How to Retrieve MTN Transfer Pin 2023: See Full Procedure

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Learn how to retrieve MTN transfer PIN easily with our step-by-step guide. Don’t get locked out of transferring airtime again – follow our instructions today.

How to Retrieve MTN Transfer Pin 2023: See Full Procedure

The leading telco in both Nigeria and Africa, Mtn has more than 60 million users in Nigeria and more than 235 million consumers in Africa.

Since MTN introduced MTN share n sell, the majority of users have run into one issue or another when transferring money using their MTN sim. Do you wish to transfer your airtime from your MTN sim but are unsure how to update or reset your MTN transfer pin?

Are you looking for information on how to change a lost or forgotten MTN transfer pin? In this piece, we’ll provide answers to all of these queries and more.

Sincerely, I have observed individuals who have misplaced or forgotten their MTN Transfer Pin Number. Because they are at a loss for what to do, they keep calling MTN Customer Care Service, which uses a lot of time and battery.

Some claim they are unable to update or reset their MTN transfer pin, while others claim they have forgotten their pin and are unable to do so. Still, others claim they are unable to transfer airtime from one MTN line to another.

What is MTN Default Pin?

This pin was automatically provided to you by MTN for airtime transfers. The pin is 0000, but before transferring airtime from your MTN line, you must alter or reset it.

How to Reset Mtn Share and Sell Pin

There is no point in wasting time on introductions since you are probably already familiar with MTN Share n Sell. Nonetheless, for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with it, below is a brief summary.

You can transfer, send, or share your airtime with your family and friends using the MTN Share n Sell service. In essence, this means that you may send your pal’s airtime, or credit, using your own airtime.

For instance, if you have N100 in your account balance, you can send or share N50 of airtime with anyone who uses MTN.

So, before you may utilize this service, MTN has already given you a default pin of 0000. If this is your first time transferring MTN airtime, that is the pin you will be given; however, you are free to alter or reset it to a memorable personal pin if you like.


How Can I Get My Previous MTN Transfer Pin Back?

Dial 180 (MTN customer care) and provide your name and the reason for your call to get your previous MTN transfer pin back. Before 24 hours pass, you’ll either receive your new MTN transfer pin or you can follow the instructions below. They will ask you a few questions and provide you with instructions on what to do.

Go to Your Message in Step 1, then type Yes in a new message that you generate.
then deliver it to 556.

Step 2: After a short period of time, MTN will send you a message that reads: “Welcome to share and sell,” with the default new pin of “0000.”

MTN advises that you change the pin.

Send Your New Pin to 556 by texting. Send a message to 556 with the code, for instance, 0000 2222 2222, and you’ll learn that your pin has been reset.

Step 3: You’re Done!

Without phoning customer service or paying a fee, your Lost or Forgotten Mtn Transfer Pin has been retrieved for free.

How to Change Transfer Pin on MTN

Before you may transfer MTN airtime to another MTN line, you must change your default transfer pin, which is 0000.

You automatically received this pin from MTN to use for transfers, but you wouldn’t want to, would you? I doubt it since you must be wiser than that.

It is essential to change this transfer pin first to a personal pin that you can remember for security reasons in order to stop the unauthorized transfer of your airtime. Then, how do you do it?
There are mainly two ways to change or reset your MTN transfer pin.

1. Using SMS messages

To utilize this technique, open the messaging app on your mobile device, create a message, and use the format as follows: Typical pin[space] a brand-new pin[space] Send a fresh pin to 777 on the MTN network.

For instance, your message should say: 0000 2938 2938 send to 777 if you want to alter your personal pin to 2938.
As you did earlier, repeat your new pin twice more; this is essential for validation.

After submitting the SMS, you’ll receive a notification message verifying your new pin.

You should be aware that 2938 is the new pin you’ll use for transfers; keep it to yourself. You won’t need to use the default pin of 0000 again.

If none of the message ways work for you to alter your transfer pin, don’t worry—there is a simpler approach you may use if you just follow the guidelines below.

2. Use of the USSD Code

Dial 600Default pinNew pinNew pin# to save time.
For instance, to send a message with your new pin of 2938, dial 600000029382938# on your phone (call).

That’s all, you’ve successfully modified your transfer pin. You can now very easily transfer MTNairtime to another MTN line using your new pin. Look below for instructions.


Where Can I Get My MTN Transfer Pin?

To modify your MTN transfer pin, send the following text using your mobile device: Standard pin[space] a fresh pin[space] Send a new pin to this MTN number: 777.

For instance, if the new pin you’re switching to is 8347, keep in mind that it must be four digits; don’t add more.
Then enter 0000 8347 8347 inside your message and send it to 777.

You can transmit or call by entering the code 600Default pinNew pinNew pin#. For instance, if the new pin you’re switching to is 8347, send or call using your phone by dialing 600000083478347#.

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