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How to Write a Meaningful Condolence Letter 2022 Update

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– Write a Meaningful Condolence Letter –

Write a Meaningful Condolence Letter:  Have you ever written a condolence letter before? Maybe not. It’s a lot of tasks. If you’re thinking about writing a condolence letter and you just don’t know how you’ve come to the right place.

How to Write a Meaningful Condolence Letter 2021 Update

When consoling a mourning friend or family member, words never seem enough. While there are many ways to express condolences, taking the time to send a thoughtful message, card or letter adds a personal touch when we find ourselves at a loss of words.

Grief has a way of affecting even the most seemingly strongest of us. Losing a loved one no matter how old has never been easy.

If you are a business person or part of a business, firm, or company, there are certain periods when your clients might lose a loved one or staff even and it is important to show them that you care beyond the business you transact with them.

When writing a condolence letter, it is important to state that you understand they are grieving. Don’t make your letter seem too patronizing but don’t belittle the loss either.

How to Write a Write a Meaningful Condolence Letter

1. Recognize the Loss

You can start by describing how you learned about death and voicing your dismay, assuming you haven’t heard the news from the person you’re writing to.


“I was touched and heartbroken when I heard from Bill last night about your father’s death.”

2. Convey your Sympathy

With all sincerity, straightforward language, offer your sympathy and emotional support.


“No words can adequately express my sadness, but I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.”

3. Take into Consideration the Decedent’s Special Qualities

Describe the qualities you most admire in him or her if you knew the deceased well. There are general qualities, such as hard-working, caring, funny, helpful, trustworthy, reliable, brave, tender-hearted, gentle, good with children or animals, or problem-solving, etc.


“Your father was not only an exceptionally generous and warmhearted man but one of the happiest I’ve ever known. He never seemed to lose his capacity to enjoy the small, simple pleasures of life.”

4. Recall a Specific Memory

If possible, relate an anecdote that evokes the special qualities of the person. This can be a specific memory or a general period in the decedent’s life that impacted you in some way.


“I remember walking through the town park just a few months ago and seeing him in the playground with his granddaughter Ella.

They were together on the seesaw and, from the look on their faces, it was hard to tell who was having more fun, the seven-year-old girl or her seventy-year-old grandpa.”

5. Remind the Bereaved Person of their Own Personal Strengths

The death of a loved one can render a person so emotionally fragile and profoundly insecure. Often a few reassuring words can have a rich and deep impact in bolstering the bereaved’s sense of self-worth.

In your condolence letter, be sure to remind the mourner of their own strength and resilience.


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“From personal experience, I know how hard it is to lose a father. But I also know that, like your father, you are a person of great inner strength and resilience and that these qualities will help see you through this difficult time.”

6. Try to Support

People can still use a little support to cope with the everyday demands of life in the early stages of grief. Simple things such as cooking, washing, running errands, and so on can become daunting.

This is a chance for you to reach out in a really realistic way and help.

If you are ready and willing to assist in specific ways, say so. Generalized offers – “If I can help out in any way, let me know” – are much less effective and tend to ring a little hollow. Rather, offer to pick up groceries, clean the house, mow the yard, or babysit the kids.


“As someone who cares deeply about you and your family, I hope you’ll allow me to help out in the coming weeks. I’ll call in a few days to see if there’s anything I can do.

I was thinking I could babysit the kids and while I’m there I can help weed your lovely garden – that’s something I would enjoy doing for you!”

7. Summarize with a Thoughtful Phrase

The standard sign-offs are perfectly fine-“sincerely,” “best wishes,” “yours truly,” “warmly,” or the like-but end your condolence letter with a final, sentimental phrase to add a special note of concern and affection.


“You know you have my deepest sympathy and my friendship always.”

With that stated, I would give you a sample of a condolence letter to your client to help put it in perspective.

Sample Ways of Write a Meaningful Condolence Letter Your Client

Dear Mr. Kingsley Benjamin,

It is with despair that we received the sad news of your sister passing away during childbirth yesterday. Our public relations officer received the news yesterday and passed the information across to the management of our company.

The passing on of any human being is sad and it is even worse when the person who passed on is a loved one who is in the prime of their life, it is even more saddening. We also are aware that she left behind kids of her own.

During the course of our business dealings, it has become common knowledge to every member of our staff that you have a positive outlook of life, a zestful persona, and as open as can be.

Our the years, you have become even more than just a cherished client but a friend of our company as attested by our staff who are always excited to see you.

On behalf of the management and staff of Ascom Marketing Company, we pray that the good Lord grants you the fortitude to bear the dear loss and you find consolation in our condolence messages and those of others you have been receivin.

We hope you heal as soon as possible and get back to being a source of joy and inspiration to all and sundry.

Looking forward to continuing interacting with and doing business with you as always.

Once again, do accept our heartfelt regards.

Yours sincerely,

Kingsley Mark.

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