Top 6 Industries in Nigeria and What they Produce

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Top 6 Industries in Nigeria and What they Produce.

Industries in Nigeria and What the Produce: Nigeria is a large and growing country with a booming industry. But what do you know about the Nigerian industries? Can you name the main industries in Nigeria?.

In this article, you have a comprehensive detail about the top industries in Nigeria and what the produce.

1. Construction/Real estate

This sector covers everything that concerns real estate, from site preparation, construction to property management. The products of this industry are all sorts of buildings and non-building structures for sale, as well as engineering services, real estate services, construction, and preparations of roads and bridges.

2. Agriculture

Nigerian soil is very fertile, and its agriculture industry is capable of feeding several countries. Agriculture in Nigeria consists of various units responsible for agriculture in general, as well as fishing and hunting.

This industrial sector has several sub-sectors, which include crop production, livestock, and one unit that covers hunting, fishing, and trapping. Agriculture produces crops, domestic animals, and their products, as well as fish.

 3. Healthcare

Companies in this sector are aimed at providing all sorts of healthcare services, including actual healthcare (preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and remedial measures, insurance), medicine, medical equipment, and supplies. In addition to all that, companies that work in the field of research and marketing of medicine and biotechnology also belong to this sector.

4. Information and Communications Technology

ICT is responsible for providing everyone with electronics, software, the Internet, and telecommunication services. Companies of this sector are very diverse, as both major mobile carriers and small Internet cafes belong to it.

ICT provides its services and goods both to other industries and to consumers directly. Everything electronic you can think of, from mobile phones and TV to fax machines comes from this sector, as well as the services that provide connectivity.

5. Oil and Gas 

As one of the most prominent industries in Nigeria, this sector deals with all sorts of things that concern coal, petroleum, gas, and oil. This means that the companies deal with extraction, refinement, distribution, and marketing of the oil and gas products and by-products. At the same time, companies that provide drilling equipment and construction services also belong to this sector.

6. Services

This industry is all about services. There are too many of them to list, but just so that you have the idea, some of them include retail, transportation, delivery, advertisement, entertainment, hospitality, tourism, waste management, and other services. Companies of this sector provide services to individuals, businesses, government organizations, and other industries.

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