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40 Matching Tattoos That Are Clever And Creative

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– Matching Tattoos –

Matching tattoos are popular among individuals and couples. Tattoo is common among friends, family members, coworkers, and everyone who doesn’t want to forget a loved one. On this page, we have 40 matching tattoos that are clever and creative.

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We have also compiled samples of matching tattoos for couples, best friend matching tattoos, matching sister tattoos, soulmate matching couple tattoos, and a host of others. 

So if you are married and you are looking for ideas for husband and wife matching tattoos? Never to worry, we have got you back.

Have this in mind; tattoos have always been a fascinating form of art! There are quite a variety of reasons for this, however, the most important is that the human body serves as the canvas, and most tattoos are extremely creative.

Because of this, even if there are hundreds of millions of people with tattoos, you can still come across unique and amazing pieces of art.

Tattoos represent a lot of things to people differently. This is based on their own point of view and the reasons behind it.

Married couples usually love ring finger tattoo even if they have wedding rings already on them. This oftentimes shows the world how much love they have for each other or as a sign that they are married.

Quickly, let’s look at some awesome creative matching tattoos below, shall we?


40 Matching Tattoos That Are Clever And Creative

Nowadays, tattoos are no longer a taboo subject for many individuals. Nowadays, having a tattoo is also a way to express to your significant other that you care about them.

Yes, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind the below matching tattoo ideas will keep you trilling, excited, and informed on the type of tattoo that will best suit you (if you wish to)

If you’ve never seen brilliant and amazing tattoos, then we are glad to announce to you we have them all listed below.

1. Sibling Tattoos

40 Matching Tattoos That Are Clever And Creative

There’s nothing better than having an older or younger sister for some families out there. You sometimes have some major disagreements with your brother or sister.

And even when such feelings come, deep inside, your relationship with your partner is unlike any other. What many people do is draw sibling tattoos among themselves.

2. Matching Tattoos for Couples

matching tattoos for couples

A fantastic idea to express your feelings for your partner is to get a tattoo of the two of you together.

Consider getting a tattoo to represent your affection for someone. Here is a matching couples tattoo for you

3. Best Friend Matching Tattoos

best friend matching tattoos

This best friend tattoos symbols explains that no matter what happens you will remain friends. It is a great way to build a stronger and lasting relationship.

4. Matching Sister Tattoos

matching sister tattoos

Above is a picture of a black ink sisters tattoo.

My best buddy is my sister, and I’m not ashamed to say that. For many women, their sister is a best friend, and the current rise in popularity of sister tattoos proves that.

5. Soulmate Matching Couple Tattoos

soulmate matching couple tattoos

This is a tattoo with I love you more symbol. This to some married couples, they see it make their love stronger and since it is theirs believe it works for them. Below is a unique couple of tattoos you should think of using.

6. Matching Friend Tattoos

matching friend tattoos

These are best Buds 🙂

Two best friends who have been in a relationship for a long time often want to let the world know that there is nothing that can come in between them.

The best way they do this is to create a matching friend tattoo.

7. Small Matching Tattoos

small matching tattoos

If you are looking for a simple small couple of tattoos or just a small tattoo, then this will best fit you.

8. Matching Cousin Tattoos

matching cousin tattoos

Even cousins have ways of keeping their bonds together. One popular sign that is being used by many people globally is “No matter what and no matter where”. 

9. Matching Family Tattoos

matching family tattoos

As a family, it is always awesome to be identified as one. And in some tribes, tribal marks are being used, but here in today’s world of technology, everyone can have a tattoo in the family in a more professional way.

10. Matching Mother Daughter Tattoos

matching mother daughter tattoos

How much do you love your mum? Are you so passionate about your daughter as well? That sounds great. You both can incorporate a tattoo as a symbol of love on your skin. This also helps to straighten the bond.


11. Matching Mom And Daughter Tattoos 

matching mom and daughter tattoos

Do you want people to see you and identify your daughter on the go? If yes, you are advised to used the same tattoo on you both with just a little variation. Try it out, it looks great.

12. Matching Sibling Tattoos

matching sibling tattoos

You cant destroy the bond among siblings..no not at all. If your love for your brother or sister is very strong you can wear the same tatto on your sin. It always looks amazing :-). You will love the below sample.

13. Relationship Matching Tattoos

relationship matching tattoos

If there is anything that builds a relationship is coperation. Even if you never wanted to have a tattoo on you, those who really love to save their relationship can get a very cute stylish relationship matching tattoo on them.

14. Sun And Moon Matching Tattoos

sun and moon matching tattoos

Do you have passion for the sun or moon as part of Gods creation? If yes, a simple tattoo design can go well on your skin. You may try it out if youy are so passionate about nature.

15. Brother And Sister Matching Tattoos

brother and sister matching tattoos

Think about getting a brother-sister tattoo to represent your relationship with your sibling if you’re searching for a unique encounter.

16. Cute Matching Tattoos

cute matching tattoos

To express your feelings for your partner, cute tattoos can be a powerful and significant way to show your affections.

Cute couple tattoos are an everlasting and lifelong symbol of love, dedication, trust, and faith, and they are a lifelong reminder of their relationship.

17. Husband And Wife Matching Tattoos

husband and wife matching tattoos

A picture of husband and wife matching tattoos holding hands together:

King and queen tattoos are the most popular choice for couples looking to get inked together.

King and Queen Tattoos come in a variety of styles, and each one has a distinct meaning. In the end, though, these tattoos have the same purpose: to express the deep affection shared by the couple.

18. Matching Brother Tattoos

matching brother tattoos

The honesty of brother tattoos clearly expresses sentimental kinship. Siblings’ unique imprints demonstrate an unbreakable bond that can’t be damaged by anyone or anything.

19. Matching Meaningful Couple Tattoos

matching meaningful couple tattoos

Here are love fingerprint ridges that also look beautiful on a married couple. Friends who are in relationship, boyfriend and girlfriend can make use of it as well. It all depends on the purpose used for. This couple tattoo looks awesome if you ask me.

20. Small Matching Tattoos For Couples

Small matching tattoos for couples

They say simple design sales fast and more. Oh yes i stand with that… but this doesnt mean other designh dont sale, it all depends on the usage, purpose and the advertorial aspects of it. As a couple the below simple tattoo design will look wow on you.

21. Cute Tiny Avocados

Cute Tiny Avocados

We know how much you adore avocados, but even guacamole and fried avocado tacos can’t quench your thirst. These avocado tattoos are a great way to show your love for the fruit. It is a great way of drawing tattoos on your skin if you really have a passion for this fruit.

22. Really Clever Best Friend Tattoo

Really Clever Best Friend Tattoo

These adorable and witty tattoos are designed for siblings who are inextricably linked by their affection for one another.

23. Matching Arrows That Line Up

Matching Arrows That Line Up

A picture of a unique couple tattoos: The trend of getting matching tattoos isn’t exclusive to couples. Many people who don’t want to forget about one another get their tattoos done jointly, especially if they’re related by blood.

24. Ice Age Couple Tattoos

Ice Age Couple Tattoos

It’s not just for couples to get matching tattoos! A look at these matching tattoos will have you wishing you could get one with a loved one.

25. Matching Wolf Tattoos

Matching Wolf Tattoos

One thing about a wolf tattoo is that it will give you that courage that you need and makes your enemies afraid. Some might think you are rough when you are not. This is like growing a beard.

26. Day And Night

Day And Night

For those of us who really appreciate nature, you can simply use a day and night tattoo symbol on your skin as a style or fashion if you wish to use a tattoo.

27. Beautiful Sun And Moon Tattoos

Beautiful Sun And Moon Tattoos

Tattoos of the sun and moon are a classic example of how to incorporate important elements into visually appealing designs, and tattoo lovers could not ask for anything more.

28. Couple Tattoo Of A Whale

Couple Tattoo Of A Whale

It’s not just for couples to get matching tattoos! A look at these matching tattoos will have you wishing you could get one with a loved one.

29. Cute Matching Birds

Cute Matching Birds

Tattoos show affection for friends, especially the ones you love dearly.

If you have matching love bird tattoos on you and your partner, it will really bond the love and affection to be very strong, it’s usually placed on arms or hands.

30. Little Fruits For A Couple

Little Fruits For A Couple

The appearance of matching tattoos on the body varies, “but tattoos are attractive & important,”, especially for couples, friends, brothers & sisters, relatives, and lovers. They’re a unique way to display their shared history and memories.

31. Matching Pulp Fiction Tattoos

Matching Pulp Fiction Tattoos

They say a picture has a thousand meanings. Below is an example of a matching pulp fiction tattoo. If you are a lover of fiction stories then you can incorporate that on your skin, it looks awesome.


32. Bow And Arrow For This Couple

bow and arrow couple tattoo meaning,couple tattoos,couple arrow tattoo,triangle couple tattoo meaning,arrow tattoo meaning,bow tattoo,infinity arrow tattoo,matching tattoos for guy best friends

A tattoo of a pair with a bow and arrow. There are two different bows in this complementing pair tattoo, but when they’re joined, they form one full image and they look beautiful.

33. Turtle Tattoo Design

Turtle Tatoo Design

The black ink of a Turtle Tattoo Design:

If they didn’t have a good sense of humor, they would have gone with something else instead of a T-Rex talking to a turtle on a tin can/wire ‘phone!’

34. Homer Simpson And A Huge Glazed Doughnut Tattoo Design

Homer Simpson and a huge glazed doughnut Tattoo Design

When it comes to Homer Simpson and a large glazed doughnut, there is no better combination than this. If you love this, you can try it out.

35. Harry Potter Witty Idea Tattoo Design

Harry Potter witty idea Tattoo Design

The concept that drives these simple couples tattoo design conversations is fantastic! We can only assume that the pair spent a significant amount of time together before getting these matching tattoos!

36. Pure Art Tattoo Design

Pure Art Tattoo Design

Using their own distinctive style and touches, some tattoo artists are able to achieve the effect of a piece of art. The matching tattoos displayed here are the best available representation of this!

37. Powerful Message Tattoo Design

Powerful Message Tattoo Design

Imagine this tattooed on your wrist, won’t you love it? This is a great illustration of how matching tattoos can be beautiful! This tattoo’s message is clear, and it’s absolutely amazing to look at!

38. The Little Prince Charming Tattoo Style

The Little Prince Charming Tattoo Style

It’s always motivating to see The Little Prince!  These two are the most stunning tattoos I’ve ever seen! When it comes to matching tattoos, these have to be among the best examples available!

39. Awesome Tattoo Idea

Awesome Tattoo Idea

This picture tattoo shows books and interprets to mean it has lived a thousand lives.

Our guess is that people have quite a wide range of interests, and these two tattoos really highlight how that looks from the outside! This is such a great concept!

40. Old Memories Tattoos

Old Memories Tattoos

These matching tattoos are small looking awesome on the leg.

We haven’t seen a new episode of Tom & Jerry in a long time, and we are already missing it! The specific reason that these two came up with is a brilliant idea and suggests that they may be dating :-)!

If you are a real fan of the Tom and Jerry cartoon, you can try this out – if you wish to. It looks cool.

Tattoo artist are really making a lot of money from this business. Tattoos are perfect for all those who love it. Don’t forget that tattoos represent a lot of things for many people.

Now you don’t need to have a matching tattoo idea before you can get one? You can as well use the sample used on this page to get matching tattoos for family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the matching tattoo ideas given above. See answers that works below.

Did the Lord of the Rings cast get matching tattoos?

The Fellowship’s actors got identical tattoos to solidify the relationships they’d formed in New Zealand after nearly two years of filming. Only one of the core cast members does not have the elvish “nine” tattooed on their body.

Is getting matching tattoos a bad pre-wedding activity?

Klapow is of the opinion that – “Getting matching tattoos is a sign that lovers feel profoundly enough about one another to practically transform the way they look,”  explains.
Matching tattoos could also be a creative approach to depict aspects of your relationship that are important to both of you.

Couple Tattoos Design Ideas to Inspire You.?

A couple’s decision to get matching tattoos is an important one.


Matching tattoos are popular among couples who want to commemorate special times in their lives together, such as the years they’ve spent together, their kids, loved ones they’ve lost, and countless other milestones.


Quotes- sun and moon, tribal – matching design – wolf – lock and key, Yin and Yang, and infinity are all fantastic choices for matching relationship tattoos.

Is it tacky having tattoos on both wrists?

Since your inner wrist (immediately underneath the palm of your hand) is fragile, slender and sensitive, getting a tattoo there can be a painful process.
Your inner wrists contain a plethora of nerves and veins, making it a very delicate spot.

What does a crescent moon tattoo mean?

The moon is a fantastic tattoo choice for anyone who believes in the celestial body’s impact, appreciates the vast night sky, or enjoys its aesthetic look.
Crescent moons, in particular, signify motherhood and fertility, however this is disputed.
According to Sarah Kim of Body Art & Soul Tattoo in Brooklyn, It represents expansion, creativity, and manifestation. A crescent moon tattoo has multiple meanings.
Chris Vasquez of West 4 Tattoo is also of the opinion that “Crescent moons usually represent fresh beginnings, new periods in life.” 

Why is it a bad idea to get matching tattoos?

It’s not completely an awful idea. If the person you want to get a matching tattoo with is someone you’re dating or your significant other, the relationship could end at any time.
If it doesn’t work out, you’ll be stuck with a lasting reminder of the failed relationship.
Having your partner’s, boyfriend’s, or girlfriend’s names inked may lead to the need to cover it up in the future.

What are some best creative tattoo ideas for couples?

Quotes, the sun and the moon, tribal designs, matching designs, wolves, lock and key, Yin and Yang, and infinity are all examples of matching couple tattoos.

What does a tattoo of sun and moon symbolize?

Symbolizing two opposing forces, the sun and moon tattoo represents life and death, good and bad, femininity and masculinity.

Have you ever gotten a matching tattoo?

Chuk Morton from Quora shares her opinion on this “
Yes and yes again.
First and foremost, get the *same* tattoo in the same spot.
Unfortunately, I got mine in a highly noticeable spot, which is usually apparent in short sleeves and is the only thing seen in tanks. Hers was hidden in a crevice on her back.
Second, get ones that are the same size. My bicep was around 5 inches, while hers was roughly the size of a quarter.
Third, ensure it’s a color you’re glad to wear, not one she wants, as she’ll be staring at it all day.
As a result, I now have a hot pink playboy bunny tattoo on my forearm.

Is it weird or cliche to get matching tattoos with your siblings?

Lucia Bradley from Quora is of the opinion that ” 
Only you and your siblings should be concerned about the tattoo. It’s not unusual, and I think it’s lovely. Moreover, you should not get tattoos depending on the opinions of others. It isn’t for them, and it isn’t their body.
Just go for it!
Dean Hart from Quora also shares his views on it
It doesn’t bother me in the least. Several of my acquaintances have tattoos that are identical to their parents’ or siblings’. If you’re not sure how to ask, simply do it!

Tattoos are great and many matching tattoo designs which has simple design are cherished by a lot of people. Feel free to use any of our unique matching tattoos such as; butterfly tattoo, moon tattoos

That was it on 40 Matching Tattoos That Are Clever And Creative. You have seen a lot of married couple tattoos, and a lot of other matching tattoo designs right?

So if you have a long-distance relationship, you and your partner can get couple tattoos to keep each other in mind. This could prevent cheating in a way.

If you enjoy what you have seen so far and you wish to share it with others, feel free to click on the social media share button to tell others about it.

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