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Jumia Founder Net Worth 2022, Biography, Career, and Net worth



– Jumia Founder Net Worth 2022 –

Jumia Founder Net Worth 2022: Jumia is an online marketplace in Africa for electronics, and fashion among others. Also, the company offers a logistics service. And this enables the shipment and delivery of packages from sellers to consumers. Jumia Founder Net Worth 2021, Biography, Career, and Net worth

Jumia offers a payment service. And this facilitates transactions among participants active on Jumia’s platform in selected markets. Also, it has partnered with over 50,000 local African companies and individuals.

Jumia Founder Net Worth 2021: A Historical Consideration

In 2012, Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec, ex-McKinsey consultants, founded Jumia along with Tunde Kehinde and Raphael Kofi Afaedor.

They launched it in Lagos in 2012. Also, it expanded to five other countries. EgyptMoroccoIvory CoastKenya, and South Africa.

In 2014, the company launched offices in TunisiaTanzaniaGhana, Cameroon,Algeria, and Uganda, and by 2018 it was present in 14 African countries.

However, in Egypt, Jumia has been trying to categorize itself as one of the leading e-commerce websites. In June 2013, Jumia launched Jumia Travel.

And it launched a hotel booking platform. Also, it launched Jumia Food, a food delivery platform.


Jumia Generated Revenue about Five Years Ago

In 2015, Jumia generated $234 million in revenue. And this stands for a 265% growth from 2014. Also, in 2016, Jumia became the continent’s first unicorn.

They valued it at over 1 billion USD. And in late November 2018, Jumia partnered with cryptocurrency company Telcoin.

The above partnering was to enhance payment service capabilities throughout their areas of operation. The same month, Jumia and Carrefour signed a partnership to sell online products in Africa.

Additional Information

Also, in April 2019, Jumia went public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). And it raised $196 million in net proceeds.

The share price, initially offered at $14.50, rose over 200%. And this was in the first three trading sessions. Also, the first analyst papers release 21 days after the IPO rated the company at stock targets between 27 and 40 USD.

However, after reaching a peak of nearly $50 on May 1, 2019, the share value has declined to under $5/share by year’s end.

Jumia Amazing Announcements

In November 2019, Jumia announced the suspension of its e-commerce operations in Cameroon. And this was to be effective on 18 November.

Also, it concluded that its transactional portal is currently not suitable for the current environment in Cameroon. Also, as part of the portfolio optimization effort, note. Jumia later ceased operations in Tanzania.

That of Tanzania was to be effective on November 27, 2019. While Jumia operations in Tanzania provided many opportunities for customers and vendors, note.

More Details

The company said it needed to focus its resources on other markets that can bring the best value and help Jumia thrive.

Thus, the decision, the company affirmed, would help it achieve greater success in the future. On 9 December 2019, Jumia suspended Jumia Food in Rwanda.

Hence, making it the 3rd country in two months as part of continuous monitoring of the business environment. And operating costs in the markets in which it operates.


Jumia Investors

In 2012, Kasuwa (which means Market in the Hausa Language) was launched with the support of Rocket InternetMTN, and Millicom.

And they later renamed it Jumia Group. Also, in March 2016, Jumia Group secured over €300M of funding from MTN, Rocket Internet, AXAGoldman SachsOrange, and CDC.

As of 2019, the largest shareholder was MTN Group. However, in December 2018, Pernod Ricard invested also in Jumia. Again, in March 2019, Jumia received 50 million euros in investments from Mastercard.

Awards and Recognition

Below are some awards and recognition of Jumia:

1. 2013 Brand Journalists Association of Nigeria Awards (Online Retail Brand of the Year).

2. Also, the 2013 World Retail Awards.

3. The 2014 Best Online Retail Brand of the Year Award.

4. 2015: E-commerce Customer Service Excellence Awards.

5. Also, in 2016: Jumia ranked 82nd in the Top WIRED 100 list.

6. Furthermore, 2017: Jumia is listed among the Massachusetts Institute of Technologys Smartest Companies 2017. Ranking 47 on the list, Jumia is the only African company named in MIT’s top 50 smartest companies.

7. 2019: Jumia crowned Tunisia’s best e-shop.

8. Also, in 2019: eCommerce Company of the Year Award in Nigeria.

Jumia Founder Net Worth 2021: Jeremy Hodara

He is one of the Co-CEO & founder Jumia Group

1. Location: Paris, Ile-de-France, France

2. Regions: European Union (EU)

3. Gender: Male

4. LinkedIn: View on LinkedIn

Jeremy Hodara is the Founder & Managing Director, Africa, and France at Rocket Internet GmbH. Before joining Rocket Internet as Managing Director France, note. Jeremy Hodara worked at McKinsey in France, India, and the US.

Also, he worked there for 7 years. While there, he was focusing on retail and e-commerce. Jeremy holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Jeremy Hodara has 3 current jobs including Co-CEO & founder Jumia at Jumia Group. Also, he is the founder and Managing Director at Africa Internet Holding. And the Managing Director Africa Internet Group at Rocket Internet.


FAQs on Jumia Founder Net Worth 

Below are the frequently asked questions on Jumia Founder Net Worth 

1. How much is Jumia net worth?

In 2016, Jumia became the continent’s first unicorn being valued over 1 billion USD.

2. Which is best Jumia or Konga?

Jumia is rated higher than Konga in terms of global internet engagement

3. Is Konga bigger than Jumia?

Jumia ranks 4,668 in global internet engagement, Konga ranks 21,077.

4. What is the difference between Konga and Jumia?

Jumia relies heavily on outsourcing in the areas of technology, logistics and warehousing but Konga prefers to build resources locally before expanding to African countries

5. Is Konga a public company?

In accordance, the company’s expansion plan is rooted in the listing as it hopes to raise both money and status

6. Who founded Konga?

Sim Shayaga

7. How much is Konga net worth?

Konga Now Worth $2 Billion

8. Is Jumia popular in Africa?

Jumia is the frontrunner in Africa’s e-commerce market

9. How much does jumia pay its staff?

The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at Jumia is $115,189, or $55 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $114,429, or $55 per hour.

10. How do Jumia make their money?

Jumia has diversified its profit model by introducing several revenue lines. 
These include revenue from first-party sales, advertising, value-added services and shipping fees. This is from 27.9 million orders.

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