Most Expensive Item on Pawn Stars

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– Most Expensive Item on Pawn Stars –

What has been the most expensive item on ‘Pawn Stars’? Pawn Stars has seen some fantastic and unusual artifacts come through its doors over the years, some of which are far too expensive for their own good.

Most Expensive Item on Pawn Stars

Most Expensive Item on Pawn Stars

Rick Harrison, co-owner of World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, has made some jaw-dropping purchases over the course of more than 500 episodes.

Rick utilized the store’s tremendous cash and prestige not to mention his seemingly limitless pool of specialists to seize control of history through massive cash piles.

Harrison’s trained eye recognizes a profitable chance when he sees one, even if it involves risking a large quantity of money.


With that in mind, we’ve produced a list of the best buys from the series. The most expensive item purchased by the Pawn Stars on the show is listed below.

1. Maurice Sendak Sketches

Rick’s acquisition of original Maurice Sendak drawings for Where the Wild Things Are in the Pawn Stars Season 15 episode “Can’t Pawn Me, Love,” according to both Outsider and Looper, is the History show’s most expensive sale.

In that episode, Rick assured viewers, “We’re talking about Where the Wild Things Are, the greatest children’s book ever.”
“These items are rarely, if ever, available for purchase. Right now, I’m quite excited. I’d like to view it, and if the price is appropriate, I’d like to buy it.”

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Rick also mentioned that the book was one of his childhood favorites, particularly because the main character “the little boy who got sent to bed without dinner because his mother told him he was being a crazy thing” was him when he was 5.

“I used to be fascinated by photographs when I was a kid,” Rick added.

“It was something about Maurice’s painting style.” It was unlike any other children’s book I’d ever read.”

The seller, Nick, stated that the drawings were worth $375,000 at the exhibition.

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“Maurice never sold any original artwork from Where the Wild Things Are,” he explained, adding that “finding anything from the book is incredibly rare.”

Rick might legitimately expect to earn $310,000 from the drawings, according to Chad.

So Rick proposed paying $200,000 for the collection, but Nick countered with a $300,000 offer, claiming he’d “meet Rick in the middle. “Rick suggested $240,000, saying, “That’s not meeting in the middle.”

Rick agreed to Nick’s request for $250,000. After the deal, Rick told viewers, “Now you know where the wild stuff is.”They are mine.”


2. 3000 Ounces of Silver

The business had an easier time verifying the amount of the second-largest purchases in Pawn Stars history.

The Harrisons realized they had a good deal on their hands when a customer came in with a dolly loaded with 3,000 ounces of silver in bars and currency.

Rick dug into the middle of the bars to determine if they were purely made of the precious metal because of the large sums of money involved

Also considering the simplicity with which a scammer could fabricate a silver bar with a different metal at its heart.

3. A 1932 Lincoln Roadster

In the midst of the Great Depression, the Harrisons had to spend a lot of money to get a luxury Lincoln Roadster made.

It was impossible to allow a superbly kept mint and cream-colored Roadster with a big V-12 engine hidden beneath its massive hood to leave the shop.

The 1932 Roadster was an attempt by Ford, Lincoln’s parent company, to entice drivers away from Cadillac’s competitors.

Being priced to sell for $4,000 in 1932, which is around $70,000 today.

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Rick and the Old Man went above and beyond the agreed-upon amount to ensure that they got a car out of the deal.

They offered over $100,000 in cash for the extravagant 150-horsepower antique automobile from 1932.

Moreso, they didn’t have to wait long for their money to be returned, though.

The owner immediately turned around and bought gold from the pawn store with the $95,000 he had made in the deal


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