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Top Ten Jobs in Nigeria that Don’t Require a CV or Resume

Filed in Articles by on July 8, 2020

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Top Ten Jobs in Nigeria that Don’t Require a CV or Resume.

Top Ten Jobs in Nigeria that Don’t Require a CV or Resume Most jobs vacancies or job positions would need you to submit a CV which would be filled with all of your qualifications, objectives, skill sets and everything required in a standard CV before you get a job but in Nigeria, what are the top 10 jobs that a CV won’t be required.

Top 10 Jobs in Nigeria that Doesn't Require a CV

Freelance Author

This is the foremost common on-line Job in the African nation. The submission of written articles doesn’t need to be physically placed in an exceedingly company’s workplace. Thus, being a contract author is one in all the foremost common work from home jobs in the African nation. Qualifications requirements are not complicated. This is one of the jobs in Nigeria that doesn’t require a CV.    

You ought to have a decent portfolio of written works; His/her writing should be compelling enough to carry several readers’ attention.  As well, writers should be dynamic to be able to give explanations in an exceedingly easy manner instead of in an exceedingly technical fashion. Of course, as content are announce on the net, candidates should have a decent understanding of net ideas and possess familiarity on optimizing content on-line. 

Often, writers would have to write 5 to ten articles in an exceedingly week with a colossal array of topics given by the publisher. A 700-word article typically is reminiscent of #1000, whereas 1500-word article prices #1,500. In most areas, higher rates are applied. Some even give #2,000 per article, based on the depth of the subject and therefore the set of necessities.


Quite almost like a contract author, a translator writes articles with identical content solely translated from original articles written in an exceedingly completely different language. Several Nigerians reputedly fluently speak and write in second languages asides English. The main in-demand languages are; Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Portuguese. 

Firms would favor candidates that recognize one or 2 of those languages. If you’re improved as a linguist and recognize quite 3 languages that have high demands for translation jobs, you’ll very earn a good pay for this translating job.

Sales Representative

Work-from-home sales representatives would be answerable of data and communication technologies services like registration of domains, hosting and knowledge center services, putting in place of company email accounts, etc. Income might be commission-based and salary-based. To sell, as a sales rep, you’ll be expected to perform mass mailing, data processing for leads, and cold occupation. 

Numbers and knowledge can either be provided by your company or researched on your own. You’ll even be to blame for accounts negotiation, on-line presentation, and shutting of deals. At the latter half, sales reps take upcharge, an assortment of payment, and support tasks. Hence, candidates should possess sales expertise within the ICT trade with a nice technical background.

Virtual Assistant

The job of a virtual assistant spans from analysis work to support that comes with help desk tasks and is one of the Jobs that don’t require a CV. If you’re thinking of operating as a virtual assistant, be prepared for firms to assess if you’re sensible in speaking and writing in English – being the language in the African nation. This on-line job needs a polite tone in respondent and creating support calls, handling e-mails of consumers and different help responsibilities. This body role pays up to concerning #3,000 per hour.

Graphic Designer

Graphics planning jobs’ demands are very high in recent years. If you’re accomplished in planning graphics like logos and animations, you’ll lodge in home associate degreed earn up to $60 an hour. A colossal portfolio of inventive styles and Flash works is your price ticket to obtaining employed by firms concerned in on-line work sites.

Web Designer/Developer

Working as an internet site designer involves you to be able to produce the design, layout, and options of an internet site. It’s employment that involves a decent knowledge of graphic style and computer programming. Having a decent portfolio of happy shoppers can go an extended approach in serving to you get shoppers. Shopper satisfaction is incredibly necessary because it opens doors to referrals from shoppers you’re employed with. 

SEO Analyst

You can also get employed as an SEO analyst where your understanding of website rankings and features within the search engine optimization niche works. Program optimization is that the combination of various techniques won’t facilitate an internet site to increase its rankings inside a look engines results page or “SERP” because it is understood within the trade.

 Now as a result of the ever-growing range of internet sites that area units printed daily, the consequence is that the range of individuals having the ability to search out them decreases. 

The techniques and methods used area unit varied but, it’d be wise to browse the search engine’s tips and terms of service. Typically your work can involve serving to assess if the web site follows best style practices, making sensible content, and promoting it to the company’s user base to form backlinks.

 Despite the data associate degreed work needed being an SEO advisor are often a profitable job once your sweet-faced with sensible results, and it will have a steady growing demand within the jobs market that conjointly makes it pay well for the correct applier.

Social Media Analyst

To work from home as a Social Media Analyst, you’ll have to be compelled to your selling background to enhance and build a companies’ online presence and complete awareness through the economical use of social media networks, blogs, and on-line program optimization. Apparently, it’s a growing space of business selling that needs people with sturdy on-line communication and business analytical skills.

As a social media analyst, you’ll be saddled with the responsibility of making and maintaining a company’s presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram amongst others. In some cases, you’ll be expected to take care of the company’s blogs. you’ll even be answerable of accelerating the company’s complete exposure through program optimization (SEO) and by finding ways that to use these keywords in selling methods.

In Nigeria, you’ll charge between N40,000 to N200,000 monthly acting from home as a social media analyst; counting on the corporate and what they need of you in terms of expectations. Bear in mind that firms feel more leisurely operating with therefore social media analysts that have worked within the same niche with different brands so you would possibly need to garner some expertise during this regard.

Youtube Vlogger

Did you recognize that you simply will build the maximum amount as N182,500 acting from home as a Vlogger? American state affirmative you’ll and now’s an ideal time to require advantage of the chance provided by Youtube to create cash from its partner program. You can make videos about pranks, trending issues, how-tos and so much more.

Affiliate Marketing

As a beginner, affiliate selling may at the start sway be a tough curve to barter however with time and a few expertise, it becomes employment you’ll get done from the comfort of your home. Affiliate selling could be a variety of performance-based selling within which a business rewards one or a lot of affiliates (you) for every traveler or client brought by the affiliate’s own selling efforts. currently that we have that out of the approach, you ought to conjointly recognize that you’ll build cash whenever somebody makes a free signup or purchases from the advertiser’s web site then he/she gets the commission.

A lot of Nigerian firms have gone into currently into affiliate selling associate degreed you’ll simply realize many affiliate programs wherever you’ll register as an affiliate.

Companies like Konga, Jumia, e.t.c and a bunch of other area unit sensible programs to latch on to.

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