Business Ideas to Start as a Student in 2024

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Business Ideas to Start as a Student – Starting a business as a student with little or no capital can be challenging. If you are thinking of the kind of business to do as a student, the answer is right here. We have come up with a list of great business ideas you can do as a student to earn money without affecting your studies.

Business Ideas To start as a Student in 2024

How to Start a Good Paying Business as a Student

There are many reasons why you should start up a small-scale business as a student. Such reasons are:

Firstly, to ensure a continuous flow of income even though it may not be so much.

Secondly, to ensure the flow of income from different sources; from your parents and guardians as well as from your petty business.

You know that being a student in a Nigerian University no bi akara, you have to pay departmental dues, buy textbooks, and pay your transport fare, etcetera.

Don’t wait till you start big. The majority of our successful people today would tell you they started with nothing.

Starting up a business could be very easy and fun at the same time.

Pick an interest in a particular business you’d like to focus on. There are many business opportunities open for you as a student. You could be self-employed by starting up a petty trade with the little capital you have or you could search for business vacancies that would give you time for your studies.

Business Ideas to Start as a Student

These are a few business ventures that students in schools might start that can pay well.

Private TutoringPrivate Tutor

If you are intelligent enough, you could work as a private tutor to some kids whose parents are always too busy to attend to their children. The work is easy though as there’s no sum you wouldn’t be able to solve for the kid since you’d passed through it yourself.



Surprisingly, this is one of the ways to start a good-paying business if you’re a student, cause you could start this particular business with no penny all you need is a laptop but you must be passionate about writing. If you are, then you could try out some blogs online.



This is a very lucrative job for female students who know how to braid. You could get attached to a known salon and start making cool cash.

Graphic Design

For the students who have preliminary knowledge of graphic design, I wonder if you only learned to carry the idea in your brain or if you actually learned to help yourself in the future.

Well, this is that future, with knowledge of what you can do, you could start designing graphics for customers, all you need is creativity and uniqueness.

Cake Design

Cake Design

With your skills on how to bake, you could earn a lot of money as birthdays seem to be the order of the day on campus. Get your friends to know what you can do and start there.

Event Planning/Ushering

This is the best opportunity for both male and female students especially since these events are always carried out on weekends. Get informed and prepare before time. This is the easiest since most events last just 5 to 6 hours and you are back with an amount of money you wouldn’t get sleeping on your bed.

Be An Entrepreneur

You could start up a little business e.g. you could make chin-chin, buns, perfumes as long as you have ideas on how to produce them.

N/B: Nothing hurts the most like a wasted opportunity. You have it now, wake up and start up something before time makes you wish you had.

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