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January 2022 Italian Baby Names Having Very Interesting Meanings

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– Italian Baby Names –

Much like the other Romance languages, Italian baby names may have originated in Latin, or they may be Latinised versions of names from other languages. Traditionally, Italian parents choose their children’s names based on the name of a grandparent, choosing names from the father’s side of the family first and then from the mother’s side.

Italian Baby Names Having Very Interesting Meanings

If naming your child is giving you some stress, then try out some exotic names. Among the list of suitable exotic names are Italian baby names on the top of the charts. You are going to find in this article some amazing Italian baby names accompanied by their meanings.

Italian Baby Girl Names

These Italian baby names include those that are popular in Italy, as well as those with ancient Roman or Latin roots.

1. Abriana: Feminine form of Abraham.

2. Aida: If you were a Parenthood fan, you know that Crosby and Jasmine took this name for their baby daughter. It means “happy.” What’s happier than bringing a baby girl into the world?

3. Alessia:  A variation of Alexa or Alyssa, this name means “defending warrior.” It’s pretty and different, but not too different that no one will be able to pronounce it.

4. Amalia: This is such a gorgeous name…it’s hard to believe it means “work.” If you’re into nicknames, Mia would be a cute one.

5. Antonella: The feminine of Antoni (Anthony), this princessy Italian baby name for girls means “praiseworthy.”

6. Antonietta: The feminine version of Antonio, this unusual yet striking name means “priceless one.” It’s a strong name for a strong little lady.

7. Beatrice: She who makes merriment

8. Bella: A classic and forever favorite from one generation to the next, Bella means “beautiful”…and sounds it, too!

9. Bettina: This is a quirky Italian girls’ name that’s picking up speed. It’s a name with both German and Italian roots (“God is my oath”) and is actually a composite in Italian of two other names: Elisabetta and Benedetta. 

10. Bria: Liveliness, animated, or vigorous

11. Camilla: The popular Italian name means “perfect,” and it would be just that for a new baby girl. 

12. Carina: Little beloved one

13. Carmella: Soft and sweet, just like your baby girl! It means “garden.” Just get ready to hear more than a few Sopranos references.

14. Concetta: Adorable, right? This name means “pure.” And it’s likely your daughter would be the only “Concetta” — the name isn’t well-known in the U.S. Yet.

15. Contessa: This chic Italian baby name means “royalty,” making it a gorgeous pick for your little princess. 

16. Donatella: With a connection to the fashion world thanks to the iconic Versace, this unique Italian baby girl name meaning “gift” or “gift of God” has undeniably stylish connotations. 

17. Elena: Shining light

18. Elia: It’s a pretty take on more common American baby girl names Ella and Ellie. Not to mention, you can adopt this Italian baby name for a boy by changing the” to an “o.”

19. Elisa: God is my oath.

20. Evelina: Names that start with the letters “Ev…” are popular right now, but this beautiful version stands out from the rest.

21. Flavia: Meaning “golden” or “blonde,” this centuries-old traditional Italian baby girl name rolls beautifully off the tongue. 

22. Francesca: An Italian variation on the classic name Frances, Francesa is rising in popularity (in both the U.S. and Italy) and means “from France or free man.” You can call her Frankie for short.

23. Gabriella: God is my strength

24. Gianna: Meaning “the Lord is gracious,” this stunning name is the Latin feminization of John (who knew?).

25. Ginevra: Fair one; it is the Italian form of Jennifer.

26. Gioia: It’s pronounced like “Joya” and simply means “joy.” It’s a perfect name for your bundle of joy.

27. Gioia: Jewel or precious object

28. Grazia: It’s a short and sweet baby girl name meaning “grace” in Italian, and it has a luxe and exotic sound to it. 

29. Ilaria: Meaning “cheerful.” It is the Italian form of Hilary.

30. Ilina: My god is Yahweh

31. Lucia: It’s the number one baby name in Spain, but in the U.S., it’s not as common. This darling name means “light.”

32. Luna: Luna means “moon,” and sounds just as glowy and lovely as this Italian baby name’s meaning implies. 

33. Mariella. Yes, names ending in “-ella” are astoundingly popular, but this particular one is still fairly unique. It means “wished-for child.”

34. Mia: Mine or wished-for-child

35. Mirabella: Wondrous beauty

Frowning Baby

36. Miriam: Sea of bitterness

37. Nicole: Victory of the people

38. Adriana – Dark.

39. Aldabella – Most beautiful

40. Allegra– To be joyous

41. Alisa – The wise counselor, or the truthful one

42. Alma – Soul and spirit

43. Amadora – The gift of love

44. Angelina – God’s messenger

45. Annata – Grace

46. Aria – Air, melody

47. Ariana – The holiest one

48. Belinda – Beautiful

49. Bella – Beautiful, shortened version

50. Bellissa – Lovely, fair


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Cute Twins

51. Benedetta – Blesses

52. Bianca – Fair-haired, or of a fair complexion

53. Cameo – An engraved gemstone

54. Carlina– A free person

55. Carmelina – Vineyard – feminine version

56. Caterina – Entirely pure

57. Cella – Free one

58. Cipriana – From Cyprus

59. Daria – Owner of goodness

60. Delanna – Soft as wool

61. Donata – Gift – feminine version

62. Donna – Respectful woman

63. Elda – A battle maiden

64. Emilia – Competitor

65. Felice – Fortunate or happy

66. Fiorenza – Flower

67. Gemma– Jewel

68. Giorgetta – A girl from the farm

69. Giovanna– Gracious gift from God

70. Isabella – A form of Elizabeth

71. Lucia – Light – feminine version

72. Madonna – My lady

73. Mia – Belonging to me

74. Mimi– My, my! Also a pet name

75. Nora – Honor

76. Olivia – Olive

77. Oriana – Golden

78. Phebe – Radiant and bright

79. Pia – Pious

80. Renata – Reborn

81. Rosalia– Melody

82. Rufina – Woman with red hair

83. Serafina – Angel

84. Serena – Calm

85. Siena – A city in Tuscany

86. Susanna – A lily flower

87. Teresa – Harvester

88. Tessa – Countess

89. Vanni – Grace

90. Venetia – From the city of Venice

91. Vita – Full of life

92. Viviana – Lovely

93. Zita – The name of a 13th-century Tuscan saint

94. Zola – Ball of earth

95. Piera: A form of the more common Petra, this baby girl name means “rock,” and it is a lovely and solid choice for baby girls. Plus, it’s a clever way to name your baby girl after a beloved Peter in the family. 

96. Raphaela: “God has healed.” It’s a gorgeous Italian name for baby girls that manage to sound flowery and powerful at once. 

97. Rosetta: If you’re considering Rose or Rosa but want something a little different, consider the Italian version, meaning “splendid.” Then you can call her Rosie for short — splendid!

98. Serafina: The unique Italian baby girl name means “ardent” or passionate, and it has quite an ethereal quality to it.

99. Sicily: It’s a more contemporary choice to give a child an Italian place name, and this name, after the Italian island in the South, is a great way to do it. 

100. Siena. There’s something so likable about this gentle name, perhaps because it conjures up images of the vibrant Tuscan town of the same name.

101. Sofia: Wisdom and skill

102. Valentina: Healthy and strong

103. Violetta. This name means “purple.” Shocked? We didn’t think so. If you have your heart set on a flower name for your baby, this could be a beautiful twist.

Young Baby

Italian Baby Names for Boys

Are you a Shakespeare fan? You might like Romeo, which simply means “a Roman,” or Stefano, of  The Tempest and The Merchant of Venice fame, which means “crown or victorious” for your baby boy.

 Here are a few of the most popular Italian baby boy names.

1. Abramo: The name means “father of many” and has a warm and inviting sound.  

2. Alonzo: In Italian, this name means “noble, ready” and is a solid pick for a son born anywhere. 

3. Brando: This less-popular Italian baby name for boys translates to “brilliant raven; fiery torch; beacon,” setting him up for a lifetime of energy and influence. 

4. Cosimo: Your little boy would share this noble name with bold figures from history including three grand dukes of Tuscany. This Italian baby name sounds star-gazy despite its down-to-earth meaning: “Order.”

5. Dario: The common Italian baby boy’s name meaning “kingly” is a handsome choice for a sweet new son. 

6. Emiliano: It’s a rebel name for boys meaning “rival.” Through its five syllables make this Italian baby name a mouthful, it isn’t overbearing. The adorable built-in nickname (Milo) makes it just about irresistible!

7. Enzo: This is a form of Henry meaning “winner” or “ruler of the house.” It bears mentioning that your little boy would share this cool-kid name with Italian race-car driver Enzo Ferrari who founded the famed sports car line. 

8. Giovanni: Italy’s version of Jonathan is a cool choice if you have a John in the family you’d like to name the baby after. The name means “God is gracious” and can be adapted for girls by simply changing the “i” at the end to an “a.” Gio is a cute nickname; Van or Vanni is the edgier option. 

9. Lorenzo: It’s a classic choice for Italian baby boys, meaning Laurence—“from the laurel trees.” This Shakespeare name recently saw a popularity uptick after being given to MTV reality star Nicole Polizzi’s first son in 2012. 

10. Luca: This popular Italian baby boy name technically translates to “citizen of Lucania,” a region of Italy known for its mountains and forests. The alternate meaning “bringer of light” launches it to the top of our favorites list. 

11. Matteo: The Italian version of Matthew means “gift of God.” Matt is an easy, Americanized nickname, while Teo (“TAY-o”) would be cute, too.

12. Romeo: While the actual meaning is “a pilgrim from Rome,” this romantic Italian baby name for boys has obvious Shakespearean subtext. It would be a beautiful pick for your little one, who could easily go by Romy for short. 

13. Santino: This is such a cute baby boy name for your “little saint.” While not overused at all, it’s easy to pronounce and spell—the best of both worlds in baby naming. 

14. Sergio: The Italian baby boys’ name meaning “attendant” has an energetic connotation for English-speakers thanks to the proximity to our word “surge.” He can go by Gio for short, which is a fun nickname for any little boy. 

Italian Baby Names

Italian Baby Names for both Boys and Girls

1. Ambrosi: It means “immortal,” and this gorgeous Italian baby’s name sounds as powerful as its meaning implies. 

2. Armani: Another popular fashion name for your little girl or boy. This one means “warrior” and has obvious links to the celebrated designer. 

3. Capri: In keeping with the newer influx of “place names” in Italian, this choice after the island off Naples gives major beach vibes—and we’re loving it.

4. Gianni: While it’s technically a shortened version of Giovanni, this nickname (“Johnny”) meaning “God is gracious” is slowly being used as a stand-alone name for boys and girls. 

5. Monaco: The Italian meaning is “monk-like,” but aside from those studious and frugal connotations, it also sounds like a place…and the country by this same name is Italy-adjacent!

6. Sole: The beautiful Italian word for “sun” would make a perfect name for your son… or daughter! 

7. Volta: Meaning a “turn” or “rotation,” Volta is one of those rare Italian baby names that are truly and inherently gender neutral. 

Italian baby names hold so much excitement. You only need to take out some time to choose a cute one for your baby and the rest is history. Italian baby names are cool, nice, and appealing. Of the different exotic names and languages, they rated Italian baby names high because of their unique features of sweetness and fun. 

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