Mauritius Visa for Nigerians Application Guide and Procedures 2021

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Mauritius Visa for Nigerians: In this article, I have given detailed information on the Mauritius visa for Nigerians. The Visa is a formal strap line issued by the Immigration Office of Mauritius.

Mauritius Visa for Nigerians Application Guide and Procedures 2021

The visa process can be stressful, but relax; you will be happy to know you can avoid the entire process and get your Mauritius visa on arrival!

Take note this visa is only valid for 14 days for Nigerians. Once you have everything sorted for your visit to this country, start thinking about all you can discover in Mauritius!

You could go exploring incredible landmarks, such as Le Morne Brabant and Crystal Rock.

Enjoy an adventure with the wealth of hiking trails through the magnificent Heritage Nature Reserve and Yanature.

Start getting ready for your trip by booking your cheap flights with Travelstart. Prepare to enjoy everything Mauritius offers!


Mauritius Visa on Arrival Requirements

The Mauritius visa on arrival only allows you to stay in the country for two weeks (14 days). You will not be able to get an extension for this type of visa.

There is no embassy for Mauritius in Nigeria. Make sure you have the following documents when you land in the country. You will get the visa application form when you arrive in Mauritius.

1. Passport size photographs

2. Your valid national passport and a copy

3. Your latest bank statement and a copy

4. A confirmation letter from your travel insurance company (showing that you have cover for your stay in Mauritius), and a copy

5. A reference letter from your employer or education establishment

6. Evidence of group travel if you are traveling in a group

7. Proof of accommodation booking reservation in Mauritius

8. Proof of airline ticket reservation for Mauritius and a copy


Who Needs a Visa?

All persons coming from countries which are not exempted from visa requirements – Please refer to Visa Requirement Country-wise.

All persons coming to Mauritius for purposes other than Tourism, Visitor Business need to apply for a visa before undertaking any travel.

General Information

1. Non-citizens traveling to Mauritius without a visa (if required) may be repatriated to their country of origin or residence at the transporting carrier’s cost.

2. Any person who stays in Mauritius after the expiry of the period, for which he obtained a visa or entry permit shall commit an offense and shall be liable for prosecution by a Court of Law.

3. Non-citizens traveling to Mauritius as visitors are not allowed to engage in any gainful activities or apply for an extension of visa to follow studies/training courses.

4. Any person who wishes to seek employment or to engage in any gainful occupation in Mauritius may not enter Mauritius unless he is the holder of a valid residence permit and a work permit issued by the Mauritian Authorities.

5. Prospective students are advised to travel to Mauritius only after their application for study/training in Mauritius has been approved.

6. Non-Citizens coming to celebrate their marriage in Mauritius should comply with the requirements of the Civil Status Act.

7. A non-citizen coming to get married to a Mauritian should fulfill the requirements under the Civil Status Act.

8. Non-citizens coming to Mauritius for business may apply for an Occupation Permit to Passport and Immigration Officer through Board of Investment as Investor, Self-Employed and Professional.


FAQs on Mauritius Visa for Nigerians

Below are the frequently asked questions on

1. Do Nigerians require visa for Mauritius?

No visa is required to travel to Mauritius from Nigeria

2. How much is Mauritius visa on arrival for Nigerians?

The Mauritius visa on arrival is free for the first 14 days! 

3. Can a Nigerian live in Mauritius?

There are many Nigerians living on Mauritius Island. 

4. How many hours is flight from Nigeria to Mauritius?

The total flight duration from Nigeria to Mauritius is 8 hours, 25 minutes.

5. What are the requirements to immigrate to Mauritius?

A Retired Non-Citizen can apply for an initial ten-year Residency Permit. The requirements are to make an initial transfer of at least USD1,500.

6. Is Mauritius safe to live?

Yes it is.

7. Is Mauritius a poor country?

the country contains a minority of very poor households.

8. Which airlines are flying to Mauritius?

MRU serves several airlines, including South African Airways, British Airways and Air Mauritius. Direct flights to Port Louis are available from Johannesburg.

9. Is Mauritius richer than South Africa?

Mauritius has the highest per capita wealth of any country in Africa 

10. What language is spoken in Mauritius?


Hope this information about the Mauritius Visa for Nigerians helps.

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