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100 Lovely Funny Messages for Best Friend 2022 Update

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– Messages for Best Friend –

Messages for Best Friend: Having a friend you can love, trust, and have fun with is a beautiful experience. No man is an island, so we all need good company to help us grow and further impact the world around us. We constantly have to express our love to those we so truly care about.

This article is dedicated to building the bond and friendship between best friends with the use of a lovely and funny message to express the unwavering connection and friendship.

100 Lovely Funny  Messages for Best Friend 2021 Update

A best friend mostly times is closer to us than a sibling. We share more with our best friends than any other person.

100 Lovely Funny Messages for Best Friend 

1. I dunno how to state this without making your head swell, it’s not as though I love you that much so you won’t begin feeling yourself. I can’t afford to live without you, you are my everything. I love you, friend, I really do.

2. Even when I fall, I have your shoulders to carry me, I am certain to the point that I face every day with great confidence that Failure currently fears me. I have you to thank for my success. Thank you for being a wonderful friend.

3. You’ve spoilt me so much by doing everything for me. I still can’t believe everything you’ve done for me all these years. I wish I can repay you but I know I can’t stop loving you. You’re the greatest friend ever.

4.vYour love overwhelmed me and I could never have imagined I could get this much love from one person. What did I do to deserve such an amazing person like you? You are the best.

5. It would be so thankless to me not to appreciate. I know it’s hard to endure my unyielding self however you kept the faith. Thank you for not giving up on me. I wouldn’t be here if not for you. You are a friend indeed.

6. You have infected me such a great amount with your possibility mentality that I can never recover from. If not for you I would have been contented with my struggling self. Thank you for making me see the positive qualities in me. I love my great buddy.


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7. Goodness, when my heart yearns for a partner… When I simply need to allow it to out and scream. You were there to absorb the pains and induce the strength. You are the best friend in the world.

8. You’re a combination of mummy, sibling, friend, and child. Simply having you around is sufficient motivation to do all I plan. You are the best thing that happened to me, my lovely friend.

9. You pushed me out to face my fears, standing at my tail making sure I wouldn’t run back. You built confidence in me and all I today I have you to thank for it.

10. We played together, sang together, laughed together, moved together and cried together. Your memories are fixed in the deepest pieces of my heart. You made life worth living for me. I love you with all my heart.

11. I love the way you got my back always, even when I know I’m wrong you make me understand that I am and encourage me to make am amend. You are so sweet my friend.

12. I close my eyes and I become mixed up in contemplations, I tried removing your influence from my life and I saw a disaster. I would have fumbled and struggled through life without you. You’re indeed a friend like a family.

13. Waking up with the idea that you’re there gives a flood of energy to my bones. We may not individually sum to much in life. In any case, together we can shake the foundations of this Earth. We should go do exploit my friend, the world is waiting for us.

14. There was a time you forced me to face my fears and you were there mumbling words of prayers for me. How would I have survived if not for you? You are indeed special, I appreciate you, my dear friend.

15. Knowing that someone got your back regardless of what is the best feeling ever, there’s a ready comfort in times of dire need, a ready heart to love and ready lips to soothe the pains. Presently I can go into my day with all confidence that I have the best friend in the world.

16. Instead of you to cry, you were solid as a result of me, when you were weak, you gathered the strength to prop me up. I owe you everything in my life. You are my friend, you are my blood, can’t stop loving you.

17. I realize I’ve been selfish, I’m always claiming occupied, however today I’m taking time off to praise you for being a great friend all these years. You never gave up on me despite my imperfections. I can’t appreciate you enough, you’re the best.

18. Even when I had nothing to bringing to the table, you never stopped investing and believing in me. You sacrificed such a great amount for me to make who I am today. I’d do anything to appreciate your efforts over me. You are indeed the best.

19. The days where we have no worries, we live life the way it comes. Those times when all that matters was having fun, that we grew to face responsibilities and now we are here enjoying the fruits of our labour. Thanks for being there.

20. You have everything I do not have, it’s as though you’re the completing piece of me. You strengths tower over my weakness and cover them up and together we make a formidable group. You’re the best friend ever.

21. God save you for me, my friend, you are my backbone and the idea of you energizes me daily to achieve and get things going. You are my drive and I can never stop loving you, my wonderful friend.

22. With the swelling of emotions in my heart, I can’t find the right words to state and how to express it to satisfy the yearning in me. I’m simply going to wrap up the emotions in this four words. “I owe you everything.”

23. I want to show you off to the world because I have the best of friends. You are the answer to my prayers, you came when I needed a backbone and you’ve never let me down. I appreciate you, my wonderful friend.

24. The first time we met so casually, I never realized we would turn into this inseparable. Presently I realize our ways was divinely orchestrated, thank you for coming into my life. You’re such a brilliant individual.

25. I know I can be strong headed and stubborn but no matter what I love you beyond words. Even when I intentional frustrate you, its born out of love. You are my everything, can’t stop loving you, my dear friend.

26. Starting my day and ending it with you is my greatest motivation. You’re my Muse and you bring out the best in me. I don’t think I would cope without you. I appreciate you, my lovely friend.

27. The two greatest things I hate to do, accepting faults and accountability vanished when you came into my life. You demanded them and I had no choice, this made me a better person. I have you to thank for it, you’re a wonderful friend.

28. Even however I don’t state it regularly, you are special to me, and I appreciate all your sacrifices for me. I can never forget you, I love you my dear friend and I’m certain you realize I do.

29. You made success so natural that I needed to change my mentality about failure. Simply hearing you speak, I feel motivated and I wanna achieve things to compensate you for believing in me. You are the best kind of friend anybody would actually have.

30. Whoop to my special, naughty, caring, supportive and loyal friend. You’re my ordained twin from heaven, continue enjoying and basking in the euphoria of greatness. I love you beyond what you can actually imagine.

31. Smiling at myself here remembering those funny moments we had, these memories makes life sweet. I miss those times and I enjoy now because they soon would become a sweet memory. God bless you, my friend.

32. Your presence in my life is the greatest thing that happened to me, strengthening and encouraging, consoling and energizing, challenging and pushing me to defy at all comes my way. I love you, my dear.

33. Remember when we use to sit together and talk about the future, here we are presently living the future. It’s being an exceptionally fruitful journey all this while with you. Thank you, my lovely friend.

34. My life has turned out so amazing in light of the fact that I grew up with the best personality I’ve ever seen. You complement my life and you’ve made my existence worthwhile. I love you most importantly.

35. We planned it, we prepared for it and now we are here living it happily. We are doing our best to improve the coming future. I have you to thank for everything because we’ve come a long way together, my friend.

36. We have come a long way my friend, and we are still going on. It’s been wonderful having you as a life journey partner. I appreciate your presence in my life and I can’t afford to lose you.

37. One thing I know for certain is that, even if I don’t have money and plenty possessions. I have a loyal friend that wouldn’t leave me no matter what and that’s you. I love you, my sweet friend.

38. I don’t have a clue where you saw it yet I realize you possess the way in to my heart. Even when I’m too sluggish to even think about doing things, you fire up my energy, when I’m too blind to even consider seeing, your flashlight always ready. You’re indeed a friend.

39. At the point when I’m down and weak, I depend on your strength, your quality alone strengthens my bones and remove my loneliness. My heart yearns for you always. You are my everything. I love you, my dear friend.100 Lovely Funny  Messages for Best Friend 2021 Update

40. With assurance, I could close my eyes and trust you with my life. On countless times you’ve earned my trust that I sometimes feel you’re too good to be true. You are my angel. Thank you, my wonderful friend.

41. We meet many individuals through the journey of life, some stay a while, some are meant to be for eternity. I can’t imagine how I would have coped without you. Together everlastingly my sweet friend

42. Anytime I face a challenge, I come back to draw strength, because I realize I have a friend who is always ready to go all the way with me. Together we can get anything going. You are the best. Can’t stop loving you.

43. Everyone would love to have somebody like you in their lives. If I’m in the mud, we are there together and when on the big podium, you are always close by. Our Friendship makes things occur.

44. Can’t help thinking about what has been keeping me going all these while? It has been you. The great feats you achieve challenge me to accomplish something worthwhile with my life as well. You are my inspiration and my friend.

45. I would have been a locked treasure chest, if not for the motivation you gave me to investigate and manifest my hidden gifts. You are the motivation behind why I’m here today. I owe you everything, my lovely friend.

46. You are divinely sent indeed, your timing was great. When I was swayed by evil distractions, you made me retrace back my means. Everything I am today, I have you to thank for it.

47. You realize precisely the right words to state per time, always soothing my pain as would a salve, massaging my inner self, challenging my abilities and celebrating my accomplishments. You’re indeed a great friend.

48. The distance may be far, yet your presence is felt. You’ve done to me so much good, nothing can change the way I feel about you. You are a rare gem.

49. I took in every beneficial thing from you, you have injected me with your positivity and sacrifice. Presently I am a better person and I have you to thank for everything. May God reward you greatly.

50. I just want God to keep you for me. I cannot afford to lose you, you’re the reason why I face the raging storm and conquer. I can’t imagine what would happen if you leave. You are my powerhouse.

51. Even if I decide to die for you, I can’t take care of everything you did for me, presently I believe you’re my angel sent from paradise. You’ve sacrificed such a great amount for me and I promise to take care of loving you the entire life.


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52. I can’t check how frequently you’ve sacrificed your solace and time for me. It arrived at a point I began feeling guilty about it. Much obliged to you for seeing the positive qualities in me. You are a great friend and I love you.

53. Through the storms and winds that made me fall, you picked me up again and strolled side by side with me. You invigorated me and you made me wanna demonstrate a point with my life. I can’t love you less. An awesome friend indeed. Heart touching

54. Even however you had your own struggles, you made sure I wasn’t lagging behind. You sacrificed everything you needed to make me who I am today. If not for you I’d have been lost, trying to find myself. My friend, my life.

55. You’re the fuel in my engine and I would stop working without you. I keep being grateful to God for giving me a friend like you, and I would never take you for granted. I love you so much.

56. Despite our fights and disagreements, the harsh and bumpy roads we passed, our journey together never stopped. We are indeed meant to be forever. God bless you, my friend.

57. God bless the day I met you, never would I have realized you’d be a blessing to me this much. You are the best thing that happened to me, and I thank God I have somebody like you in my life.

58. Even however we squabble and fight a ton, I still love you. Even however I don’t sometimes observe things your way, you still hold an important seat in my life. Even when I act intense, my heart cannot stop loving you. You’re my wonderful friend.

59. Whenever I think about your love, I feel overwhelmed and I can’t resist saying a petition for you because you have been my guardian angel. Thank you for coming into my life.

60. Life is a blend of upbeat and pitiful, happiness and distresses with memories that linger. You brought these memories and I’d keep them with me forever. You are worth everything to me. I love you, my dear friend.

61. If I can, I’d make all the writers in the world write you sweet words of how I feel. You are a blessing beyond my imagination, I can’t help thinking about what I 2ould have managed without you. I love you, my special friend.

62. Many individuals have siblings, and others have friends. Having both in one person is rare, that is the reason I am not taking it for granted. Thank you for being both to me. I wouldn’t have been who I am without you.

63. Remember the naughty things we used to do, the hide and look for, the silent dares and pranks. We’ve made considerable progress we’re still here in love. I praise you my unrivaled best friend in the world.

64. Even if I whine and complain, I miss your teasing, the challenging words you state that cause me to do what I wouldn’t have done, I miss the reassuring words you give when I would have given up. I miss everything we did together, I miss you, my lovely friend.

65. You are the first on my mind whenever I’m down. Your words bring encouragement, renewed confidence and ignite Life in me. Thank you, my dear. I have you to thank for everything.

66. Even however I don’t see you every day, your presence lingers around me, and the memories are fresh. You have been such a wonderful person to me. You are my unparalleled best friend.

67. Through the thick and thin, the deep and shallow, whenever I think back you were always there giving me reassuring smiles that wherever I go you follow. It’s really sweet having you around all these years. I love you.

68. Through the journey of my life, at different junctures, many individuals come in and others left, yet someone has been there all through is still there and that is you. I can’t appreciate you enough for being a dear friend.

69. I would simply remain here, enjoying the memories that we share. The spots we went to, the things we did, the days of hunger and plenty, all these things are what makes life worth living and I’m glad I’m living it with you.

70. Many individuals have friends, I have you as my blood, my twin, and my chum. I feel blessed to have you in my life. My life has been beautiful since the time I met you. You are the best.

71. The way you smile and act calm whenever I’m pissed and raging made me do away with anger. You are always peaceful and happy no matter the situation. You are the best personality I’ve ever met my great friend.

72. I supplicate God will bless you and prop you up, you’ve accomplished such a great deal for me that I wouldn’t accomplish for myself. You’ve shown me love so great that I didn’t think I merit it. I love you, dear.

73. I want nothing than for you to be happy and free from all evil. I can’t stand anything bad happening to you, I love you like my own life and I can’t do without you, my friend. We are made to be together from heaven.

74. To get a friend who isn’t envious of your prosperity and achievements is rare. A friend that bolsters your aspirations even when they’re struggling with theirs is divine. I owe you everything I am. I love you with everything my dear friend.

75. When you complain about my bad lifestyle, I thought you were simply so mean and jealous you didn’t need me to appreciate life. Thank God I listened to you, and thank you for standing by me. You are a wonderful friend.

76. Even when things are not going smoothly, we stood together and never separated now we are enjoying the memories and living our dreams. We should continue into the future, my wonderful friend.

77. When I think about what we’ve gone through together, I realize we are divinely picked to be friends. Together we would achieve greater feats. Thank you such a great amount for being my friend. I would never underestimate this privileged.

78. I wouldn’t have come this far if not for you, you wouldn’t take No for an answer from you. You never allowed me to state I can’t do it and since you state I can, then I become confident and I eventually do. I owe you, my sweet friend.

79. Man can’t live alone, who will carry him when he falls? who will he celebrate with when he wins? Having to share everything that happens with a ready heart is the best feeling in the world. I have that in you.

80. I think about our sweet memories and a tear drops from my eyes. Life has been the best it can’t be, the blend of sweet and sour and having to experience all this with you is the best feeling ever. I love you so much my friend and I can’t stop loving you.

81. If I could turn the feelings of love in me to a river of words, they’d drown you. I feel like the luckiest individual in the world for having a friend like you. You are the definition of genuine friendship, I’d never stop loving you.100 Lovely Funny Messages for Best Friend 2021 Update

82. Sitting down at my recognize this cool evening thinking how I arrived. After God, I have one more person to thank and that is you, my friend. You’ve accomplished such a great deal for me and I appreciate it.

83. Now I understand that you love me as I am but you love me too much to leave me the way I am. You’re so interested in me being a better person and I thank you for pushing me to greatness. God bless you for me, my friend.

84. If everyone in the world had a friend like you, the world would have been a better spot. You are one out of many and a rare gem like you ought to be appreciated and respected. I love you, my friend.

85. So often I considered what made you remain, despite my hurting words and tantrums, despite the disappointment and what I made you experience. You stood by me in trying times. You are my angel and I’m fortunate to have you.

86. I can’t fathom how one person can be loaded with so much positivity. The audacity and confidence you use in conquering challenges are captivating. I am so fortunate to have a friend like you.

87. Hurting me for my great is the thing that you won’t hesitate doing, you love me also make to tell me directly when I’m wrong and cause me to do the right things. What did I do to merit such an awesome individual like you?

88. At the point when many individuals abandoned me, when I felt so worthless that I didn’t merit any great, you came and believed in me, you cleaned the dirt and made me entirety. I owe you my life. You’re the best friend ever

89. “If only I saw you” this is what’s always on my mind when I’m down, you have a way to make me smile and overlook all my distresses, you’re my inspiration and my source of euphoria. I love you, my dear friend.

90. You’re my partner in crime, remember those funny things we used to do. Life was so fun back then and the fun hasn’t reduced at this point. You’re such a great friend, and I wouldn’t exchange that for anything the world.

91. Because I know you won’t condemn me, that’s why I come to you with confidence that you would understand me in love and help me with what I’m passing through. You have never disappointed me. I love you, my good friend.

92. When I think about you as a friend, I can only thank you for being the perfect example of friendship.


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93. Thank God that he doesn’t place a price tag on friends. Otherwise, I could never afford a valuable friend like you.

94. No matter there are oceans, miles, and long ways in our friendship, nothing can make us far apart. Our friendship is measured by our hearts. I miss you like anything.

95. You are someone with whom I not only share my happiness but also share my sadness too. I love you, my best friend.

96. You make me forget about my sorrows and sufferings. I have wondered about how you can see through my soul for some time now.

97. I thank you every day for making me realize what is friendship. You mean so much to me. Always take care of yourself.

98. A true friend enlightens the entire life. Thanks for being the “BRIGHTEST LIGHT’ of my life.

90. You are my best friend who listens, doesn’t judge and somehow makes everything alright.

100. I am glad to have a caring soul like you. You never get tired of listening to me and always make me smile. And for all of that, you are someone very dear to my heart.

However, friendships are all about work. Even though your best friend can practically read your mind, you should still let them know what they mean to you. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe with your email for related materials. Thanks.

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