How to Open a Keystone Bank Account

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Keystone bank is one of the quite newly emerged banks in Nigeria. It has grown in just a moment of breeze like an infant into a really big concern. Its agencies spread all over the country from north to south and east to west.

Keystone Bank Savings Registration Account


Taking place on Friday, August 5, 2011, succeeded by attaining its banking license from the Central bank of Nigeria, Keystone bank limited acquired Bank PHB’s assets and some liabilities.

But then, the rumor mill was already in motion when Keystone Bank reported the sale of the bank to investors for N25 billion ($81.5 million) on March 22 2017. 

The business was acquired by Sigma Golf River. Keystone Bank, which is an asset-acquiring bank, actually acquired the assets and part of the liabilities from the bank consortium of Bank PHB that was recently liquidated by Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON).

Simple Ways to Open a Keystone Bank Account

To open a Keystone Bank account, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the nearby Keystone Bank branch, or their website, to discuss the account opening process then decide on the kind of account that you want to open, accordingly. These can either be savings, current, or domiciliary accounts.

2. Fill in the application to register your account with your personal details, for example: your full name, your town or city , your birth date ,and your occupation.

3. Documents are also needed, including a letter of support , valid ID (e.g. national ID card, international passport, driver’s license , utility bill for address proof and passport-sized photographs.

4. Provide the final form together with the backup to the bank representative to be certified. If you fill in your application online, make sure you do that on the bank’s website and upload your copies of your documents.

5. After submitting and processing your application form the account number and other important data will be sent to you.

6. Set up an appointment with your bank to get your account activated; bring a modest amount of money for deposit, and pick up your ATM card and other account materials.

It is advised to use a Keystone Bank account to complete transactions or you can use the services given.

Can I Open a Keystone Bank Account Online?

You can absolutely use your smartphone or computer to open a Keystone Bank account, so the answer to your question is a yes. 

All that’s needed is head to the Keystone Bank website and click on the page that displays the options for opening a new account. 

Per the instructions, fill the form with your details using the online application form provided. Post the scanned photos of the documents that are necessary, for instance, valid ID, and proof of address. 

After filling in the form and getting documents ready for the bank, they will perform relevant checks and make a decision about your loan. Messages from your bank may reach you via either email or phone for the purpose of authentication. 

You will then get a call to confirm the account details after your application has been approved. These details will include your account number.

It might be necessary to personally visit one of the Keystone Bank branch offices to activate your bank account, deposit funds and get your ATM card. 

So, double-check to follow all the instructions through the entire process of opening the online account given by the bank.

What is the USSD Code for Keystone Bank?

Keystone Bank has a USSD code which is *7111# to make usage easier. This is how to use Keystone Bank’s USSD banking codes by dialing this code on your mobile phone and following the instructions sent to your screen. 

From the options that include account balance checking, fund transfer, buying airtime, paying bills, and many others, you can perform this using this USSD code. Call *7111# from your mobile phone, then follow the guidelines. 

Choose the service you need among three menu options. Ensure you have the necessary air time on your mobile device to complete the transaction as you may be charged network fees for standard stuff. 

Keystone Bank’s USSD banking service is one that gives users a convenient way of doing banking on the move without even the need to visit the internet or any bank branch.

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