How to Know My Airtel Phone Number See Step by Step Guide

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Are you in a situation where you need to give someone your Airtel number and can’t provide it? When one owns over one SIM or you just bought a new line, it can take some time to get used to the new number. 

How to Know My Airtel Phone Number - Step by Step Guide

Sometimes it might feel very awkward not remembering your phone number. This happens often when you newly gained a SIM but after some time you abandoned it for another network.

If you’ve ever been in such a situation, it is difficult to remember that phone number if you don’t cram or know it off-hand!

There are also times when you just get a new SIM card and you are finding it hard to memorize the number for the SIM.

You probably have an Airtel SIM which you have been using for quite a long time and you don’t remember the number on the SIM card.

You may have multiple SIM cards that you are using and you are searching for the number for one of your Airtel SIMs. You shall get all of that information here, read below.

Methods to Check My Airtel Phone Number

For new users, it might take some time to remember their SIM numbers. If you have forgotten your Airtel number or do not know your Airtel number, get it. Here are the different ways to check your Airtel number.

Code to Check Airtel Number 

How to know my Airtel phone number: To check the number on your Airtel SIM card, simply dial *121# from your phone. You will be shown some on-screen options.

Select Manage My Account by pressing 2

You will be directed to the next screen showing several options you can choose from. Select “My Number” by pressing 4 to reveal your phone number.

Get it from a Friend or Family Member

This is the simplest way to know your phone number. Call the number of your friend or family member and the caller is you. All you need to do is call a friend’s phone nearby and tell him or her to tell you or forward your number via SMS.

Send a Message to Get the Number

You can only use this method if you have someone around you who also uses Airtel.

The customary way would have been to call that person’s phone and watch the number that displays on the screen. But imagine that you don’t have airtime on your SIM, then this is the only option you have.

1. Dial *140*your friend’s number#.

2. Check your friend’s phone to see the message that he/she receives.

It will display your phone number along with the “Please call me back” message your friend receives. Also, this method is absolutely free.

Call Airtel Customer Care for the Number

If you forget the code for executing the first two methods above, another way to check your Airtel phone number is by calling customer care.

1. Dial 111 or 121 using your Airtel line.

2. Press the option that says “Speak to a customer care representative,”

3. After the call connects, tell the customer care representative attending to you that you forgot your phone number.

Make sure you get a pen and paper to write the phone number as the customer care representative calls it out.

you can also request that the customer care representative send your number as an SMS. With that, you’ll receive a message containing your 11-digit Airtel phone number as soon as you drop the call.

You do not need to remember your own phone number because your phone does it for you. Checking your Airtel number today is quite convenient, and with these small tips, you’ll never have to remember your phone number again.

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