Legit Ways You Can Make Money without Going to School 2022 Update

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Legit Ways You Can Make Money without Going to School 

Are you searching for how you can make money without going to school? The economy of the country has set an uprise of entrepreneurs, who are ready to take the bull by the horn. But with determination, you will need guidance.

In this article, we have made available some legit ways you can make money without going to school.

Legit Ways You Can Make Money without Going to School 2021 Update

Legit Ways You Can Make Money without Going to School

Due to the huge rate of unemployment most people have decided to start up their businesses and become bosses of their own. I will like to let you know of some legit ways you can make money without going to school.

See the 20 legit ways you can make money without going to school in Nigeria;

  1. Event planning
  2. Makeup and tying of head tie
  3. Photographer
  4. Repair of household appliances
  7. Promoting JUMIA Merchandise
  8. Promoting KONGA Merchandise
  9. Amazon Affiliate Program
  10. Domain Services Promotion
  11. Web Hosting Services Promotion
  12. Software/Apps Promotion
  13. Commission Junction (Cj)
  14. Shareasale
  15. Blogging
  16. Mini-Importation Business
  17. Audio Books
  18. T-Shirt Designs
  19.  Graphic And Art Design
  20. Being a UBER Driver

1. Event Planning

In Nigeria, lots of people especially the ladies and children love parties and events, starting up such a business won’t be a bad idea, and it doesn’t require much, and this is one of the growing ventures in Nigeria.

You can start this by organizing mini parties and other events; make sure your event goes well. In each of the events, you organize they must be pay before entering the event ground, as the gate fee.

As you grow you get more and more events, and the bigger your event is, the higher the pay of guests.

You must have good communication skills with people, be able to interact well and as an event planner, you must be a social type.

2. Makeup and Tying of Head Tie

Before you engage in this kind of training, you must make sure you are excellent at making people up and styling a head tie. Before this, you must have gone for training; you can now start up your own business.

Women do need a makeup artist and head tie styling especially during events, or parties because they always want to look astonishing and gorgeous.

So the more orders you get the more money you get, as you render these serveries you are being paid.

3. Photographer

Make sure you have the talent of a photographer, and all the equipment necessary to organize photoshoots for customers. You can conduct photo secession, edit pictures, and provide your clients with finished products.

Also, you can do this from home; you go to events, weddings, and parties, and so on. The more serious you are the more your business gets to progress.

4. Repair of Household Appliances

If you are so good at repairing household appliances, you can then start up a business. You can offer services to customers and get your pay at the end of the day; your duty is to restore damaged house appliances and so on.

With this, you can own a business card to promote your business.

5. Make Money on FIVERR

How to build cash online in the Federal Republic of Nigeria with Fiverr

The good part of Fiverr is this; there’s employment for everybody no matter skills and/or experience.

So, the primary step is to spot the talents you’re willing to figure with. Graphic style

  • Cartoon and Animations
  • Technical Writing
  • Digital promoting
  • SEO, on-line Advertising
  • Web Programming and CMS Installation
  • Web style and CSS Customization
  • Proofreading, Content promoting, and Translation services.

Once there’s a decent range of positive reviews for your account, alter the gig for gain and sail on to the larger part of your “make cash online” journey.


6. YOUTUBE Videos

Make money with YouTube Videos – In this section, I’ll show you ways to create cash online in the Federal Republic of Nigeria by uploading videos to YouTube additionally as show you a secret to form videos that produce cash whereas sleeping and extremely participating to your targeted audience.

An example of such Videos is -:

  • Comedy skits.
  • Unique dance moves.
  • How to prepare (a specific Nigerian dish).
  • DIY Guides
  • Live recording of native soccer matches, cultural displays, and alternative kinds of fun content.
  • Protected music background thereon. This methodology permits you to produce and transfer distinctive videos by recording your favorite Nigerian automaton games.
  • Edit and transfer the same to YouTube for profitable views.

7. Promoting JUMIA Merchandise

Jumia affiliate program permits you to earn cash online by promoting Jumia merchandise to African nations.

Visit and register here to become an Affiliate Partner.

8. Promoting KONGA Merchandise

Register and sign in on www.konga.com.ng. It works just like Jumia.

9. AMAZON Affiliate Program

How to build cash online with Amazon Associate Program

To be frank, here, the Amazon associate program isn’t a simple nut to crack for many newbies. This can be as a result of the niche is already dominated by prime USA, UK, Republic of India, and Australian marketers that are operating during this niche for like ages.

Amazon Affiliate program link https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/.

10. Domain Services Promotion

Web business is profitable, thus several businesses are becoming online with every having the maximum amount as ten domain names to its credit.

Besides, new bloggers, marketers, and Netpreneurs area unit on the net daily, looking for the simplest ways that to urge their business online safely.

Joining name services promotion is sort of straightforward.

11. WEB Hosting Services Promotion

In all, you’ll rank in sensible financial gain monthly by promoting hosting firms, SEO tools, and/or alternative profitable digital services.

12. Software/Apps Promotion

You can build cash online in the Federal Republic of Nigeria by language up to the affiliate services of such apps and suggest them to your purchasers by asking them to shop for such merchandise along with your affiliate link.

13.Commission Junction (Cj)

This permits you to build cash online by promoting merchandise from many classes.

Here, you’ll promote software packages, apps, online promoting tools, and simply any product that’s associated with your field or profession. Their official website is cj.com.

14. Shareasale

We’ll prefer to boost the affiliate programs list with Shareasale. They allow you to earn a decent total by promoting comptroller offers.

Prime vendors area unit already on this platform that builds it straightforward to create sales and discover some $$. The link to sign in to their affiliate program is here.

15. Blogging

A blog serves as an awesome marketing instrument for businesses, blogging is quite popular and this is as a result of the fact that blogging gives ordinary people the opportunity to be well known as well as make a decent living from their blogs.

16. Mini-Importation Business

Mini-importation is otherwise to create cash online in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. You’ll succeed with this niche if you have already got cheaper means than earning/sourcing for bucks.

Else, your best bet would be to shop for digital currency exchangers or from the parallel market.

Look for merchandise that will sell well. in your location while not a lot of competition. you’ll conjointly value more highly to sell them online via Konga, Jumia, Payporte, and alternative eCommerce stores that permit it.

Non-so-popular room appliances and varied.

Visit to import at competitive rates on Aliexpress, Gearbest, 1688.com, Taobao Marketplace or Alibaba.

You can begin with free shipping (up to a pair of weeks wait time) then progress to paid shifting choices once you start succeeding with it.

17. AudioBooks

These are similar to Ebooks but are in audio format.

18. T-Shirt Designs

Design trending ideas or slangs on shirts www.teespring.com is popular for this.

19. Graphic and Art Design

Shutterstock, for example, pays you for photographing African cultural displays.

20. UBER

You can build some further financial gain monthly by renting/using your car(s) for Uber and/or similar Services.

There are countless other Legit Ways You Can Make Money without Going to School but the above are some of the ones highlighted and explained above. There’s no excuse to start earning today.

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CSN Team.

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