Learn How to Become an Outstanding Yahoo Boy in Nigeria 2020 Update

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Learn How to Become an Outstanding Yahoo Boy in Nigeria 2020 Update.

How to Start a Yahoo Boy Career Successfully: The top actually caught your interest, didn’t it? Or, at least, it got you curious.

“Yahoo boy” seems to be one of the most popular catchphrases in Nigeria for more than a decade now and even more so in the last few years as many of them seem to flaunt their wealth in our faces, not minding what society thinks of them. So, who exactly is a Yahoo boy?

Learn How to Become an Outstanding Yahoo Boy in Nigeria

Who is a Yahoo Boy?

A Yahoo boy is basically a male who scams people of their money. They are also referred to as “419ners” which is the article of the Nigerian Criminal Code which spells out everything which has to do with fraud – what constitutes fraud and the penalties attached.

A Yahoo boy is in effect a con man, that is, a confidence trick man who gains the trust of the victims and eventually swindles them.

History of Yahoo Boys

“Yahoo Yahoo” as internet fraud or internet scam is mostly called in Nigeria, came to be popular in the early 2000s in Nigeria and spread to Ghana in recent years.

In no time, it became like a bug spreading quickly among young persons, especially as a get-rich-quick option.

With the wealth acquired from Yahoo Yahoo, youths numbering in their status started acquiring societal clout and influenced due to the new-found money they have.

These youths started purchasing expensive cars, fashion items, and even houses and real estate in the choicest part of the cities across Nigeria.

With this, even more, youths who also want to make money quickly are even more drawn to become Yahoo boys.

With the high level of unemployment amongst youths in Nigeria, many young men seem to have found the idea of being Yahoo boys very appealing.

The targets are mostly unsuspecting foreigners and most Yahoo boys are information technology experts and they seem to keep up with the trends of keeping themselves anonymous online and never be tracked.

What Format or Method Does a Yahoo Boy Use?

How exactly do Yahoo boys operate? What are the methods do they use?

To begin a Yahoo Yahoo career, Yahoo boys basically used the following:

  • A computer

Many begin with a Windows laptop then progress to use an Apple MacBook because of the better security features on the MacBook.

  • A stable and strong internet connection

A strong and reliable internet connection is very much needed since most of what is on the internet.

  • VPNs

VPN means Virtual Private Network which is basically a way to hide your identity online by changing your real location and IP address to different once which can’t exactly be traced to you.

How Yahoo Boys Operate

1. Dating scams:

Most start out with random dating scams which is basically done this way:

They sign up with their own accounts impersonating another person or creating fictional profiles for themselves, they fill the on the profiles with the details of their choice,

add photos which are attractive (most used to use women profiles in dating scams before but now they create profiles of white men or men serving in the military or who are highly placed.

Eventually, an unsuspecting personal whether man or woman falls in love with them – or the personalities they have created online- and starts chatting them up.

The thing is, most Yahoo boys are smart and are good in the art of conversations so when they start conversing with the would-be “clients” ( as Yahoo boys call the people they scam),

they gain the client’s confidence and begin to make the conversations even more personal and with time, the client who believes the person on the other side has fallen in love with them will start sending them money or gifts.

Some of the dating scam formats they use to get the confidence of the client in dating scams are:

2. Using impersonating the profiles of US and U.K soldiers serving in the Middle East:

When they do this, they lead the would-be clients to believe they are seeking for love and once they come back to the U.S or U.K from serving in the Middle East, they would meet up with the clients to continue the romantic relationships they have started.

They mostly get the pictures to imitate these soldiers by downloading pictures from the personal Instagram profiles of these soldiers.

Most times even when the clients ask for video calls, they usually give the excuse that the internet connection is poor where they are serving, and taking random pictures of their exact locations and surroundings is a security risk the U.S Army frowns against.

3. Spamming social media with fake messages:

Though risky, more persons are likely to click on the messages which would improve the chances of you getting personal details about them.

4. Deaden your conscience:

Basically, you would have to scam people which would mean you ditching your morality and your conscience.

5. You must know how to convince people:

Whether by begging, scripting help messages or the likes, you must know how to write these things in a very convincing way which would spur people to reach out to you and give you money.

There’s no limit to what a Yahoo would employ to convince people since gaining their confidence and making them send you money and gifts are the end goals.

6. Fake real estate business

They lure people to pay for apartments that are non-existent, especially foreigners. They package it in ways that are alluring.

7. Phishing

Phishing is basically the art of stealing the personal data of persons when they click on online website links you send to them. Most Yahoo boys do this by sending it via mail or private messages.

8. Credit card or ATM frauds

They get the details from people by stealing the details of their credit or ATM cards, sometimes posing as helpers to people who need help with their ATM cards.

Sometimes they send messages imitating. They also team up with bank staff to steal personal details of bank users and defraud them.

These days Yahoo boys don’t use cyber cafes but on their own laptops, investing a lot in VPNs to hide their identities.

While Yahoo Yahoo might pay and Yahoo boys make money from it and buy the most luxurious things, they always have a mark on their backs as they betray themselves by living lifestyles which no verifiable source of income to back it up or by their close friends or they eventually get traced by the authorities which are mostly the EFCC.

It is better to put in all of their smartness, energy, time, and resources into other profitable ventures. There are tons of skills to learn online which can fetch you money.

Crime always catches up with the criminal eventually.

Hope this was helpful? If yes, please share.

CSN Team.

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