actually travel to China if you have the cash to spend or you could just negotiate at home and get everything shipped down to you with these steps.

1. Visit some china business websites like alibaba.comor

2. From the list of goods you will find, you could choose the goods you desire.

(Note: do not go for goods that are no longer demanded in the market but go for goods that are still very much patronised by customers if you want to sale them off soon).

3. Do not be contented with just one business merchant you’ve come across. Rather, meet more and find out their opinion so you don’t get cheated.

4. Negotiate the price as it favours both parties.

5. If you are okay with the price, then you can order the shipping of the goods and make payments or you could negotiate a mode of shipping and payment as desired.

Steps to Import Goods from America

America is referred to as the most developed country in the world that is “God’s own country”. This is where everything happens.

Where buying and selling is at its apex, so if you are desiring to import goods from America, then you need to count the cost.

The number of dollars you are ready to pay to purchase and import a cargos home. The process of demand may take place online if not face to face.

Should it be an online purchase, then you have all the tips you need above, but shipping the products is as follows.

After negotiation, the shipping takes place. But you must take note that there are certain goods that are prohibited for importation into Nigeria because of Nigeria’s custom and America’s export service.

They offload goods to prospective customers on arrival to the designated countries through Nigeria’s customs service.

FedEx and USPs do shipments to customs and other regulatory agencies. FedEx will charge all duties, taxes, and VAT which must be paid before delivery.

How to Import Goods from JAPAN

As a result of the establishment of the Japan Diplomatic Mission in 1980, the two countries have become trade partners importing and exporting commercial goods as required.

Today, japan holds 4th place in the market system by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), the 3rd largest country by GDP and is the 2nd most developed country in the world.

Being the world’s 3rd automobile manufacturing industry, Japan has all you need to start up a smooth business deal, all you need is place orders.

Purchasing goods from Japanese markets can be done online with the invention of online business websites like


Importation Process

If you are a newcomer in this business, then there are certain procedures you cannot overlook in the shipping of the goods into the country.

The first is that the shipping company that is to import the goods will get a Ship Entry Notice (SEN) two months in advance from the department of Nigeria Port Authority.

While you, as the customer, will receive a license from a registered agent in Nigeria. Then the shipper will send Bills of Lading, this document will present details on;

1. Name of a ship carrying the cargo

2. Description of cargo

3. Date of departure and arrival

4. Weigh of cargo 

5. Your term of the contract

The importer will take the bill of lading to the Nigeria Port Authority central office to enlighten them on the ship that’ll be arriving soon.

The importer then registers and completes his bill of entry with the Nigeria customs service. The shipping company prompts the release of goods.

They scrutinise cargo imported. However, it is the NPA issue because of the bill of lading before a blank delivering order (DO) to the importer.


Delivery Order

Delivery order and bill of lading are completed and issued back to the shipping company.

The shipping company endorses and withdraws the bill of lading sent, issuing out a lower portion of the delivery order to the importer as proof of cargo imported and released.

They sent the main body of the Delivery Order to the department of the Nigerian Port Authority at the specified port.

The marketing department then releases allowed bills with a note copy of the customs bill of entry along with the shipping company’s delivery Order for allowed billing.

The Audit department where deposition is done in designated banks vets the bills.

The deliveries are produced with the information from the delivery order and transferred to the delivery point or transit shed.

The importer then evacuates to the transit shed where delivery takes place. After loading, a pass (cargo pass) is presented to the importer, who then proceeds to NPA for security checks and the last exit.

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