How to be a Member of the Nigerian Youth Parliament

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How to be a Member of the Nigerian Youth Parliament – Full Guide.

Join Nigerian Youth Parliament: You’ve properly heard of the Nigerian Youth Parliament or if you are a frequent user of social media platforms, especially Twitter, you would have come across this as one of the trending topics and during one of the many discussions online.

Nigerian Youth Parliament


The Nigerian Youth Parliament is the umbrella body for Nigerian youths created with the aim of making platforms for and giving opportunities to youths to project themselves in the right light and turn their potentials and dreams into realities which would meet up with the standards set by young persons in the developed countries world over.

Since its inception, the Nigerian Youths Parliament has strived to put the Nigerian youths at the front burner of national discourses and ensuing youths do not get relegated to the background in the scheme of things in Nigeria.

Recently in June 2018 after years and months of campaign, lobbying and discussions with the Federal Government of Nigeria, the Nigerian Youth Parliament finally convinced the Presidency to sign the “Not Too Young to Run” bill.

Main Executive Members

  • Speaker
  • Deputy Speaker
  • Majority Leader
  • Deputy Leader
  • Chief Whip
  • Minority Leader
  • Deputy Leader
  • Deputy Minority Leader

Aims and Objectives

The Nigerian Youth Parliament was created with many objectives but the key or main objectives would be stated below

  1. To encourage and groom Nigerian youths to get involved in policy making and decisions about Nigeria as a country and policy making efforts or processes that would be binding on the Nigerian youth in particular.
  2. To provide opportunities for youths to learn about democracy, democratic processes and how to full get involved.
  3. To serve as the building and mentoring platforms for parliamentarians of the future.
  4. To debate issues of local, state and national importance.
  5. To hold the government and those in the corridors of power accountable for their actions.
  6. To act as a lobbying group for Nigerian youths
  7. To enforce rules, regulations and conducts created by the body

Eligibility to Become a Member 

  1. Only people within the age range of 18 and 40 years old are eligible for membership
  2. Prospective members have to be Nigerians either by birth, marriage, naturalization or with one or more their parents being Nigerians.

How to Register as a Member of Nigeria Youth Parliament

There are several ways of registering as a member

  1. To register to join the Nigeria Youth Parliament as a member, visit the official website which
  2. Visit the offices of the Nigerian Youth Parliament in your states or L.G.As

The national office is at HB 44, House of Representatives, National Assembly, Abuja, Nigeria. Alternatively, you can contact the Nigerian Youth Parliament via email using the following email addresses [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]

Advantages of being a member of the Nigerian Youth Parliament

  • It gives you as Nigerian youth a more visible and youth-friendly platform to express yourself
  • You also get the best platform to launch your political career and activism.

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