45 Bible Baby Boy Names Starting With ‘j’ and Their Meanings

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If that’s what you’re searching for, some cool J cast members in the Bible with significant names for your child’s baptism ceremony then you are at the right place.

J names in the bible

This particular set of cool Biblical names with initial ‘J’ has made a proper entrance, and you will be able to get the most suitable selection of names from them.

It is true so let’s take the road that is less exhausting and more enjoyable, just have a seat, and chill your drink(s) as you look for the best of the child’s name(s) among hundreds of names.

Bible Names Starting With ‘j’ With Their Meanings

1. Jacob – ‘He is supplanted, or is the one who follows.’

2. Joshua – “Yahweh is the salvation.

3. Jeremiah – “Yahweh exalts”

4. Joseph – “God shall add.”

5. John – “Yahweh, to You be gracious.”

6. Jesus – “God is salvation.”

7. Jonah – “chevron” or “messenger”.

8. Judah – “praise”

9. Jael – “Mountain Goat.”

10. Jabez- “pain or sorrow.”

11. Jabez – “he brings destruction.”

12. James- “ousted.”

13. Jamin – “right hand.”

Special ‘j’ Bible Names for Baby Boys

Special ‘j’ Bible Names for Baby Boys

14. Jahaziel-“God beholds me,” “God hears me,” God Knows that I am.”

15. Jir – “Abolisher of Heedlessness” or “He will recall to their senses”

16. Jared – “coming down from” or “a person who is descended from”

17. Jasher – “righteous or upright.”

18. ​​Jathniel – “gift of God”​​

19. Jedidiah-  ”Yahweh loves him” 22. Jethro- “abundance or overflow.”

20. Jehoshaphat- “God has judged perfectly well” or “God has judged rightly”.

21. Jerah- “Taught by God.”

22. Jeria- “see Yahweh” or “look at Yahweh.”

23. Jesui- “Just.”

24. Jeriel- “God has seen” or “God founded”

25. Jeroboam- “For the people there are many.”

26. Jesse- “gift” or “from God” 

27. Jesimiel- “God grants.”

28. Joab – “God is the father/supreme one”

29. Joel- “Yeshuah is our God.”

30. Jonah- “the crow” or “peace.”

31. Jerubbaal- “Let baal contend.”

Thoughtful ‘j’ Starting Biblical Boy Names

Thoughtful ‘j’ Starting Biblical Boy Names

34. Jordan– “to go down.”

35. Joseph- “may Yahweh increase.”

36. Josiah- “the Lord Supports” or “..the Lord Cures”

37. Jotham- “LORD Almighty, who is the Supreme Being.”

38. Judah- “praise”

39. Jerimoth- “Heights.”

40. Jeriel- “God has seen.”

41. Justin- “exactly” or “justly” 

42. Justus- “just” or “righteous” or “morally good” 

43. Jairus- “to illumine” or “to awaken” 

44. Jason- “healer.”

45. Jericho- “City of the moon.”

Noting Fact: The most prominent figure amongst them is without doubt the prophet Jeremiah. Huh, you know Jonah is a prophet but I think people don’t remember it so you might deliver your name like that and God would be closer to him.

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