Guidelines on How to Start a Fashion Designing Company

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Guidelines on How to Start a Fashion Designing Company.

Fashion Designing Company – Fashion designing is one of the most lucrative and competitive businesses in the world today.  If done at a mature and professional level, one can stand a chance to maximize huge profits and create wealth in it. People embrace fashion a lot as they will love to be in line with the latest fashion trends and outfits.

How to Start a Fashion Designing Company.

Nevertheless, the majority of fashion designers are so naive about how they get their fashion designing company to meet the required standard thereby increasing their productivity, creativity, and above all customer’s patronage.

As a fashion designer, one needs to be creative in designing clothes for customers. As the secret for success in the fashion design business is creativity.


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Renowned fashion designers like Yomi casual, frank Oshodi, and others are doing so well in the industry ranking billions of dollars. You too can be one of them if properly guided.

Fashion design business is a lucrative one that on a small scale can make one N150,000 or more weekly. Yes, I mean it. By investing in the fashion design business small today, you can grow up to the level of the designers mentioned earlier in the next few years.

Before you think of setting up this business you need to have a deeper reflection and ask yourself questions like:

  • “Do I really want to run a business?”
  • “Do I already have or can I find the necessary skills, contacts, and funding to create a successful fashion company?”
  • Do I have something unique to offer the market?”

If YES!!!!

Below are the tips for you to Start a fashion designing company.


Of cos, you can’t be a fashion designer with passing through it required training. To be a successful fashion designer, you need to have deep knowledge about how to put pieces of cloths or pieces of leaders together to make good fashion.

To learn this, you must undergo training in any fashion design institute.

The training period is usually between 6 months to 15 months. Training enables you to know everything about designing and sewing clothes as well as making other things because fashion is much more than cloths.

You need to learn how to run a sewing machine, how to cut cloth to fit, and so on.


With  N150,000 you can start a fashion design business on a very small scale but aim for something big if you can afford it. You need to invest in this wisely by getting a good location, good tools, and equipment.

You also need to employ very good support staff. This will ensure quality in your services. A good location will also ensure that you have access to well-paying customers.


Some of the equipment needed in the fashion design business includes the following:

  1. Tape Rule: The measuring tape is used to measure accurate size. For example, you will need to measure your client’s waist size, hip size, full length, and so on. How to measure your client accurately is part of what you will be taught at the training institute.
  2. Two Or Three Pairs of Scissors: This is used for cutting clothes.
  3. Threads: You will need to buy different colors of thread, the thread is mainly used with needles to sew clothes.
  4. Needles: Needles are used with thread to sew clothes.
  5. Chair: You need chairs for yourself and your customers to sit on.
  6. Table: You need a table of different sizes for cutting clothing.
  7. A Complete Set Of Sewing Machine: The sewing machine is used to join pieces of clothes together.
  8. A Weaving Machine: You need this machine to perfect your sewing, this perfection makes your sewing very neat.
  9. Embroidery Machine: An embroidery machine is used to make designs on clothes.
  10. Generator: A generator set of about 10 K.V.A to power your equipment when there is a power failure.

That’s all you need for now to start up a fashion designing company .when you start having an influx of customers, try to maintain and build a good relationship with them in other to maintain their patronage and then, watch your company grow.

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