How to Join Bolt in Lagos and Abuja 2024 With Ease

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2024 has a new update concerning how to join Bolt in Lagos and Abuja effortlessly and even without having to undergo any form of tutorial.

How to Join Bolt in Lagos and Abuja

The need for convenient driving services is increasing in Nigeria, especially in metropolitan areas like Lagos. With doubtlessness, Bolt Nigeria is one of the best riding services Nigerians can count on.

How to Join Bolt in Lagos and Abuja

To join Bolt in Lagos and Abuja, you need to register first, and to register you need to:

Log on to and register,

Provide the details of the vehicle owner such as name, email address, phone number, and bank details if required,

After the registration is completed, an invitation to attend an onboarding session will be sent.

Owners of 3 or more cars can register for a fleet account at

Vehicle and Document Requirements for Taxify Drivers/Partners

For you to be qualified as a driver, you must be able to meet the conditions below;

Provision of a valid driving license

Attending the Taxify driver training program (this is where each driver-partner will be enlightened on how to use the Taxify driver app and maintain quality driving standards).

Below are the documents that a driver-partner must provide for his vehicle:

  • Vehicle Inspection Report Issued by AutoGenius
  • Taxify Cover

The conditions for the acceptance of vehicles are:

  • Taxify doesn’t approve of hatchback vehicles (Vehicles must be SUVs or Sedans with 4 doors)
  • The vehicle must be in working order
  • Vehicle must be able to occupy a minimum of 4 passengers
  • The vehicle must be a 2003 or later model

Steps to Get Activated

1. Carry out vehicle inspection at any Auto Genius inspection centers, the inspection costs N2000.

2. Check your email for the inspection report.

3. Ensure to go with the required documents and vehicle for inspection. They are:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Attend driver training for effective use of Taxify
  • Taxify cover
  • An Auto Genius Vehicle Inspection report
  • Vehicles not older than 10 years from manufacturing date or newer
  • Only four (4) doors of Sedans and SUVs are acceptable
  • The vehicle must be in good condition and must contain four passengers.

4. Visit the office for the onboarding sessions which are held on Mondays to Thursdays at 11 am for the first session and 1:30 for the second session and special sessions on Fridays at noon.

The required documents for the onboarding session include:

  • An Auto Genius inspection report
  • The vehicle License

With the steps and procedures above, joining Bolt in Lagos and Abuja is simple, and stress-free.

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