10 Business Ideas With Low Capital for Youth Corpers

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Are you planning on serving your country as a corp member and you are wondering what are the Business Ideas for Youth Corpers that you can venture into? Here, we’ll tell you about some businesses that you can start with little or no capital while you serve your country.

Business Ideas for Youth Corpers

The compulsory NYSC service year is a time when most new graduates get to experience a glimpse of the real world, while the Nigerian government pays them about 33,000 Naira monthly.

Many of them take the period to acquire new skills, others focus strictly on the jobs they’ve been assigned to carry out by the government, and some go the extra mile to record achievements in their serving communities, which makes them stand out from other youth corps members at the end of the NYSC service year.

Also, a few others go on to build remarkable businesses that will eventually employ many of the other NYSC youth corps members.

If you’re in doubt and are looking for how to make money during your NYSC service year, here are 10 businesses you can start:

1. Sale of Cosmetics, Beauty and Makeup Products

Connect with brands or visit the market to buy bulk supplies. Foundation, tweezers, nail polish, powder, eyebrow curlers. Find the latest beauty product or release and be the sole distributor in your location.

2. Social Media Manager

There are lots of brands, personalities, and companies that need an efficient person to manage their numerous social media handles and their online presence, respond to fans/clients, and continue to engage positively with their target audience.

This is what you can easily do in your free time and almost costs you nothing, think of you doing what you love, web surfing, and still getting paid for it.

But be a professional and never allow sentiments or your personality get into the pages you are managing. It is easy to be distracted and lose focus while you are online.

3. Agriculture

While in orientation camps, some corps members detest the idea of being posted to remote areas. Some will grudgingly accept it while some will lobby to be reposted to the city.

Serving in a local area has its advantages, one of which is access to fertile and cheap farmland.

Some corpers do take advantage of this and invest in Agriculture. Fish farms, Poultry farms, rabbit farms, crop planting, etc are kinds of farming corpers indulge in and they reap bountifully from such lucrative investments.

4. Fashion Design and Tailoring

For those who had acquired fashion designing skills or tailoring while in school or before starting school, this would pay off.

You can start by advertising your skills in various CDS clubs to your colleagues. You will be amazed by the level of patronage you will get if you truly make up your mind to do it.

5. Retail Sales

Conduct a feasibility study in your environment, you can identify a need and satisfy it. By so doing, you will earn extra cash income. You can deal with shoes, wristwatches, phone accessories, etc.

6. Online Assignments

Just like the mobile workforce, handling online assignments can be very interesting.

Using your contacts and friends across social media, your email, and freelancing sites, you can get some extra cash in your bank account.

Think of services like writing, editing, proofreading, social media account management, web designing, blogging, etc.

7. Hospitality

Work on supplying beverages and snacks to people and organizations. How about handling restaurants and food service, tourism destinations and attractions identifications, hotel bookings, event planning, etc.

The hospitality sector is a very lucrative business area that could set you up as an entrepreneur during and after your service year.

8. Start A Neighbourhood Drycleaning Service

A constant increasingly busy workforce reduces the time people have to focus on doing their laundry, so, they mostly take them to the neighborhood dry cleaners.

Aside from the working population, most people have needed to dry-clean special items like curtains, suits, native attires, and a whole lot more.

And because of this, they go on to periodically drop their clothing in the nearest or recommended affordable dry cleaner in their neighborhood.

With the average new local dry cleaner charging about 200 Naira for cloth and washing about 100 hundred clothing a week for about 20,000 Naira, you’re on track to starting and growing a successful neighborhood laundry service.

You can start by spreading the word about your business by distributing flyers, announcing your service at community meetings, and asking your clients to spread the word about your business.

9. Start A Bakery Business

The bakery business is another fast-growing business in the country. The increased demand for junk food at schools, markets, neighborhoods, and several public places continues to grow the prospects the industry has.

A youth corps member could start a small bakery business, package the items in tiny sealed nylons, and distribute them to people who market in public places, schools, and a lot other locations.

Some tasty items that can be baked are doughnuts, meat pies, cupcakes, and a whole lot more.

You could also run an on-demand bakery business for people celebrating birthday parties, weddings, and general occasions and events.

By doing this, youth corpers can start and grow a successful bakery business during their NYSC year.

10. Photography

If you know about still photography or even video coverage, you must carry it along to your deployment state.

Events are hosted regularly and opportunities to earn extra income during weekends or when off primary duty are numerous.

I hope this article inspires you to solve your financial problems while serving.

CSN Team.

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